Fiat ranks last in UK JD Power survey, bodes poorly for Chrysler

The Italian salvation may not be all it's cracked up to be

The Italian salvation may not be all it's cracked up to be

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Chrysler's vehicles, like all of America's cars, have improved greatly in recent years. But not-too-distant memory reminds us of the Le Baron and even of another ill-fated Italian tie-up and its Maserati-branded spawn. So Fiat's poor scores in the most recent JD Power survey in the United Kingdom gives cause to wonder if the Fiat-Chrysler union might ultimately be a tragic one.

Fiat's role in helping to save Chrysler post-bankruptcy was applauded by President Obama just days ago, but already the naysayers are building their case. And unfortunately, it's shaping up to be a decent one. The latest JD Power figures put Fiat at the bottom - 28th of 28 - in UK satisfaction rankings. Lexus, Skoda, Honda, Toyota and Jaguar filled out the top 5 spots, while Citroen, Kia, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi and Fiat rounded out the bottom five.

Which is a roundabout way of saying Fiat's car's aren't exactly renowned for their reliability in Europe, nor are those of sister brand Alfa Romeo though the brand wasn't separated in the results list. The last time either car was sold in the U.S. they had developed and suffered from a reputation for unreliability that ultimately contributed to their retreat from our shores.

Now the continued poor performance of Fiat in markets where it's already established calls into question whether the Italian company will be able to turn things around at Chrysler, or whether the partnership will just degenerate into a downward spiral of poor design feeding poor execution. On the other hand, Fiat also makes brilliant cars like the 500, which slots into a segment where Chrysler is completely absent.

Will the synergies make both companies better than they are on their own? Or will the Fiat-Chrysler partnership make the DaimlerChrysler era seem like a golden age?
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  1. Not really considering Chrysler is also pretty poor here in the States. Now I know your thinking MWOW curb the sarcasm but hear or read me out.

    They can work together to pull out of this rather than have bitterness that one is pulling the other down. Most likely the reason why Chrysler's last partnership with a european imploded like it did.

    All in all and if everyone puts in their fair share of effort they will end up with a very strong company that makes stylish and realiable cars!!!!

  2. Nah. FiatChrysler will make DaimlerChrysler look like the best business transaction ever.

    Thing is, most US auto journalists have never driven a Fiat. Aside from the 500, which has its own little charm, and the Ferrari brand what exactly does Fiat do better than anyone else? Their cars are awful and especially more so in the tough American market where reliability is king for a lot of people.

  3. The US market needs engines and platforms to build exciting small cars. Quality can then be brought in line like GM did with Saab. Dodge builds reliable trucks but somehow they dropped the ball on more important small cars in terms of feel and drive-ability. Best of both worlds? Possibly?

  4. If Fiat grabs Opel Chrysler will be selling GM products before long. Don't sell Opel GM!!!

  5. This is a surprise? The 'Fix it again Tony' moniker wasn't only used in the US.

  6. The UK is different from the US so one is not going to predict another

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