Foreign car dealer's association angry with Obama's 'buy American' message

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The AIADA is quick to point out that many American-brand cars are built outside the U.S.

The AIADA is quick to point out that many American-brand cars are built outside the U.S.

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Toyota, Nissan and Honda all build cars in the U.S. General Motors, Chrysler and Ford all build cars in Mexico and Canada in addition to within the U.S. It's hard to know which car is built where as a consumer, and the American International Automobile Dealer's Association (AIADA) is upset over President Barack Obama's 'buy American' message in during the Chrysler bankruptcy announcement yesterday.

The organization, which represents the 11,000 foreign nameplate car dealerships in the U.S., thinks the 'American' distinction is irrelevant. "In today’s globalized economy ’buying American’ can mean anything from buying a Chevy Avalanche built by Mexican workers in Silao, Mexico to buying a Toyota Camry built by Americans in Georgetown, Kentucky," said AIADA President Cody Lusk.

"The real issue is that every car purchased in America today is a shot in the arm for our economy, a boost for car dealers, who are the cornerstones of communities all across this country, and a win for American consumers who have the opportunity to choose the vehicles that best meet their driving needs. President Obama must recognize that protectionist policies and statements like 'buy American' have no place in America’s economic recovery," said Lusk.

The AIADA and Lusk have a valid point - many Americans work for foreign car manufacturers, their dealerships and suppliers that rely on their business. Regardless of where the corporate profit - or loss - is ultimately going, every car sold in the U.S. does some good for the economy and America.

On the other hand, whether a car is assembled in Mexico or Kentucky, if the sale is chalked up for an American carmaker, it could help to boost the bottom lines of the most troubled - and thus most likely to fail catastrohpically - carmakers in America. And that could avert a situation where tens of thousands of Americans would lose their jobs.
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Comments (6)
  1. He's trying to kiss the GOP arses...

  2. Buy American is the new status symbol. Foreign cars are going to return to being offbeat and lackluster in attitude. Buying a car from the American home grown Auto Industry is where it's at! Obama's cool enough to be aware of that!

  3. Where do the profits from a Toyota built in Kentucky go? They go to Toyota which is based in Japan. Although I could see buying a vehicle that is built in the US will still help the economy. How are car dealers the cornerstone of our communities when most people hate dealing with them? Remember Cody Lusk represents car dealers so he doesn't need to know what he is talking about as most sales people don't.

  4. I don't believe in the status quo. I don't buy something out of misguided sense of duty. If the car I I want to own happens to be owned by the domestic, fine. Otherwise, go back in line and start over.

  5. Where the profits end up is what determines Domestic v. Import

  6. Car dealers operate in an arena of extreme transparency. Everyone has access to their costs, more than any other business I can think of. Auto dealers are attempting to get an exception to the new regulations being voted on today of the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

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