Raser Technologies working on 100mpg Hummer H2 plug-in hybrid

Raser Technologies plug-in hybrid system is similar in design to one used in Chevrolet’s upcoming Volt

Raser Technologies plug-in hybrid system is similar in design to one used in Chevrolet’s upcoming Volt

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Hummer may have been one of the most demonized vehicle brands of the decade, with both poor sales figures and a terrible environmental reputation - but now Utah’s Raser Technologies is using the iconic Hummer H2 as a base for its new electric technology, which it claims can give the Hummer a fuel-economy of around 100mpg.

A prototype for the 100mpg SUV is being prepared for its debut at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress in Detroit later this month, and while the exact specs about the electric drivetrain are still being kept secret we do know that it will run in a similar fashion to the Chevrolet Volt's plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

According to Raser Technologies, the SUV will make use of their E-REV (Extended-Range Electric Vehicle) powertrain and will be able to drive up to 40 miles per day on pure electricity alone. Once this barrier has been reached, petrol in a small four-cylinder combustion engine connected to the electric motor will generate electricity, much the same way that the Volt does.

Raser Technologies is working in conjunction with powertrain company FEV and its new E-REV is being designed for application in any number of large vehicles, including SUVs and light trucks.

Whether or not the technology will be sold in consumer applications is unclear as many manufacturers are already developing their own electric vehicles, however, Raser Technologies has already inked a contract with Pacific Gas & Electric to supply that company with two E-REV trucks, with a view to purchasing more. Other commercial contracts may follow, especially considering the need for many businesses to run large vehicles in their fleets as well as the need to cut costs and be seen doing environmentally positive things.
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  1. Don't think this will ever change our perception... what about serious weight reduction and better cabin space add aerodynamics to gain the best electric/fuel efficiency.
    Sure the application is going to be used for large vehicles/SUV/trucks, but the Hummer's not best candidate.
    Seriously this vehicle was only built for posers.

  2. If this technology was on a car it would be around 150 mpg. But since they're using something large, the roof on this is very big which might enable to have solar panels on the roof just to help with the recharging along the way.

  3. Gazzed, actually, this vehicle was not built for posers. No Hummers even come in 2WD which is the version of off road vehicles that are built specifically for poseurs. I guess if Hummer had built a 2WD version like Toyota and Jeep do it would be the real deal? See the inconsistency here?

    Ever notice the idiocy of our society? ".... most demonized vehicle brands of the decade, with both poor sales figures and a terrible environmental reputation .." Wouldn't something have to have good sales figures to have a big environmental impact? I mean lots of vehicles get the same MPG has an H2 but outsell it hugely yet escape any ridicule. Seems like pounding on the H2 is least reward for your efforts but that's just me.

    Well, at least this technology will be transferable across the GM line of full size trucks. The H2 has a unique chassis for the most part (no it is not a dressed up Tahoe, look under each and see for yourself) but the powertrain mounts (and powertrain) are shared.

    Body-on-frame vehicles make for easier integrations like this. And, if you can afford an H2, you can probably afford to buy the upgrade or least buy enough of them to drive the cost down for the rest of us.

    I'm sure there are more reasons behind the scenes of which we are unaware.

    Either way, good innovation. If vehicles like this are no longer produced, then people will be all the more likely to hold on to the ones they have so upgrades are a good approach to cleaning them up so to speak.

  4. SUVs and trucks are the number one selling vehicle in America. Unlike the Volt and other hybrid cars we didn’t have to build an entire car around the battery packs. There was plenty of room in the back of the Hummer to install them, and they don’t affect the ground clearance of the vehicle.

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