Chevrolet Caprice launches in Middle East

The Caprice will be available in both Royale trim and a sportier SS model (pictured)

The Caprice will be available in both Royale trim and a sportier SS model (pictured)

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While America still misses out on the long-wheelbase Statesman and Caprice built on the Zeta platform by GM’s Holden subsidiary, the Middle East is the latest in a growing field of global markets to receive the Aussie built sedan. The upmarket Caprice will go on sale in the Middle East later this year in either Royale or sportier SS trim, and is available exclusively with a 6.0L V8 engine and six-speed automatic transmission.

Compared with the outgoing model, the new Caprice has been upgraded with a higher 360hp (268kW) output and a number of improvements to its transmission for better launch performance and smoothness. Peak output stands at 360hp (268kW) at 5,700rpm and 391lb-ft (530Nm) of torque @ 4,400rpm.

Unique features of the SS include HID headlamps, a remote-controlled cooling feature, and 18in alloys. Standard features across both the SS and Royale include chrome interior accents, electronic stability control, Bluetooth connectivity, and 16in brake discs with aluminum calipers.

A 3.6L V6 engine, meanwhile, is available for the LS and LTZ Statesman models, and is rated at 240hp (179kW) at 6,000rpm and 243lb-ft (330Nm) of torque at 2,600rpm. These models are only available with a four speed automatic transmission.

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Comments (7)
  1. Be a nice Impala, oh well

  2. the front is a copy of the c-class

  3. GM, are you sure this is what the people in the middle east want?
    sorry but it's a bit ugly.

  4. GM is absolutely sure that this is what people in the Middle East want. It is the current "Car Of The Year" in Saudi Arabia, you goose.

  5. GM. I am Saudi and I would like to tell what we think as saudis about this car. This car is a bad quality, dangerous, and one of the worst products that carries Chevrolet name. When the original caprice stopped in 1996. We did not believe that a successful car like that will not be available any more. People began to buy Ford Crown Victoria as a very close car to Caprice. At that time, people were still waiting for Caprice.
    Old and young people fall in love with Caprice at that time.
    On 2000, the Caprice came again with very powerful speed but the minimum quality and the lowest safety ever.
    Until now, Caprice is not recommended for most of people who are looking for a functional car. The last car I will think to buy is Caprice or Lumina and not only me. Every person who care about his family.
    Nowadays, Caprice is only for Teenager who would like to drive extremely fast and make a street racing or for people who need a wide car for his family comfort.

  6. I agree with Khalid that the Caprice has died long ago when they stop making them in the US and of course people in Saudi switched to other more reliable and well built cars.
    I have had caporal caprices as company cars, the Royale in 2004, the Ltz in 2006 and now still drive sometimes the 2009 SS however, I have been trained driving the muscle cars of the late sixties and early seventies which had not safety features whatsoever, so I do enjoy getting the maximum of the rudimentary chevy 5.7 and 6 litre engines but, as Khalid says, these cars are dangerous and they have more plastic and bad finishes than a Japanese cars but ay high speed they are difficult to control, nopt to mention the corners.... I guess, if America wants to get back the markets specially for the Chevy and Cadillacs, it has to go back to the drafting board and do some good Americana design.

  7. shame on you to Mr Khalid you say you are Saudi .Saudi means man name better
    think about this and try change before it is too late .i agree with you new
    caprice not easy to maintain if you want change alternator belt you need 3 hours but old caprice only 2 mint and new caprice very low not easy to get in .if gm company make old cars again with little upgrade i think it is better

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