Hyundai releases new drift videos with Rhys Millen

Hyundai plans to eventually release a series of new videos for its entire family of vehicles

Hyundai plans to eventually release a series of new videos for its entire family of vehicles

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Hyundai is trying extra hard to make its new Genesis Coupe, and the latest effort to promote the vehicle - as well as several upcoming ones – is a new series of videos whose release will be staggered over the coming months. The first of these videos focuses on the Genesis Coupe – in particular, the performance aspect of the Genesis Coupe.

The video is simply titled 'Drifting 101 with Rhys Millen', and sees the drift champ explaining how drifting competitions work, as well as the unique additions to the drift-spec Genesis Coupe the team uses to race.

A second video, also released over the weekend, shows the new Hyundai two-door carving up a race track. Other videos for the rest of Hyundai’s lineup should be less heated and will likely showcase aspects other than performance. Either way, check back at our video section for regular updates.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe drift talk

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Comments (4)
  1. ill never drive a hyundai
    those cars are ******* bullshit

  2. ill never drive a hyundai
    those cars are ******* bullshit

    Thanks, we were wondering if you would drive a Hyundai or not. Good job of answering the question before anyone here asked you, way to keep ahead of the game. Now tell us what cheeses you wouldn't eat as well.

    (In case you can't figure out this exchange, here it is without the sarcasm or satire: Nobody here really cares if *you*, Devigny, would drive a car or not. You certainly don't measure up to Rhys Millen, and he's driving a Hyundai. Sooo....)

    Please comment on the car, like the looks or a personal driving experience. Or maybe even comment on the video or Rhys Millen. Hell even tell us about how you think Hyundai can realistically improve the car. What you said above sounds like what an agry emo teenager would say. Also, censoring one curseword and not another is kind of pointless. And learn some grammar.

  3. Anyways, I'm surprised Rhys Millen would choose this car to campaign for the 09 season. I would have thought he'd taken up a neutered GTR or G37. Or even a Solstice or Sky. I kinda of wonder how his team managed to shave 1000 pounds off the car though. Must have involved some sort of frame replacment.

  4. There are a lot of ignorant people who dismiss this car just because it's a Hyundai. When I was trying the driver seat out at the Detroit auto show there were two men who walked up to it. One said it looks kinda nice and the other one was like "It's still a Hyundai" and the other guy agreed. Forget the fact that Hyundai's quality has increased incredibly over the past several years to the point where it's pretty much on par with that of Honda.

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