Report: Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Back On Production Path

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2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT -- Run to the Sun

2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT -- Run to the Sun

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When General Motors' financial situation turned from serious to bankruptcy-bound, two of the first models to get pushed back or canceled were the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible and the high-performance Z28 variant. Just a couple of months ago, talk of the Z28's revival was looking grim, but a new report has GM's Vice President for global design, Ed Welburn, talking positively about it.

According to Welburn, the Z28 is back in the product plan and is set for production. He went on to explain that the modified Camaro body is complete but that there was still some calibration work needed on the powertrain--work that will likely last at least a year.

Distinguishing features will be a unique bodykit, a slightly raised hood to accommodate the supercharger and intercooler assembly, a new rear spoiler, and custom wheels.

Under the hood is likely to be the Cadillac CTS-V’s supercharged 6.2-liter LSA V-8, complete with six-speed manual (or optional automatic) and 556 horsepower output. In the 4,300lb CTS-V, this combination is good for a 0-60 mph sprint of just 4.1 seconds and a 12.3 second quarter mile time. Factor in the Camaro’s 200 to 300lb lighter kerb weight and the Z28 would likely be completing the 0-60 mph benchmark in less than four seconds and passing the quarter in the very low 12 second bracket.

Combine these performance numbers with the Camaro’s fully independent suspension and stability control, as well as a completely modern chassis based on the Zeta rear-wheel drive architecture, and the modern-day Z28 may be the first Camaro to outgun rival sports cars from Japan and Europe. That is if GM ever builds one.

The story doesn’t end there as there are whispers that GM is also working on a higher-performance version of the base V-6 Camaro (pictured) aimed at the non-V-8 crowd.

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Comments (16)
  1. I thought the Z28 was already dead because it has the supercharged V8 and bad milage for the upcoming CAFE changes

  2. That's what I thought as well.

    But no convertible cinches it for me.
    Makes the Mustang the only game in town, again.

  3. Personally I would not mind if they did a Z28 with minimal power upgrades, make it like the original, which was designed to take corners well, better suspension bits and the like. That lack of a convertible is very annoying like Gus said, though maybe they will do a glass roof version like the Mustang (won't hold my breath though).

  4. No convertible? What planet are you from? The convertible will be here as a 2010. Do a little research before you open and insert foot.

  5. If the LSA is to be used, why would it take a year to "calibrate"?

  6. ^Because they wont give Holden enough money to do it any quicker and they want you to buy one now, and then trade up to the Z28 when its released!

  7. Out of all the muscle cars on the road the Camaro is by far my favorite. I like the idea of a convertible but I dont know if there should be a Camaro convertible.

  8. the convertible is coming 2010 and the Z28 is coming summer of 2011 556hp 193mph its faster than the gt500

  9. the convertible is coming 2010 and the Z28 is coming summer of 2011 556hp 193mph

  10. sorry didn't mean to put the same comment twice

  11. GM should go with the 302 engine with technical upgrades. A lot of people would go for this over the LSA V-8 just because of gas mileage. Another item to add to the 302 engine would be a decent sounding header like the 5.0 Mustang has. Anything over 400 HP is a waste of $$$$$ and extremely dangerous.


  13. hey does anyone know the release date for the the

  14. jimmy you are an idiot the bigger the engine the stronger the car which means you get more enjoyment who the hell wants to pay for a $25,000 camaro that takes all damn day to hit 60 oh but i just saved a rainforest who gives a shit i am in line to get a 2010 2ss by the beginning of april and i can't wait to get my first speeding ticket oh by the way i am 18 so go kill yourself jimmy natures private joke you dumbass.

  15. stop saying mustang you bunch of fuck-ups thats why we study ferrari's cars you dumbasses. well anyway chevy can answered with making the slp zl575ss camaro and the hennessy camaro you retards so fuck off.

  16. haha agreed zane people don't realize the true concept of these muscle cars, its not to get 35 mpg or to "save trees" lol but its to go as fast as possible and hell ya bring on the bigger engine i say, thats why they added the sweet new hood scoop on the z28 to make room for all the upgrades. Im in line to get the z28 when it is released and i could care less if it only gets 18 mpg ill b passin all you prius drivin fags.

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