Hyundai Genesis Coupe sales off to a good start, already outpacing Sedan

More than half of the Genesis Coupes sold were the upper range Grand Touring model

More than half of the Genesis Coupes sold were the upper range Grand Touring model

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Traditionally, coupe variants of mainstream sedans sell in much lower numbers than the four-doors on which are they based, but in the case of the new 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe the opposite is true. Sales of the Coupe have been extremely strong, even outpacing that of its sedan sibling despite Hyundai spending less money for advertising.

Currently, Hyundai dealers are only selling the larger 3.8L V6 model as the four-cylinder 2.0L turbo model is still making its way into showrooms. Despite this, Hyundai’s U.S. chief John Krafcik revealed during an interview with MotorTrend that sales have been “smoking” and with the second engine option coming soon we should expect to see more buyers.

The company is unsure, however, whether the more economical 2.0L turbo engine will prove to be more popular than the 3.8L V6, so far more than half of all Genesis Coupe buyers have opted for the 'Grand Touring' trim level - an option that runs from $2,500 to $4,000 extra depending on whether the automatic or manual transmission is chosen.

While the more luxury oriented 'Grand Touring' package is selling well, the upcoming Genesis Coupe R-Spec is also expected to be a big seller, especially for those looking for cheap performance. Starting at just $24,000, the R-Spec model features Brembo brakes, a track-tuned suspension set up and a Torsen limited slip differential.

As for the rest of the lineup, with pricing starting at $22,000 for a base level manual 2.0L turbo model and going all the way up to $31,000 for the range-topping automatic 3.8L V6, sales of the Genesis Coupe show no signs of slowing despite the poor state of the auto industry.
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  1. I'm sick of Hyundai. A pack of thieves that steal styling from every major manufacturer. 10 years ago they stole from Jaguar and Mercedes, now they look like a blend between Infiniti and Lexus. The front end of this car has the distinct "prowl" of the GS and IS lines of Lexus, and the cabin/rear end of the Infinity G35. There is nothing about Hyundai that is unique and appealing. (The four door Genesis is a blatant rip off of the LS series... front to back)

  2. I am sick of people bitching about copying cars bla bla bla it’s foolish. There are just to may cars out there that they may resemble one an other same way some idiots out there compare the R34 skyline to the last gen Chevy impala. Are you a car designer you don’t have the first clue do you its easy to bitch about everything.

    Oh by the way i would never buy a hyundai or defend hyundai im just saying...

  3. Good point LandroverCrazy. While we're on the same topic, Land Rover never copies from anyone.

  4. Good for them for proving that much as many people on here and other car sites malign them, their sales prove they must be doing something right.

  5. Not too long ago Lexus was accused of copying MB design. It took them a while to have their own logo/brand distinction. Look how successful they are. Given time, Hyundai will do the same. I cannot say the same for the domestics save Cadillac of course.

  6. yes - everyone steals from everyone. all that i was trying to convey is that they blatantly rip off the best sellers of the time. they are to cars what goach is to purses, or foakley is to sunglasses. yes, they may sell a ton, but they make no attempt at originality.

  7. Oh, TBCOLBY, then you MUST be referring to any Indian/Chinese/Russian automakers! I mean, their cars look EXACTLY same to many successful automakers including Hyundai, of course without any licensing,and they seem to be even proud of it!

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