Advanced GM Duramax V8 turbodiesel on hold until market is ready

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The new Duramax V8 was designed to be lighter and much more efficient than previous versions

The new Duramax V8 was designed to be lighter and much more efficient than previous versions

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General Motors’ financial woes have lead to another casualty, this time an advanced turbodiesel engine the company was planning to launch in its light-duty trucks and rumored to appear in the Cadillac CTS. Everything is under review at GM, from entire brands, to new models and consequently powertrains as well.

The engine in question is an updated 4.5L Duramax V8 turbodiesel, which was scheduled to enter production in the third quarter of the year at GM’s plant in Tonawanda, New York. The first vehicles to use it would have been the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups, and given its relatively small size there was a strong chance that GM may have installed it in some of its passenger cars.

The engine was based around the original Duramax 4.5L block but was updated to make it lighter and more efficient, as well as offer the performance and driving characteristics of a petrol engine. Initial testing showed a peak output of 310hp (231kW) and 520lb-ft (704Nm), but its best aspect was the fact that it cost significantly less than GM’s other V8 diesel powertrains.

GM Powertrain spokesperson Susan Garavaglia previously revealed that productions plans had been put on hold though the rights to the engine may be sold to another company. Speaking with Ward’s Auto, GM vice chairman Tom Stephens explained that the engine is ready when needed.

“The program is essentially complete and could be implemented whenever we choose to do that,” Stephens said.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks is that the price of gasoline has declined, making fuel-saving diesels less alluring for many consumers. However, diesel engines are typically more fuel efficient than gasoline units and the price of diesel can be lower than that of gasoline in some parts.

Stephens went on to reveal that the advanced turbodiesel is among several potential technologies ready on the shelf for volume applications. “I could pull any one off and put it into production very quickly, because they’ve already been concepted, designed, developed. All I’d have to do is pull them out and integrate them into a vehicle and then validate the vehicle.”

As for GM’s existing 6.6L Duramax, the heavy-duty V8 will continue but will be modified to meet tougher emissions standards coming in next year.
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Comments (8)
  1. Lame but not unexpected

  2. This is a bummer, I have high hopes for this unit.

  3. America could use a good, quiet, strong clean diesel machine...

  4. So if it's ready to be put to use, why delay it? It's lighter, more compact, and more efficient than their current diesel, so why spend extra development money to improve the efficiency of the old 6.6, if they already have the new one ready?

  5. So the new GM is doing the same old crap as the old one. The market isnt ready. Says GM. Just put the engine in as an option and give the consumer the option.

    Why is the one that says the market is not ready. Get your head out of your a$$.

    Keep this up and the new GM will be as broke as the old GM.

    Just give people the option and I think you will be surprised with the outcome.

  6. Every time I read one of these articles I want to move to Europe.

    Really, every place aroud the world this would not even be a question. What do people think about the North American market.

    Just give me a good diesel option and I'm in. Gotta think I'm not the only one!!

  7. GM Definitely needs to pull they're head out.. Diesel is a great alternative to the hybrid craze that so many are fanatic about, and with the new technology of clean diesel, it would be a great option.

    Many of the foreign automakers are finally getting serious about diesel and are bringing them to our shores shortly. This should be a no brainer for GM, since when is it a bad idea to have great power and great fuel mileage, no matter the cost of fuel?

    My next daily driver will likely be a used VW TDI of some sort.

  8. If you reduce the size of this engine by a quarter, which should make it a V6 you should finish up with about 3.4 litres. Maybe that’s what’s going to go in the Commodore. Who knows. The trouble is both Holden and Ford in Australia are behind the 8 ball when it comes to diesels. This morning oil is at $28 a barrel. How long will it be before our car market respondes to this hike in oil. We like the Japanese have been to closely aligned with America when it comes to engines. All oil burners of quality come from Europe and more to the point, Germany.

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