Spy Shots: First Ferrari F450 Prototypes

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The first examples of Ferrari’s latest model, the California convertible, are still arriving in showrooms around the world but already development on several all-new models is well underway. Late last year we saw images of a shortened 599 testing in Germany, suggesting that Ferrari may be working a new compact front-engined model, and soon after that we saw spy shots for the replacement of the F430.

The latest images depict the first actual prototypes for the next-generation F430. New reports suggest the supercar will be fitted with a 4.5L V8 engine and labeled the F450. Furthermore, Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that a concept version will be unveiled at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show ahead of a sales launch in early 2010.

The report also claims the car will be positioned above the current F430’s placing, possibly to allow for the introduction of the aforementioned compact front-engined model. Expect between 550hp (410kW) and 585hp (436kW), a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and possibly a brake energy recovery system.

Some details we can gather from the spy shots include bigger air intakes at the sides of the car, a new centrally mounted exhaust system and a slightly longer wheelbase. The new shots also confirm a wider track both at the front and rear axles as well as an additional pair of intakes located behind the rear window. Revealed for the first time on this yellow test-mule is a completely new diffuser design, which shows a more fluid look than previous versions.

While the styling of the new F450 is expected to remain similar to the current F430, the car’s mechanicals could be very different. Ferrari has confirmed that it’s looking at a range of powertrain advancements including hybrid and turbocharging technologies, as well as the introduction of lighter construction methods and active aerodynamics.


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Comments (23)
  1. I don't know if anyone remembers, but a series of concept renderings of a car called the "F460" circulated in Automobile magazine, and it was stunning. All I can do is hope for such a car to enter production. Anyhow, I trust Ferrari to create something of immense beauty. I'll keep my fingers crossed...

  2. Ferrari should begin decresing their engines' displacements.

  3. hybrid?....For a Ferrari?

  4. Small displacment, turbo DI engines would be good

  5. I think ferrari's next engine for there entry level supercar may be a small displacment v 6 twin turbo....any where from 2.3-2.6 l.......

  6. A smaller displacement engine??? Correct! I propose a small 4.8 litre V-12. The same I would say would be good for Aston Martin and Jaguar.

  7. Just thought of something: Ferarri probably won't be able to call it "F450" in the U.S., as Ford already has that name on a very different vehicle!

  8. ^wow you have a very good point, didn't get it at first. and Ferrari already tried with turbos with the F40's, there's gota be a reason why they decided to end the turbo engines.

  9. ^wow you have a very good point, didn't get it at first. and Ferrari already tried with turbos with the F40's, there's gota be a reason why they decided to end the turbo engines.

    turbo technology has moved on like the 35i engine in BM's negating lag copletely

  10. ^wow you have a very good point, didn't get it at first. and Ferrari already tried with turbos with the F40's, there's gota be a reason why they decided to end the turbo engines.

    Sure there was a reason, a large natually aspirated could make as much power with no lag, a problem that the F40 had really badly. BUT, turbo technology nowadays has all but illiminated turbo lag with variable vane turbos and the combination of small and large turbos on an engine. The problems the F40 had are gone.

  11. i dont think there is a ((430 replacement))
    because it began in 2004 so how could they replace it in just ((5 years)) but maybe in 3 years more, they will !

  12. the 360- more emerged into the f430... they are pretty much the same type of car, more of just an upgrade. so i think thats what ferrari will do will the "f430 replacement"... maybe a bigger or better engine and just restyle it to be a familiar shape but hopefully some glorious changes =].

  13. jaafar - the 360 was released in 1999 and went till 2005. The F430 was not an entirely new model and used many parts from the 360. Therefore the model has actually been around for about 10 years now. This car in the spy shots will be all new.

  14. Whoops,it must be the successor of Enzo. It's a beast under the F430 skin!

  15. Interesting shape under that camo

  16. Looks like Frankenstein. I would say overall shape is perfect. No sarcasm there.

  17. Ferrari should be working on lowering displacements without compromising power outputs. I just hope the production model doesn't come with a camel's hump on the roof, maybe it'll be an option...

  18. It's all fear about he coming McLaren. I can see a kind more Enzo too and it's clearly for me a move to confront coming super models. When will come the electric 4wd? Looking R8, Gallardo and Nissan GTR... Ferrari should do something.

  19. Nothing against Ferrari, but I think they have lost that design flair of year gone by where their cars can be judged as "classics" in the future.
    612 Scaglietti, 430, California... the 599 Fiorano is just almost there but still not enough.

  20. hybrid?....For a Ferrari?

    Ferrari´s hybrid technology isn’t for environmental porpoises; they plan to use it for handling, setting one electric motor at each front wheel creating a new type of AWD.

  21. This prototype and renderings I've seen of the new McLaren makes me think the new "F430" will look quite similar to the new Mac'. Also, I think the "camels' hump" on the roof may be hiding a roof scoop possibly? Either way, you can be sure Ferrari will up their act in the face of new competitors: LP-560 and new LP-550-2, R8 V10, and the P11 should be very competent alternatives.

  22. Perhaps I'm jaded - I just don't find new Ferrari's exciting anymore...
    ...anyone can add displacement and make their new model faster than the last one - even Toyota and Honda.


  23. I like it, looks low, longer wheelbase should help acceleration (as if it was needed) and I'm loving the return of tripple tail pipes. I'd love it even more if it was a blown v8.

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