BMW reportedly planning a spiritual successor for the 2002

Like the original 2002, the modern version will be light, efficient and have only two doors

Like the original 2002, the modern version will be light, efficient and have only two doors

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Last year we saw the first test-mules for the next-generation BMW 1-series driving around the streets of Munich in Germany. At first appearance the test vehicles looked like ordinary 1-series hatchbacks but on closer inspection a number of key features revealed several vital clues about the next model.

The images revealed that the next 1-series will be bigger than the current model, with a slightly longer wheelbase and wider track. This latter element ties in with BMW’s desire to make the new car sportier than the current one. This also lends to the idea that a new high-performance version of the 1-series will be launched, possibly as a spiritual successor to the legendary 2002 model from the 1960s and ‘70s.

According to a new report in Germany’s Autobild, BMW is working on a new standalone sports car that will be based on the same platform as the next 1-series. The new car will likely feature a coupe body and a RWD powertrain as standard. It is also expected to be packing BMW’s latest technologies, including a new high-performance turbocharged four-cylinder engine and dual-clutch transmission.

Additionally, engineers plan to address criticism of the current 1-series that the car is too heavy. To do this they plan to increase the use of lightweight aluminum and carbon-fiber in its construction. Expect to see stop-start and electrical-regenerative systems make their way into the next 1-series as well as possible new EfficientDynamics technologies such as heat-recovery systems and solar panels.
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Comments (5)
  1. So they're making it larger and presumably heavier and that's supposed to somehow make it sportier? The person that wrote this article is smoking crack.

  2. The 1 Series was suppose to be the spiritual successor to the 2002. BMW screwed this up in the US by only offering 6 cylinder engines and creating an overweight car is a big as the previous 3 Series.

    The fix for this is to make the next generation 1 Series smaller and only offer it with 4 cylinder engines. The higher performance version can use a turbo. Smaller and lighter is the answer not bigger and heavier.

  3. BMW has so completely lost its way that enthusiasts should have no confidence that this firm will get the car right. BMW is beginning to resemble Ford in the 90's.

  4. Bizarrely, Jim, the BMW 3-series even outsells its direct Ford competitor in the UK. So much for exclusivity for the discerning driver!

  5. Keep the sixes, bring the 4 bangers and diesels and do the high powered version

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