Blitz unveils rear-wheel-drive GT-R with manual gearbox

The special GT-R was developed for competition use in Japan’s D1 drift series

The special GT-R was developed for competition use in Japan’s D1 drift series

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The highlight of this weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon will undoubtedly be Nissan’s brand new SpecV GT-R, but as expected Japan’s big name tuners have not stood idly by and let Nissan take all the spotlight. We’ve already seen custom GT-Rs from the likes of Zele International and Branew, and new Blitz has revealed a custom version of the supercar designed for the D1 drift series.

The Blitz car is still in the development stage and is expected to start competing until next year. However, many of the details have been specified. These include the removal of the standard GT-R’s ATTESA-ETS AWD system, which has been replaced with a conventional rear-drive layout. Also gone is the GT’R’s trick dual-clutch gearbox, and in its place is a Hollinger sequential unit so there’s no need for a standard H-pattern gate.

To save more weight, engineers also removed the air-conditioner, seats, and many unnecessary panels. In their place are lighter carbon-fiber units, Bride sports bucket seats, and plenty of Blitz gauges.

Other details include a Blitz ZRR suspension, carbon-fiber hood, forged magnesium wheels, and a high-flow exhaust system. Expect more details to be released as the car’s development progresses.
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Comments (2)
  1. What a waste of a good car. It was designed to be 4WD vehicle, all the differentials, software and driver aids were set up for 4WD.

    They completely stripped the car off. If I wanted to "drift" in GT-R, I'd take RWD vehicle and put GT-R sheet metal on it. It's sure is easier than trying to make drift car out of stock GT-R.

  2. That's like calling the FIA GTR they're developing, or the Super GT 500 Class GTR's as waste. lol

    Clearly you've never watched any of the D1GP cars. Team Orange has done the same thing with GC &GD Impreza's and Lancer IX and soon to be to be Evo X. Removing the front drivetrain and turning the car into a FR drift car.

    Although, I think that the GTR is more of a flavor of the month car right now, this one should be interesting to see. I'd like to see Nomuken (Ken Nomura) sliding around in a new GTR. (It'll probably be the only GTR I'd actually like)

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