Report: Honda cancels next-gen S2000, V8 program and CR-Z convertible

09acurarl front s

09acurarl front s

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Tough times in terms of sales and profits are hitting the entire industry hard, but Honda appears to be taking it particularly badly if the latest report from Japan proves true. News of the cancellation of Honda's V8 program, its CR-Z convertible, and perhaps most lamentably, its next-gen S2000 roadster, has emerged today.

The report indicates that Honda's drastic reshaping of its future product lineup is being done with an eye to a leaner, greener brand image, according to AutoWeek. These factors would certainly toll the death knell of a planned RWD Acura V8 - possibly a heavily redesigned RL due around 2015, just as the V10-powered NSX has met its demise.

The S2000 replacement, however, would seem to be somewhat less subject to abuse from an anti-green sentiment, with its small-displacement and efficient four-cylinder engine. Nevertheless, it, as well as a convertible variant of the future CR-Z hybrid are also thought to be dead. A car that's caught between the two, envisioned as a low-emissions drop-top sports roadster, the Honda OSM Concept, gave a taste of what we may never see.

The savings in development costs alone will likely be substantial, but the cost in fans and excitement about Honda's products will be immeasurable.
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Comments (8)
  1. i just wnated to do a frowny face =[ like that but i have to write a longer post so im dragging this out so i can emphasise my frown and to get that annoying "seriously, write a longer post" thing away

  2. Dammit!!!
    Just was i was fearing!!!

    I really want to the S2000 successor to get into development and production ASAP! :(

  3. The S2000 was nothing more than a halo car. It was expensive and a very low volume vehicle built on a stand-alone platform.

    The V8 program was a response to pressure to compete with other luxury cars. With today's technology their is no reason for a V8, the same torque and HP can be had from 4 and 6 cylinder engines with forced induction. Now that companies like Mercedes and BMW are downsizing their engines, Honda has no reason to build a V8

    Convertible CR-Z? Not interested, just build the hatch already!

    Honda is in the business to make money and they are going back to their roots of making smaller, fuel-efficient models. There reluctance to jump into the SUV and truck market has allowed them to actually post a profit for 2008 when everyone else, even Toyota, is losing Billions.

  4. I'm not usually one to be blatant, but this sucks! Honda fans the world over will mourn.

  5. I'm not usually one to be blatant, but this sucks! Honda fans the world over will mourn.

    And so they take one step closer to becoming Toyota...yaaaawnnnn.....:(

  6. Oh well, least they will stick with the CR-Z

  7. What would be the difference between the CR-Z and a second-gen S2000? The cabrio may appear later, don't worry.

  8. The difference is that the CR-Z is a fuel efficient car with a hybrid.

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