New Camaro may be delayed due to supplier lawsuit

The winning bidding will be able to select whichever model from the 2010 Camaro range they desire

The winning bidding will be able to select whichever model from the 2010 Camaro range they desire

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General Motors has sued one of its bankrupt parts suppliers, Cadence Innovation, and now the outcome of the lawsuit may be the determining factor in whether or not the highly anticipated 2010 Chevrolet Camaro will arrive on time. GM was originally planning on putting the Camaro into production in February next year, but Cadence’s bankruptcy has disrupted the process and GM claims that the supplier is holding a number of necessary parts "hostage" that could delay the car.

Before Cadence Innovation filed for bankruptcy, the company produced door trim, airbag covers and instrument panels, for which GM provided the company with the necessary machinery to manufacture the parts. This machinery is now being held by Cadence and GM has filed a lawsuit demanding that Cadence release the equipment and parts, stating that “even one day’s disruption in supply of certain component parts could cause a shutdown of GM assembly operations, disrupting not only GM’s business, but the operations of countless suppliers, dealers, customers and other stakeholders."

The lawsuit is demanding access to Cadence's manufacturing facilities to reclaim tooling and parts so that GM can line up another supplier to take over from Cadence. If a new supplier is not in place by January 12th then GM will be forced to delay the Camaro at a possible cost of "millions of dollars per plant per day", according to Reuters.

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro was first unveiled in concept form back in 2006, and GM has been teasing the automotive world with its new muscle car since then. Delays to production due to supplier troubles will definitely hit a sour note with fans of the Camaro, which may further worsen GM's already flagging fortunes if customers decide to opt for the new 2010 Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger rather than wait.
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Comments (3)
  1. Good, the car is ugly anyway.

  2. It is unfortunate that GM has got themselves in hot water again.. I have been a Camaro owner and stockholder for years. I have taken too many hits from GM from the dexcool fiasco, stock drop and dividend suspension, Securities lawsuit due to financial lying on reports to stockholders. This is the last straw.
    I am holding on to my old Camaro, and delayed buying another car for 5 years in wait for the new generation 2010 Camaro. I believe nothing till I see it from now on. I had my eye on an Acura TL but was going to wait for another Camaro. Well my stock isn't worth crap, neither is my aging camaro and GM. So now you can keep your 2010 Camaro. Your concern for customers and quality has come just a little too late, now that your necks are in a noose. Buyers beware and stockholders too.

  3. I have been waiting quite some time for this. It's disappointing, but no surprise. GM just doesn't seem to be able to get their act together. When I saw the camao on the tv show "Saving GM" the cameraman pointed out the loud turnsignal to the GM driver. The response was "it won't be like that tomorrow". You have EIGHT mules driven over 200k miles. Is this the first time anyone used a turnsignal and noticed it was loud?? Then I saw the clip of the exhaust sound on the V-6. It reminded me of a bultacco motorcycle from the 60s. Surely it won't sound like that! Then I saw the Jay Leno clip when he started the car. Boy! Bultacco lives again! As much as I am not a Ford fan, I believe they just sold me a 2010 GT Mustang. Sorry. I don't think I want to be one of the owners who reports all the problems during the first year so you can see what you need to fix... providing you're still around GM.

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