Lexus registers LFA trademark with USPTO

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The near-vacant Tokyo Motor Show will offer a captive audience for the two cars, says the source

The near-vacant Tokyo Motor Show will offer a captive audience for the two cars, says the source

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Speculation that the Lexus LF-A supercar project had been axed several months ago was refuted to some degree by ongoing testing of the car at the Nurburgring. Now a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has breathed new life into the car's possible production, though the company still hasn''t officially confirmed the car.

The trademark filing, first dug up by AutoSpies, was made December 1, 2008. While information contained in the official document is understandably sparse, the name is registered for use as the name of 'automobiles and structural parts thereof'. Also of note is the absence of the hyphen previously found in the car's name, changing the name from LF-A to LFA.

Test versions of the car spotted in testing are believed to house a 5.0L V10 engine rated at 500hp (373kW). A company executive speaking earlier this year revealed that the car's price, if it did head to production, would "begin with a two." That puts the LFA in league with the Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo and similar exotics.

A roadster version could also be in the works, previewed by a concept version at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show.
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Comments (5)
  1. give up lexus, the lfa is crap boring compared to the rivals. start again... or dont.

  2. Considering even the V-spec version of the GTR will be cheaper than this-and most likely much faster- I don't see how this would stand a chance.

  3. Come on you guys, give Lexus a chance. The LF-A has a v-10 and GT-R has V-6, so I don't know if LF-A is going to be so bad. The IS-F isn't so bad if it's their first performance car even though it's competitors are better. I don't see why people can be so biased. The Genesis is really good quality, and it's cheap because they sell it super expensive in Korea and sell their cars cheap in the US.

  4. ^a bmw M5 has a V10 but the gtr will whoop its ass, the stock viper(non acr) version has a V10 and the gtr still whoops its ass

  5. so all of your arguments are that one should buy the GTR over everything else?

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