Honda may delay U.S. diesels due to fuel costs

The diesel delay had previously been thought to be a technical issue

The diesel delay had previously been thought to be a technical issue

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Honda and Acura have been contemplating bringing diesel engines to the U.S. for some time, but in late October word broke that the engines had been delayed. At the time the reason had been thought to be trouble with 50-state emissions certification, but now the company has revealed the real issue is with the high price of diesel relative to gasoline in the U.S. and materials prices.

Whether Honda's move presages similar decisions by other companies is anybody's guess, but the numbers don't lie, and diesel is simply too expensive to justify, even with the fuel savings.

"Right now we are re-evaluating, due to trends in gasoline and diesel prices, and the price of raw materials we use in the exhaust clean-up system," said David Iida, a Honda spokesman.

The fuel itself costs 40-50% more than gasoline, reports The Detroit Free Press, but the cars are only 20-40% more efficient, and they command a premium of about $1,500 over their non-diesel counterparts. Acura had previously been planning on bringing a 44mpg diesel engine to its Acura TSX (known outside the U.S. as the Honda Accord Euro).
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  1. If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that we should not try to make long-term business decisions based on fuel prices.

    Nobody predicted gas prices spiking so high. Then nobody predicted them dropping so low. Who can possibly guess what they'll do in the future?

    It's true that at this exact moment diesel cars may not make much economic sense. But if gas goes back to $3 or $4, what happens then? A 44mpg diesel TSX sure seems like it would have a good chance of success over the long haul.

    And darn it, yet another cool car we can't have in the U.S.

  2. that acura looks grose compared to the honda version. but i agree with u ken!

  3. Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, are doing is, so is the half ton trucks from Dodge and Chevy (Ford's 4.4 liter V8 diesel is DOA), so why not bring the diesel, even Caddy is looking at showhorning the 4.5 liter V8 diesel into the CTS.

  4. Don't delay it! please we need cool cars that get good gas millage.

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