Prius plug-in hybrid conversion kit promises 40mi range on electricity, 100mpg

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Initial testing of Toyota’s plug-in hybrid system installed in the second-gen Prius has returned fuel-economy figures of 65mpg

Initial testing of Toyota’s plug-in hybrid system installed in the second-gen Prius has returned fuel-economy figures of 65mpg

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With figures that equal the proposed Chevrolet Volt without the wait and with the familiarity of the highly successful Toyota Prius platform, California outfit Jungle Motors may have a winner on their hands with their plug-in hybrid conversion kit. The company has been in the business of converting all sorts of cars to pure-electric vehicles and building lead-acid Prius plug-in hybrids for some time.

The new Prius plug-ins feature lithium-ion phosphate, or 'LifePO4' batteries, which promise greater power density and expanded range in comparison to the lead-acid models. In fact, Jungle Motors claims an all-electric driving range of over 40mi (64km) and an average fuel efficiency of 100mpg in a combination of 'battery only' and 'enhanced' hybrid mode, reports Gas2.0.

Cost isn't a major issue, especially compared to the projected $40,000 price tag of the Volt. For $4,995 the company will sell a DIY Prius conversion kit for 2004-2009 models, or for $6,499 will install it for you. Sales of the new kit are planned to start in February, 2009.

Toyota has plans to release its own plug-in hybrid version of the Prius, expected to arrive shortly before the Chevy Volt, which is expected to be its main competitor, but neither car is expected to arrive before 2010, putting Jungle Motors' conversion in a prime position for the near future.
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Comments (4)
  1. I'll bet they are mad about gas going below $1.70 a gallon.
    5-7 thousand dollars is a lot to spend...

  2. Give it time. I can't think of a better long term investment to make right now than oil futures... Guaranteed to go up over the long haul.

    This is a great 'product'. I live 5 miles from work, so I could theoretically plug it in each night and not burn a drop of fuel commuting.

    Oh, wait, I'd have to buy a Prius first. Never mind... Still an awesome thing for owners of that car to have, though.

  3. That Prius looks so cool and electric...and 40 miles would be more than enough for most of the everyday workers.

    Want more information on EVs
    Electric Car Conversion Kits

  4. I just wanted to share my experience with Jungle Motors who are also the new owners of Plug-In Solutions (formerly Plug-in Supply). They offer electric car conversions and Prius plug-in conversions at their shop in Southern California.
    I bought a used Prius from them with a plug-in system already installed. Unfortunately, it turns out they did not have a valid title to the vehicle and also never told me it was a total loss salvage vehicle. As a result I have a car in my garage that I cannot register or drive. My lawyer has asked them more than once to refund my money, but they have not complied. I have filed a complaint with the Department of Motor Vehicles, so hopefully this may still get resolved without requiring a lawsuit.
    I would advise anyone to be very careful in doing business with Jungle Motors or Plug-In Solutions.

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