2010 Aston Martin Rapide Debuts At Frankfurt Auto Show

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2010 Aston Martin Rapide

2010 Aston Martin Rapide

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Aston Martin’s 2010 Rapide sedan is roughly half a year away from hitting showrooms but the automaker has released official images and details of the car, which has just been unveiled for the first time at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show.

First seen at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show in concept form, the production Rapide is nearly identical to the original show car however there are a few subtle differences. The production model loses the tiny side air intakes on the front bumper, while the sides pick up a new character line that runs almost the entire length of the body.

The signature elements of Aston Martin's design language translate well to the four-door format, with key features such as the 'swan wing' doors--rising upwards and outwards as they swing open--being applied to both the front and rear apertures. Up back the car features LED tail lights, dual exhaust tips and a boat-tail style rear decklid spoiler.

Under the hood is a revised version of the DB9's 6.0-liter V-12. This is mated to a  six-speed ZF automatic transmission with Aston Martin’s new Touchtronic 2 control with paddle shifters. Final output will rests at 470 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque so as not to step on the toes of the 510 horsepower DBS flagship.

Performance isn't as spectacular as the Aston Martin coupe models but expect to see the 0-62 mph dash completed in 5.3 seconds and a top speed of about 188 mph. But the it's not supposed to be the out-and-out performer of the Aston range.

"Rapide is the culmination of the Aston Martin range of sports cars, a car that seals the revival of a truly admired marque," said Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin. "There is now an Aston Martin for every taste and for every use.

"With Rapide, the entire family can enjoy their Aston Martin together in unison, in an invigorating yet comfortable environment, sitting low, with plenty of visibility from every seat and with new levels of comfort, refinement and entertainment."

The vehicle’s final curb weight is 4,299 pounds and its dimensions come in at 197.6 inches in length, 84.3 inches in width and 53.5 inches in height. The Rapide’s wheelbase also stretches about 10-inches more than the DB9, while its height is only about 2.5 inches taller. Inside, there’s generous seating for four adults and up to 26.5 cubic feet of storage.

First deliveries of the Rapide will commence early in 2010 and will be available globally through Aston Martin’s 125 strong dealership network. Pricing will be confirmed following its debut in Frankfurt--expect it to slot somewhere between the DB9 and DBS at around $200,000.

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Comments (21)
  1. What a surprise it looks no different than anything else they make.

  2. Well that comment could be aimed at Porsche as well.

    If it isn't broke dont fix it !

  3. I love this car

  4. One trillion times better than the Panamera. BTW, who cares if all Astons look similar, why would anyone change the most beautifully styled cars so far produced this century?

  5. Agreed!!!! fabulous car!

  6. honestly, we could be looking at a V8 vantage right now and i wouldn't know the difference. or a db9 (minus the air vents), or a dbs (minus the very slightly different air vents). yes, there is some merit to saying 'if it's not broken then don't fix it' but there's a limit. their entire production line is the same car + or - 2 doors and everyone goes crazy because of their 'elegant' looks. i'm getting sick of the same look. on that note - the one one 7's a big joke

  7. my mistake: it's the 'one-77' not 'one one 7'

  8. Well with the ongoing regulation blitz for pedestrian safety means ALL cars are slowly morphing into identikit copies of each other. ( This sint helped when in time i see only 3 or 4 mainstream companies existing. VAG group in europe , an Americain consortium led by GM / Ford , a japanse super company and possibly a Korean one making affordable cars.

    Also Aston are producing these cars with whatever development funds they can find down the vack of theie managing Directors sofa so who cares if its the same as the others. Just be happy that cars as emotionally provoking as these exist.

  9. i have a v8 vantage and i was planning on getting a big saloon that i can travel a long way in on business trips and so on, forget bentley and rolls i want this! this is still a drivers car where recent bentleys and rolls arnt for the driver but for the passenger which is great! if you are to be the passenger. thank you aston. again.

  10. Looking at this car you realize just by how much Porsche missed the mark with the Panamera (that's not even a word!!!!).

    And, yes, the Astons all look so alike only a fan can tell them apart. Then again that can also be said of the 911 and they're both fantastic cars. Except that, apparently, the DB9 shape lends itself to stretching and the 911... not so much.

    After seeing the Estoque, however, that's the one I'd take.

  11. the porsche sucks! the lambo one is oookk..... but this aston craps on all of them. id def take the aston

  12. Wow. This thing looks great. Not stunning, but awesome nonetheless. Definitely better then the alternatives from Porsche and Lamborghini.

  13. I think when Audi releases their A7 4 door coupe in RS form it'll look better, progressive and faster than Rapide, Panamera and Quattroporte...

  14. I think i would like the A7 over this and the panerama. But no doubt, this rapide is very sexy. The panerama looks like a drunk overweight german.

  15. Much better then the Panamera

  16. Really, did you think this was going to look any different than any other Aston. It''s beautiful and anyone that says its not is out of their mind.

    I personally think that Aston's will look more or less the same for the next ten years at least. Look at porshe and does anyone really complain.

    A stunning car is stunning now and will still be stunning 50 years from now.

    For all of the socially inadequate people out there. Buy one of these and your lack of personality really won't matter. You'll be the talk of the town.

  17. What a way to drop the kids off at school in the morning!

  18. As if looking like every other Aston is a bad thing.. This car is awesome & sexy!

  19. its beautiful

  20. All you people are hammering the Panamera..why? If you are a POSER who's self confidence lies in a pretty car that is incapable of anything else,the Aston is the car for you.If you want a proper 4 seater that accelerates, brakes, and handles like a sports car, then the Panamera out-classes the Aston 6 ways from Sunday!

  21. I'm probably gonna be shunned if i say this, but i seriously think porsche should drop all it's line.. keep only the 911.. and bring back water cooling ! i personally don't want 500 hp, i want the heritage associated with it

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