BMW cancels plans for production version of Concept CS

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The cancellation of the Concept CS production car leaves BMW with no entry in the super-sedan arms race

The cancellation of the Concept CS production car leaves BMW with no entry in the super-sedan arms race

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On the back of weak financial results announced today, BMW has decided not to risk the launch of an expensive model like the production version of the Concept CS. The car had been conceived as a new range-topping super-sedan for the company, but its business case simply isn't convincing enough, according to CEO Norbert Reithofer.

The return on investment for such a car would only be about 1.3%, reports Automotive News, leaving too little profit for the investment required. As recently as September, reports of progress on the car's development at BMW's M Division were emerging, and it was expected the new car would wear the 8-series tag. Putting development of the car exclusively into the hands of the M Division was intended to help give the car the performance credentials it would need to compete with the likes of the Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche Panamera and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Now that the car has been canceled, BMW will have no direct competitor to those vehicles, leaving it without an entry in what is perceived as an important new segment. The car was already behind the game, not due to arrive until 2010 at the very earliest. Ludwig Willisch, M Division president, said it would take "a couple of years to get the CS to market", meaning its arrival as a 2011 or 2012 model would have been most likely - and that much delay would have put the car at a severe disadvantage.

Reithofer said of the cancellation, "At the moment we do not need that kind of brand shaper." Instead BMW is now concerned with pushing its Efficient Dynamics program, enhancing efficiency and cutting costs. "The next step will be a mega city car with two different drivetrain options - one with electric powertrain and one with a highly efficient combustion engine," said Reithofer.
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Comments (7)
  1. Right now I'm disgusted and disappointed with BMW, it's not like BMW to sell out like this! I feel as though I had the rug pulled out from under me, in regard to the highly anticipated BMW 8-Series (nee CS concept), that it has been canceled. I'm NOT to happy about this, and I truly hate these teasers or having the carrot dangled in front of my nose. Now it won't be a serious player in the game of a next-generation CLS, Panerama, Rapide, Estoque, adn A7!

    Then again, there could be hope - being that the M1 homage concept was regarded a no-go, but now it appears to have resurfaced to see life as the "green supercar".

    Here's a link which takes you to a series of up-to-date chops contained within "4 Car" and one is the BMW 8-Series/CS:

    The caption reads, "BMW 8-Series, 2010 : The new-age 8-Series nearly fell victim to concerns over the global economy, but we hear BMW's four-door 'coupe' rival for the Mercedes CLS is still in the plan for 2010". I'm getting mixed-messages from these sources, but, from the latter part of this post, is there still hope?

  2. Not suprising

  3. bull crap.... i was part of the design team on this car and i put in about 600 hours worth of work for nothing. i had a meeting last week concerning this with the management of bmw and im glad to see you guys share my disappointment.atleast i got a range of M models out of it....

  4. This is great news! One less ugly BMW to look at and begs the question.

    Did you still have to pay Stevie Wonder for his disign services on the project?

  5. Rather have this then more crossovers from BMW

  6. Seems like most people are upset about the supension of the new CS, but considering the world economic conditions prevailing, spending money on producing unsellable vehicles is corporate suicide. Take a look at the new Jaguar XF and how it completely drained the company.

  7. mywheelsonwalls - are you mad??? This car is ******* brilliant.

    I hope they change their minds and release this, I wont be buying one but my dad most probably would. That 50i twin-turbo V8 would go down like nuts in the US and in the UK. To get moe sales they could put the 35d engine it and uprate the engine to around 350bhps or some more which given it has 2 turbos on the diesel I'm sure M could manage.

    The good news is hopefully the next-gen 3/5/6/7 should look something like this.

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