Abu Dhabi F1 track to feature underground pit lane

New track will be located on Yas Island and feature several underground passes

New track will be located on Yas Island and feature several underground passes

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Next year’s F1 calendar will see the introduction of Abu Dhabi as the location for the final race, with Brazil moving into the penultimate spot. Pictures of the track, which will be located on Yas Island and called the ‘Yas Marina Circuit’, were recently showcased to a number of F1 teams and officials, revealing a number of unique features planned for the site.

Some of the highlights will be a pit lane that runs below ground as well as a piece of track that runs below a hotel.

The actual circuit has been designed by Hermann Tilke, the same designer behind the often maligned Valencia track, as well as the Bahrain and Sepang locations. The current plans have been criticized by commentators for lacking any elevation changes and failing to create ample opportunity for overtaking, although the impressively long back straight may be the location for some interesting skirmishes.

It should feature a total of 20 turns, and be surrounded by a number of other tourist attractions to keep visitors coming when the F1 parade has left town. Also located on Yas Island will be the Ferrari World theme park, for which an F1-spec racetrack was also being considered but will likely no longer be necessary.

Seating capacity will be limited to around 50,000, giving the impression that it is a little more exclusive than that of other GP events.
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Comments (4)
  1. An underground pit lane?
    Isn't the pit lane one of the fun things to watch at a race?
    And isn't fire one of the bigger dangers in pits?
    I'm not sure I see why the pits would be underground, except to be in the shade?

    Dubai is an enigma to me. While the place sounds interesting, the heat and the laws would make me uncomfortable to some extent. There also seems to be a huge disparaty between the haves and the have-nots, which is somewhat true in every country, but especially there, it seems. Perhaps I am wrong?

  2. Good point about the pit lanes, people would want to watch the cars pit and get their tires changed and such. Maybe they'll have some kind of observation area down there or something. Possibly a glassed of area on the basement level of the adjacent buildings raised a meter or so above the track surface? That would be kinda cool I guess. And not to mention how amazing a wailing race engine would sound entering a tunnel!

    As far as fire, that would be a huge problem if one starts, but I'm sure that they have some kind of tricked out ventilation and fire suppression system hooked up.

  3. Most Tilke circuits are too flat. If the Arabs are so rich, they can definitely afford some decent hills. The long straights shouldn't be straight either, as it happens with A1-Ring and Interlagos.

  4. most tilke tracks are not too flat that is why his firm's tracks are so famous and liked by the drivers because they are so dynamic with curves as well as changes in elevation

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