Spy Shots: Lamborghini Jota Murcielago Replacement

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It's widely recognized that the Reventon Roadster is the final evolution of the Lamborghini Murcielago platform so it’s not surprising to see this new prototype for the car’s replacement undergoing testing. This new Lamborghini will have some tough competition when it arrives as there are new supercar models in the works at rival brands Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin.

While it’s still too early to speculate on many of the specs, there are several crucial details we can gather from these latest spy shots. One of the biggest changes over the outgoing Murcielago will be the adoption of the Audi R8’s aluminum spaceframe chassis as well as a carbon-fiber bodyshell. Styling of the vehicle's exterior has clearly been influenced by the Reventon models and the recent Sesto Elemento concept car. However, as this latest spy shot reveals, the new car, possibly called Jota or Aventador, will feature front-end styling very similar to that seen on the Reventon.

The new model will also retain the Murcielago’s mid-engine layout but should be much lighter. According to previous reports its wheelbase will be similar in length to the Murcielago but its overhangs, both front and rear, will be much shorter. It will also feature a wider track.

2012 Lamborghini Jota Murcielago replacement spy shots

2012 Lamborghini Jota Murcielago replacement spy shots

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Under the rear hood will be a brand new V-12 engine matched to a new automated manual transmission dubbed ISR. Still displacing 6.5-liters, the new V-12 engine has been redesigned from scratch and is rated at 700 horsepower and 508 pound-feet of torque.

As for the new transmission, Lamborghini has revealed that the automated manual can match a dual clutch transmission for shift times thanks to Independent Shifting Rod technology--hence the name, ISR. Instead of taking place in series, as with a conventional gearbox, shifting can occur virtually in parallel. While one shifting rod is moving out of one gear, the second shifting rod can already engage the next.

The new supercar may also be the first Lamborghini to be fitted with a hybrid powertrain, as well as fuel-saving engine stop-start and brake-energy regeneration technologies. CEO Stephan Winkelmann has already hinted at a 2015 launch for a hybrid Lamborghini and the new supercar’s expected 2011 release date puts it right on target to be the first green Lambo.

Look out for the car's world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in March.


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Comments (24)
  1. Wow!!! Best Italian design since Giugiaro's Lotus Esprit.

  2. It would be so much fun to work there, wouldn't it? :)

  3. How about a turbo or two with low displacment to appease the Greenies

  4. I didnt know that beast could get any wider!

    stil awesome looking thing

  5. Probably the cladding

  6. yes possibly the cladding but that thing isnt going to fit down most roads !!

  7. That was an old comment from when this story was last posted

  8. i know...just wanted to put my bit in :D

  9. its the same model like the murcielaga except it has a power of 700hp

  10. Glad they are adding direct injection

  11. These shots are really old, they have been published even before the SuperVeloce was shown in Geneva, I'm sure there are test mules running around now, but these shots aren't showing it.

  12. That's wonderful Lamborghini

  13. The older Lamborghinis like the gallardo and Murcielago look much better then the newer Ferrari 458

  14. It would be hard for anyone to say Audi has not been a great steward of the Lamborghini brand.

  15. Who said the horsepower wars are over? With the latest offerings from Ferrari, Aston, and now Lamborghini making around 700hp, it certainly seems like they're escalating!

  16. Hello
    I just want to say one word that is ‘Awesome’.Lamborghini is one of my favorite cars and this one is fantastic.This car is slim and slick!Thank you very much for this post.

  17. how do you pronounce "jota"? is it with an "h" sound like "hota"? or more of a "dj" sound like "djota"? or even the "g" sound like in "moulan rouge"?

  18. I am feeling this design! Seriously, I like it more than the Murci and Gallardo which are I think looks more like Audis than Lambos.

  19. I think they should never replace the Murcielago, It was the best, and most selling Lamborghini ever produced, bad move im calling it, sells go DOWN

  20. These plans are very old, which were published before in Geneva was superfast, I'm sure there are mules test run today, but these plans not being displayed.

  21. OH YEAH! Moving rear air intakes FTW!!!!!!!

  22. Very nice looking ccar but I guessed (wrongly as it now turns out) that they would use the shape of the Sesto Elemento here. In any case, Lamborghinis are very beautiful cars. This will be another car to die for.

  23. Sorry but the new lamborghini on Top Gear [from the front] looked like bugsy bunny. Sorry but I was sitting with my family and they all agreed.

  24. We can say that Amazing Design and Color scheme. Also it just look like future innovation...........!

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