Acura boasts NSX will be faster than Nissan GT-R

honda nsx preview motorauthority 001

honda nsx preview motorauthority 001

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Honda is pulling out all the stops for its replacement for the Acura NSX supercar, confirming it will be powered by a new V10 engine and boasting that it will be faster than Nissan’s GT-R. Expected to be sold exclusively under the Acura brand, the new model is scheduled to arrive in 2010 for the 2011 model year and availability is expected to be scarce.

Acura is determined that its new NSX is will be truly “extreme” and that its image must be one of high-performance and luxury. Integral in this approach is the NSX's V10 engine, which some Acura staff questioned as being unnecessary, the company’s executive vice president Koichi Kondo revealed during a recent interview with Automotive News.

Kondo also told reporters that the car will be priced higher than the Nissan GT-R but it will have better performance. The new NSX will also be a low volume model, with expected sales of just 1,000 units a year in the U.S. market.

In an earlier interview, Honda was adamant that the NSX would not be sold as anything but an Acura in order to prevent diluting the car’s high-performance, luxury image. This includes the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, China and soon, Russia, however leaves out other major markets such as Australia, the UK, and most other European countries.

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Comments (10)
  1. I just hope it doesn't look like that when it goes to market, the original NSX looks a million times better.

  2. Odd how Honda is going ahead with a V10 engine, but whatever makes them happy

  3. Odder still that they aren't going for the UK market, where the old NSX did quite well. I expect this project provides them the excuse to develop a V10 engine for other applications (a la Nissan's well-used 3.5 litre V6), but even the exotic Italian manufacturers are moving down from 12 cylinders to 6 or 8 turbocharged ones...
    I also agree with SS89 - this looks a little too much like an RSX.

  4. I hope that Acura doesn't give it that new HORRIBLE new "ugly redheaded bucktooth stepsister" front grill!

    For the love of GOD, Acura/Honda, don't pull a GM design F up !

  5. Yeah, this car just looks too generic.
    The old NSX at least looked like a Japanese Ferrari, very cool, very distinctive.

  6. Are you sure that's not a picture of a Hyundai Genesis Coupe?

  7. V10 compared to V6? Duh, it better be faster, although you really can't beat the GTR in price per horsepower, fuel cost will definitely be an issue. Face it, Honda makes great cars but they are over priced and so pompous. What, only a few cars a year sold? Paying how much for a honda? I'd rather buy the GTR, it has prestige, history, and besides why waste money on an overpriced honda. You know it's not worth it. An overpriced RSX tuned up, or a honda that wants to seem like an exotic...what are the previous nsx going for...uh yeah waste of money.

  8. yeah looks like the genesis to me which looks like the g37 so everybody is trying to look like everybody....

    but yeah like what he said above...if it has a v10 in it it better be faster

  9. huh! next 50 models of acura cant beat nissan gtr in performance . acura nsx will beat by nissan gtr in speed and in fuel economy because think about it that v6 dohc engine with 0-60 mph in 3.4 second in nissan gtr
    acura nsx will never touch nissan gtr at any cost
    i love gtr

  10. Honda has boldly stated that its replacement for the Acura NSX will be faster than the famed Nissan GT-R. Like the old NSX, the new model will be sold exclusively through Acura in the U.S. and is expected to arrive at dealerships in the 2011 model year (late 2010). This is to prevent watering-down the car's high-performance and luxury image in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, and China (and soon, Russia). This does not include Australia, the UK and most other European countries. Availability in any of these countries will most likely be scarce.

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