Design for Camaro Z28 complete but production remains in doubt

The Z28 may be GM's most on-again, off-again project of the last several years

The Z28 may be GM's most on-again, off-again project of the last several years

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Since the reveal of the first Chevrolet Camaro concept back in 2006, speculation about the return of a high-performance Z28 flagship has been rife. General Motors was finally building modern RWD platforms, adding superchargers to its V8 engines, and developing high-tech independent suspension and trick steering systems, but sadly, till today, there has been no official word on whether a Camaro using all of this technology will ever be produced.

GM insiders insist the design and planning stages for a new Z28 have been completed but with the company’s current financial crisis there remains much doubt as to whether or not the car will ever see the light of day. After seeing some of the official sketches, MotorTrend reports that the car has been designed with a deeper front bumper than the standard Camaro as well as larger intakes and new spotlights. Up back, a new lip spoiler running the entire length of the car was to be fitted.

Under the hood was to be the Cadillac CTS-V’s supercharged 6.2L LSA V8, complete with six-speed manual (or optional automatic) and 556hp (414kW) output. In the 4,300lb CTS-V, this combination is good for a 0-60mph sprint of just 4.1 seconds and a 12.3 second quarter mile time. Factor in the Camaro’s 200 to 300lb lighter kerb weight and the Z28 would likely be completing the 0-60mph benchmark in less than four seconds and passing the quarter in the very low 12 second bracket.

Combine these performance numbers with the Camaro’s fully independent suspension and stability control, as well as a completely modern chassis based on the Zeta RWD architecture, and the modern-day Z28 could have been the first Camaro to outgun rival sports cars from Japan and Europe. That is if GM ever built one.

Sadly, it is not just GM’s money woes that have stalled the project. The current climate of environmental consciousness has also played a major role in the demise of the Z28.

Therefore, until a new Z28 is confirmed, renderings such as these, created by member of Camaro5 forums going by name of the Jinx, will have to suffice. They reveal a possible look for a new-generation Z28, depicting a much more aggressive looking coupe than the standard Camaro. Performance fans can also look forward to the 425hp (313kW) Camaro SS, which you can see all the specs for in our previous story.
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  1. I thought the Z28 was canned because of emissions, though they could make one with a better suspension the way the old Z28 was, a car focused for road handling.

  2. I always thought the SS was top of the range? In all the Camaros of the past, the SS was positioned above the Z/28. As mentioned the Z was more of a handling car, it was used in TransAm, but the SS always had the bigger and more powerful engines.

  3. Seriously, this is not new news, this has been known for awhile

  4. I love the new Bumble Bee look for the Z28, but here is what the car needs to accomplish. First, I think the Z28 should be at least 200 pounds lighter if possible with tauter suspension and better steering, braking and handling at least at .95 lateral Gs. Do not put a dad gum limiter on the car it sickens me. Let it wind out like a true muscle car. I would love to see a 180-190mph top speed. Putting a limiter at 155 makes it no better than the base that runs 155mph. If I am paying for better performance that means quicker 1/4 and higher top speed and better handling. I love the 550hp engine. heck what would a higher output 3.6 with intercoolers and twin turbos as another package besides the big V8. GO to magnesium wheels titanium exhaust anything to cut weight a little less insulation maybe. Those are good ideas for cutting weight.

  5. Just to let Mike know before he goes posting things that make him look like a fool go search the web a bit. Mostly in the past GM only went SS as an upgrade but there were years when they had a more expensive, higher quality version Z28. I have a restored 1980 Z28 camaro in my garage and yeah its above the SS. I really hope GM does come out with them again because like Mike, no one knows really what a Z28 is unless they have been around or know their Camaros.

  6. Well with the Corvette being GM's prized possession, GM may allow it, but drop within a couple years. But with the Camaro being 600lbs heavier, it most likely not compete with the Vette. But the Z28 maybe joining the group with the 90 Fiero, and Grand National.

  7. the 2010 camaro ss is a bad ride i just bought one absolutely love it would not change one thing on it.

  8. Well it could be true that the Z28 might not hit the streets, bit if Motor Trend broke the store who knows if the story is that accurate. For years they crapped all over GM's cars over any old POS that Ford made. Plus the in 1993 they chose the half-assed Ford Probe GT over the brand new redesigned '93 LT1 Z28 as there " Motor Trend Car if The Year ".!!!! That was a joke. And the probe only lasted a few years after '93. But even in their own back to back test they clearly showed that the Z28 was better in every test than the Probe yet the idiots at MotorTrend picks the Probe GT car of the year over a newly designed, legendary true world sports car with rear wheel drive not front wheel sport car wanna bees. And the Z's 275 HP rating over a V6 Mazda car with a Ford's blue oval on it, showing that #1 Ford still couldn't build its own sports car without it being a total pease of junk and #2 the fact that MotorTrend showed no integrity even compairing an a American V8 powered muscle/sports car to a ricer front drive V6 powered car that only lasted a few years and had no legend and was not in the same class as a Camaro. Then i noticed Motor Trend pulling the same crappy kinds if info like shooting done any GM product and praising any hunk of junk that Ford released. So i lost respect for Motor Trend and i never renewed my subsprption.

  9. OK back to talking about the new Z28 If it were to be released i wonder what it's cost would be. I guess a few thousand less than a CTS-V since they are totally seperate cars expect the engine. I drove a 2010 SS 6-speed to see the what if felt like over my '02 SS A4. Even i couldn't believe how refind the new SS is over the 4th gen. The ride quality really is very impressive. I was really impressed with how the door windows move up into the door frame which helps keep wind noise down at high speeds. I also loved how short the shifters throws were and how smooth the clutch was.
    Plus all the options the SS has. But one of the coolest things was the muffler grade. They were much smaller than the originals and looks like a straight thru design. I just know how much meaner the new mufflers sounded. For a first year car i was glad to see just how great all the body panels lined up and how smooth the paint looked. You don't see that much orange peel. And at night i love how nice the interior lights up. Man i want to get But i'll wait a few years a see if they make the Z28 and if they don't i just get a SS and throw in a nice cam, American Racing headers, a cat-back system, a Vig.3200 stall, retune the car with HPTuners and ummmm maybe bolt on a new D1SC Procharger kit and enjoy a beautiful and powerful 600rwhp street killer :)

  10. omg, This car is alive. my fav was the 81, I love the 81's but this z is alive look at its eyes, headlights omg,

  11. Well, they better make it. 2011 Mustang is kicking some serious SS tail!

  12. How exactly is it "kicking some serious SS tail" ?

  13. Build the new Trans AM.....complete the mission

  14. If Chevy is gonna build the Z-28 they need to redesign the whole body of the car in my personal opinion. I think it looks to wide and bulky. I hate fords with a passion but right now they have set the bar right now and if Chevy does everything right they can beat ford with no problem. I have set in the Camaros and drove the mustangs and the mustangs feel like junk. just a block of plastic. If Chevy thinks the new Camaro resembles a 69 their half right because there are some parts that look alike and the interior is nice but could be a lot better. Real muscle car enthusiasts want a real muscle car and right now Chevy just hasn't hit the mark. The Camaro needs to be 2 steps ahead of what the mustang is and now its about 10 steps behind. And why are they wasting their time on a v6??? that's not a muscle car! A muscle car is the what came out in 1969 the original. Chevy has a lot of work to do before they have a car worth calling a Camaro. The next Camaro needs to be full blooded muscle. An if your buying a muscle car u don't car about gas mileage so screw the emissions people we want horsepower!!!

  15. It's really to bad GM took the Obama money we the the tax payers get a costom for waiting socialized releised car and everything Ford did'nt take and kicking ass. Soor I was a Chevy man not and after bama

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