Honda shows V4 Concept motorcycle at Intermot

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honda intermot 2008 001

honda intermot 2008 001

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The Intermot, or Cologne Motorcycle Show, is being held this week and Honda has taken the opportunity to display a conceptual motorcycle. Dubbed the V4 after its innovative engine configuration, the bike is more of a design study than anything else - a highly stylized and non-functional sculpture of the direction the next generation of Honda's bike line.

Neither the wheels and tires nor the engine are functional or - strictly speaking - even present, though they are hinted at by the forms of the V4 Concept's lines. The intended powerplant is an all-new iteration of Honda's legendary four-cylinder V-engine constructed with oval pistons.

Several other motorcycles are on display in Honda's booth as well, including the world premiere of the CBF125. A range of Honda's V4 engine race bikes offers a visual history of Honda's movement through the ranks of road racing motorcycles. Over 30 years of V4-engined racing history, from the oval-pistoned NR500 through to the most modern example of the Honda V4 in the 2008 MotoGP RC212V.

The V4 Concept is designed to reflect that past and leverage it into a new future, according to General Manager for Honda (UK) Motorcycles, Steve Martindale, "Today has highlighted the incredible heritage, reputation, experience and success that Honda has achieved over the last 60 years on two-wheels and the three milestone anniversaries are certainly something to be celebrated. But what is perhaps more important now is that Honda intends to further build on these qualities, along with the V4 design concept, in order to take motorcycles and, motorcycling more generally, in to a new and exciting era."

Being a design study, there are no firm production plans, details or specifications on the V4 Concept.
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Comments (2)
  1. A non-working piece of sculpture, why? I must say next to cars motorcylces have been nothing but stagnant in regards to moving forward. No rider aides, safety features, major performance gains and last but not least style.

    Ducati tried to go somewhere with style on the 999 and the press pretty much reacted: that they prefer their super models to look hot and not Dame Edna chewing on a wasp. As for performance there are a couple of 200mph bikes but even they are resticted and you the owner need to go and play with the ECU.

    Why is there no Enzo, Veyron, Spyker, Koenigsegg or McLaren F1 in the world of superbikes? The only bike in my mind that would qualify was the Britten. Unfortunately its founder passed away from cancer and so did any chance of innovation in the industry,apparently!

    If you've never heard of him he was the Gordon Murray of bikes. Check out his story

    Every two or three decades the Island nation of New Zealand seems to pump out some genius of mad man on a bike. Previous to John would ofcourse be Burt Munro. May be their next bike nut, will do what none of the major players has been able to accomplish. Fingers crossed!!!

  2. I wish Chrysler had built the Tomahawk concept

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