Russian designer offers glimpse at four-door Ferrari

This fan-sourced rendering of what a four-door Ferrari might look like may be as close as the company ever comes to making one

This fan-sourced rendering of what a four-door Ferrari might look like may be as close as the company ever comes to making one

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With the likes of Aston Martin and Porsche set to release sporty four-door coupe models and even Lamborghini planning to join the fray with the unveiling of a new saloon concept at next week’s Paris Motor Show, it didn’t take long for budding designers to create their own personal vision of what a Ferrari four-door could look like.

The latest concept study is the creation of young Russian designer Krasnov Igor, who set out to create a design that was simple, fast, aerodynamic and beautiful, while at the same time attempted to integrate styling cues from Ferraris of the past.

The design has a flat rear deck area and a chiselled appearance, adopting a sort of cab-forward interpretation that hints at a front-engine layout. An egg-grate grille and front intakes as well as the elevated center portion of the car's front end are distinct features, as are the odd semi-rectangular headlights. No powertrain specifications have been given.

Whether or not Ferrari actually builds a four-door model remains to be seen, but with its closest rival Lamborghini well on its way to building a saloon there’s no knowing what Ferrari has planned.
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Comments (6)
  1. I actually quite like it. Definitely a heavy dose of 612 Scag/599 to the front end. Only criticism would be the rear looks too Audi/Lambo-ish.

  2. The lines and styling characteristics are more for Lambo. The real only thing nice about it are the rims.

  3. I like it, but I guess I just still see Ferraris (and Porsche, and Aston, and certainly Lambo) as 2 door sports cars.
    I must be getting old...

  4. Those wheels are awesome, this is what ferrari wheels should look like, and not like the Star wheels that come on the 599 which look so boring.

  5. The Panamera is shaping out to be a stillborn abortion so the last thing this world need is a Ferrari take on a four door saloon. Leave that kind of thing for the Sultan of Brunei.

  6. the front and rear look amazing but from side on the long body doesnt suit the front and back, i think ferrari should have gone with a more cleaner more aggressive look that would suit the size of the car. the maserati quattraporte have done great a sporty looking large sedan.

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