Spy Shots: 2011 Mercedes Benz CLS Interior Revealed

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The Mercedes-Benz CLS ignited the four-door coupe market when it was first introduced back in 2004, and since then we’ve seen several other luxury rivals attempt to emulate the design with cars like the 2010 Porsche Panamera, recently revealed 2010 Aston Martin Rapide and upcoming Audi A7.

Now, prototypes for Mercedes’ next-generation CLS has been spotted, revealing a few subtle clues about the new model. The latest shots show off the interior of the car, revealing a design very similar to that seen on the lower positioned E-Class.

The new CLS is expected to be launched in late 2010 as a 2011 model and positioned more upmarket to bring it in line with some of its more premium rivals. This will also allow Mercedes-Benz to introduce a second four-door coupe model, rumored to be based on its next-generation small car platform.

The new design will feature a wider track, as indicated by the extended wheel arches seen on previous test mules, and according to insiders its platform is borrowed from the current S-Class sedan flagship.

New to the CLS will be a hybrid option based on the same powertrain as the one used in the recently revealed S400 BlueHybrid. Other engine options will include both V-6 and V-8 powerplants, and there will be a high-performance AMG model, which you can see spy shots of by clicking here.

Also rumoured to be in the works is a new ‘shooting brake’ variant, which you can read about by clicking here.

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Comments (21)
  1. These can't be photos of the next Gen CLS, they look exactly like the one I currently drive. No way thats based off the S-Class platform.

  2. Anthony, that's what a test mule is. It's usually the new platform under the old skin and these are the very first test cars. This is also an indication that the long road to development has begun and we'll be seeing many more prototypes in the near future. You can tell it apart from the standard model by the wider track - an indication it will be a wider and more substantial car in its next iteration. The S-class platform could also mean that it will move upscale or Mercedes might decide it needs 2 four-door coupes and unveil another model based on the new E-class platform as well.

    Porsche also recently began testing the next-generation 911, which you can see here - http://www.motorauthority.com/blog/1022829_spy-shots-next-gen-porsche-911-carrera-takes-to-the-ring

  3. the cls is the best merc atm i reckon, anthony:good choice =D,

  4. @ azlan - I definitely agree with you. All the comfort of an S-Class but w/o any of the ugliness. iduno maybe it's just me, but I think that the last generation of the S-Class, and this refresh thats coming up; they just look so horrible w/ the pointy grill, angular headlights etc. I personally prefer the 99-06 model.

  5. It's the old one

  6. @ InkMaster- you are 100% right. I love Mercedes-benz's but the new S-class is just a shocker! in 2003 i was choosing between a brand new E500 which i had orderd and specked to the limit or a demo S430. I choose the E-class because i had done such a good jop speaking it. My intentions were to by the S500 when it came out. I was getting very hyped up over the (was new) S-class. I paid my deposit of AUD $5000. Upon seeing it in person i was so disapointed with the look of the car i just couldnt by it, and beleive me that was painful. Although the interiour is stunning, the exteriour looks like a nicer version of a Toyota Camery. So i lost my deposit and went to BMW and bought a 750Li Individual. I love the 7! it looks great what ever people say. It has more room then the S-class and has better features. Now, I am in the process of ordaring my new BMW 750LI. A car which is even better the any Audi or Mercedes. (on the Cls--It is a stunning car, one of my favourites!(that and the CLS) but Mercedes needs to pick up their game, the compatition is getting even hotter.

  7. ^I never knew they had 7 series individual in the V8's i thought they only had them in the V12's.

  8. Mercedes seems to be the only car company making substantial progress throughout the economic crisis. Good for them.

  9. i hope this one looks better than the current one.

  10. justinhk2000

    Nope. The individual program is avaliable on all 7 series models. Aswell as the 6 series.
    Great package. Gives the car an extra luxury feel. Would i get it again...propably not as it costs over AUD 30.000.
    Cant justify that kind of money.

  11. they better not ruin the style of this car with the new one.... because if they do theres goes any prospects of buying another merc for me. ill buy an m class for the mrs, or a c-class for my daughter but id never buy one for me except for the cls. i currently have an amg version and im hoping the new one will make e want to trade it in. i love the current model and im hoping the new one persuades me to get it again.

  12. problem with the model designation if they do bring out a smaller 4 door coupé...

    the CLS - Coupe Limo Saloon
    the CS - Coupe Saloon

    BMW already has a CS, just thinking if BMW knew MB were thinking of bringing out a smaller coupe saloon so took its name before it had it

  13. Cabin is similar to E-class with aircon vents on CLS inverted.
    Best shape Benz sedan to ever come-out., hope they make this one better 'cause now it will have a lot of competition out there.

  14. One more MB model with the shifter in the steering column. Do they have any models left that have a shifter in the right place or do all MB models now look to the past for inspiration?

  15. when i was at the motor show last year, there was not many cars where i could actually sit in feel like i could sit in it all day. but the cls was one of them i loved it! the setas where great and it had this gloss black material instead of the wood grain and it looked amazing! i hope the new one doesnt dissapoint me

  16. Agreed, the new headlights will look great so long as they are not the E class dual units (unlikely by the pics_.
    by the looks of things a lot of the styling in the mid and rear of the car is yet to be defined
    a slight reprofile at the rear (less banana!) and the cls will have the aggressive update to it's looks that it's needed for so long.

  17. Viknesh Vijayenthiran
    Get It Right~

  18. this is a test mule interior .They are still working on the interior of the new cls,that is going to be presented in the Geneva 2011 auto show.

  19. new cls is very bad

  20. Hi,
    went to test drive the CLS, my salesman tried to convince me to buy it by telling me that they would stop production by 2011, and no more newer generation CLS's after that. He told me that the car would be an instant classic...

  21. The Mercedes-Benz CLS is so gorgeous that it launched its own segment of the automotive market. With a sweeping roofline, sharp character lines cut into the doors and an aggressive front fascia, it’s somewhere between a sporty coupe and a luxury sedan. Mercedes calls it a “four-door coupe.” Other automakers have begun building imitations of its sexy shape, but the automotive press still considers the original the best-looking of the bunch. See More Details on - Used Trailers and Sarasota MLS

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