Report: Limited production run planned for GTbyCitroen concept

Citroen teamed up with Sony to build the one-off GT Concept

Citroen teamed up with Sony to build the one-off GT Concept

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Citroen, together with the makers of the Sony Playstation game Gran Turismo, created a new GT concept car named the ‘GTbyCitroen’ that went on display at the Paris Motor Show back in October. The concept was developed as part of the promotion for the 5th title in the long-running Gran Turismo racing simulation, but apart from being available as a special car in the game there were no real future plans for it.

According to this report, the dramatically styled concept is rumored to be scheduled for production in an extremely limited run of just 20 cars. The new design director for PSA Peugeot Citroen, Jean-Pierre Ploué, has allegedly indicated that there are production plans for it, although no other details have been reported.

At almost five metres long, the GTbyCitroen features a full race car interior, 21in aluminum wheels, gullwing doors, an adjustable spoiler, and a mid-engine design. While the show car was purely a design study with no working internals, the version in the game features an electric drivetrain powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.
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Comments (7)
  1. that. is. awesome.

  2. Surely there's no intent for production, this car is obviously an "exclusive" concept that will undoubtedly appear in Gran Turismo 5. Remember the Nike 2022 from GT4?

  3. i dont think that its similar to the nike concept, but from the teaser images it looks great!

  4. sooo mysterious... its a citroen..who really cares. but it does look pretty awesome, but theres no need for this mysteriousness citroen should want to just throw this car as people to build up a reputation of good styling for the company.

  5. Ive driven this thing in GT5P. Its got a CVT and a wierd sounding engine, it kinda sounds like a jet turbine.

  6. Cool, at least somone is willing to put a concept vehicle into limited production, I hate it when car makers build a cool concept for the auto shows and never put it into production.
    The American auto makers do this all the time and it pisses me off.

  7. LOL, this being produced is about as believable as Osama Bin Laden getting extensive plastic surgery and winning a US presidential election.

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