GM: We overused the SS label

GM: We overused the SS label

GM: We overused the SS label

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It’s rare to hear a company so openly admit it was wrong, but that’s what GM is saying when it comes to its use of the “super sport” label. In recent years it has applied the moniker to the undeserving Malibu sedan, which only gets minor feature and visual updates. "Not every car that has some extra features and fancy racing stripes can be an SS," said Ed Welburn, GM Design global vice president in an interview with The Detroit News. GM will no longer offer a SS version of the Malibu and only apply it to cars such as the Cobalt SS Supercharged (does that make it the Cobalt SSS?).

From now on, SS vehicles will need to have tangible performance benefits such as increased power, better brakes, and handling improvements. GM introduced a new version of the Equinox SUV dubbed the Sport yesterday. Though it does have some performance upgrades, GM decided not to make a SS for this model.

Now if only we could get every other carmaker to stop making silly "sports versions" with "race bred styling."
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  1. Your right about chevy using the SS badge too much,like the cobalt.
    But my 2008 Equinox with 42% more HP,6 speed transmission with manual shift gate.
    I believe my sport should have eraned the SS badge. It also has stability control,4 wheel disc brakes,my 2005 had rear drum breaks yuk!Also my old one had a governer,this one will do 140mph,with sport suspension,& wheels.Oh well I guess I got a sleeper,because most can't tell right away a sport from a regular model,of course I can.I actually seen a standard Equinox with self applied SS stickers.I knew it wasn't even a sport model.With crome around the front and back bowties,he even had regular tires.

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