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audi q1 rendering main

audi q1 rendering main

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Audi has hinted at launching a new Q3 compact crossover positioned below the Q5 ever since the debut of 2007’s Cross Coupe quattro concept. However, an even smaller soft-roader is expected to be launched to help Audi reach its goal of delivering 40 different models by 2015. The new entry-level soft-roader is likely to be called the Q1 and latest reports claim it won’t come onto the market until late 2012 at the earliest.

Rising fuel prices are causing buyers of large SUVs to downsize to smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles, but many don’t want to give up some of the unique characteristics of their SUVs – namely, the taller ride height and line of sight. Carmakers are predicting strong growth in the compact SUV segment and are racing to develop a new generation of tiny soft-roaders. Audi’s parent company, Volkswagen, is expected to launch a new SUV version of its next-generation Polo and BMW is currently testing prototypes for its new X1.

The new Q1 is expected to be based on Audi’s upcoming A1 minicar, which itself will be based on a modified Polo platform. The car will measure approximately 3.95m in length and will feature a coupe-styled body. Both two and four-door versions are expected to be released.

Power will come from a 1.4L TFSI four-cylinder engine producing 125hp (93kW) or a TSI unit with 150hp (112kW). Diesel fans will be able to pick from a 1.2L TDI with 80hp (60kW) or a 1.6L TDI with 120hp (90kW).


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Comments (6)
  1. ugliest. car. ever.

  2. Someone once said that *freedom is the slavery of having to choose*. The 3 big German marques are taking that slaverly to new heights, with models in every niche, even those that have to be invented just to be filled - MB CLS I'm looking your way.

    It seems they want to have a *petite*, *small*, *medium* & *large* sizes of cars and fill in every single cranny with models. I haven't counted how many MBs you can have, for example, but if you tally the models + the engine choices I'd be surprised if they weren't well over 100.

    Does that sound like an *exclusive and desirable* brand you want to drive? Sounds to me like the rich man's Toyota...

  3. I do agree that it seems a meaningless answer to a question no one is asking, but ugliest car ever title is forever reserved for the Pontiac Aztek. Every single person who signed off on that car should be forever barred from further work in the automotive industry.

  4. kp, i know what you mean not just with the aztek but with all stupidly ugly cars! how do they get signed off!! i dont c why someone would sign a car off knowing its crap and they know how much money they will waste!. ugly cars can be very cool! some designers just dont hava clue how to do it nice, or cool ugly

  5. This is someones idea, might not actually look like this, will reserve judgement till then.

  6. It looks like a Cayenne crossed with a mini with a big mouth...

    a vehicle that isnt needed in a market that is crying out for cheaper longer lasting models..not niche

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