Ferrari 599 GTB and F430 with conventional manuals

Ferrari 599 GTB and F430 with conventional manuals

Ferrari 599 GTB and F430 with conventional manuals

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Ferrari's latest F1-Superfast semi-automatic gearbox that debuted in the 599 GTB Fiorano is one of the fastest transmissions offered in a production car. Based on a similar design to the F1 box used in Ferrari’s Formula One racer, the F1-SuperFast system can shift gears in just 100ms.

No conventional gearbox could ever achieve shift-times that quick, so why would a customer opt for a traditional gated box. Then there’s the issue of having to deal with the delicate balance between the clutch and all 620hp and 608Nm of torque from the 6.0L V12. As seen in these images, some purists will never let go of the conventional transmission-tunnel gear-stick and clutch pedal even if it means going slower.

The owner of the 599 pictured in this thumb is not alone. To this day, many purists still regard Ferrari’s awesome F40 from the 1980’s as the greatest of all the prancing horse supercars. Unlike the cars of today, the F40 offered maximum driver involvement. There was no electronic stability control or paddle-shifted transmissions, just a twin-turbo V8 and a gated six-speed.

Pictured in the main pic up above is an F430 fitted with a conventional manual box. It seems the fever is catching on.

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  1. the F1 transmission is an optional extra... always has been. how is "somepeople like manual ferraris" new?

  2. YES! Absolutely! Should I ever be rich enough to buy one of these cars I'd definitely opt for the H gate as my transmission of choice. Though I see the advantages of the paddle shift I am, like the article says, a purist. I want a clutch pedal in my Ferrari. After all, I don't plan to live in Manhattan with it or anything...

    Plus I've always had nightmares about parking one of those cars ass first as I like to do.

    I think the only car I would choose with a paddle shift is my *poor man's dream*, the Infiniti G37. Automatic for traffic, paddles to enjoy the engine and the twisty bits...

  3. its not even an auto..
    its a clutchless manual.. so u still always have to shift with the paddles.

  4. surok, we posted the story just for fun. It's rare to see a modern Ferrari with this type of gearbox as more than 90% of customers opt for the paddles.

  5. oh, sorry, i didnt realise it was a joke :)

  6. paddleshift may be quicker, more convenient etc, but theres no doubt that a conventional manual makes you feel more involved, rather than feeling like a computer is doing the driving

  7. The 599 GTB is one of the hottest Ferrari's ever designed.

    This car with a real, true, clutch-pedal-operated, 6-speed manual is what it's all about.

    I think the F1 transmissions are sick in terms of engineering and would be fun to drive...for a while. But to not give the true manual option - like the Enzo (and Nissan's GTR) - is a crime to me; it's infuriating!!

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