VW readies new four-door coupe

VW readies new four-door coupe

VW readies new four-door coupe

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Volkswagen is set to release a new four-door coupe in ten month’s time with a starting price around the €30,000 mark. Internally codenamed the CC, the new coupe will share most of its mechanicals with the Passat and could make its first appearance at the Detroit Motor Show in January next year.

The entry-level model will feature a 160hp 1.8L TSI motor and a six-speed manual for about €30,000. This will be followed by a 2.0L turbodiesel with latest Common Rail technology that’s good for 140hp and should feature a €32,500 price tag. Topping out the range will be a 300hp V6 FSI version with AWD and a dual-clutch gearbox for €40,000.

To keep costs low, much of the car’s equipment will be available as optional extras including goodies such as a reversing camera, parking sensors and panoramic glass-sunroof, reports AutomobilWoche.

The aggressive pricing strategy is necessary so that the new model isn’t positioned too closely with the Audi A5, which starts at €44,000. VW is also wary of the mistakes it made with the unspectacular Phaeton saloon, pricing the car too far out of reach of most VW buyers.
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  1. A *four door coupe*? You mean like the CLS? Well! Let's all thank MB for bringing this blingtastic idiot car to the market and a round of applause for copycat companies that follow suit.

    By the way. I am a fan of VW - and love the Phaeton - but think their move to go *upmarket* is very ill advised. If they think that a €30K 1.8 liter 160 bhp car is being priced *aggresively*... well, I have news for them. Try to do that here in the US at least and they're going nowhere fast. And their range topper with 300 ponies costs in excess of $54000. How many of you would pay that kind of money for a VW *4 door coupe*?

  2. Hector - wouldn\'t you agree that VW is more upscale than Toyota or Mazda? I think they are trying to fit the gap between them and the luxury carmakers. I\'m a big VW fan too and would be interested in such a car, not necessarily because it\'s a 4-door coupe, only because it would be packaged correctly. As for the US pricing, everyone knows VWs are much cheaper in the US than EU. I would expect the price to drop when brought stateside.

  3. How can they call tihs a "4-door coupe" ? According to the photo above it looks like a regular 4-door sedan, look how tall those windows are! This car is not sleek or sexy like the Mercedes Benz CLS. I've seen alot of so called 4-door coupes that are slated for the market but it's funny no one seems to have a better looking car than the CLS, you would think after having years to perfect their design they would release a knock-out. The CLS is still sleeker and sexier, the only one worthy of the title 4-door coupe!

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