First spy shot of Audi A5 Sportback

New A5 Sportback set to create its own niche

New A5 Sportback set to create its own niche

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Audi will be releasing a host of models in the coming years to expand into new segments as it attempts to topple BMW and Mercedes in the quest to sell more than a 1.5 million vehicles by 2015. Some of the cars in the pipeline include the A1 premium hatch, A7 four-door coupe and a Sportback version of the current A5 Coupe.

A prototype of the upcoming A5 Sportback has been spotted for the first time, and while there is only one image we can clearly see that the car will feature a high waistline and low roof. The front-end should be identical to the A5 Coupe on which it is based.

According to these recent renderings, the A5 Sportback will feature a five-door configuration but will be much sleeker than traditional Audi Avant wagons. The design appears almost like a four-door coupe but the roomy cabin, tall profile, and sloping hatchback style rear-door ensures the Sportback sits in its own niche.

The base model will remain FWD but AWD variants will feature the latest quattro torque vectoring systems, which distribute drive individually between each axle and between the rear wheels for improved traction and stability. Power will come from the same engines used in the regular A5 lineup, with a 4.2L FSI V8 expected to appear in a range-topping RS5 model.

Though it seems odd that Audi would build the A5 Sportback with five doors considering part of the A5’s appeal is its coupe bodystyle, Audi boss Rupert Stadler’s boast that up to 18 new models will be launched by 2015 suggests that almost every niche will be filled.

Expect to see the A5 Sportback launched in the second half of next year.

Audi has also released several official sketches of the A5 Sportback plus several other crucial models, such as the A7 four-door coupe and next-generation A8 saloon, which you can read about in our previous story by clicking here.
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Comments (18)
  1. To Americans it will always be a "station wagon".
    People won't buy them simply because the nieghbor will point, laugh and say "do they offer wood paneling decals for the side of those?"
    Ine Europe, they are called "Combi's" and are very respected for their SUV like room and car like handling and mileage. Amazing how far this country has to go to catch up with modern mentalities.

  2. Sorry everyone but my first reaction is to be disgusted with Audi.

    To me the A5 was a response to reports that BMW was planning to create a *4 series* made up of only 2 door sports cars. No problem with that, Audi just started sooner.

    But now they come up with this A5 Sportsback. And the only question I can come up with is WHY? What is the reasoning in having a car slightly bigger than an A4 and slightly smaller than an A6? Are they also going to have an A5 convertible, SUV, SAV, 4 door, 5 door, 3 door, sedan-coupe? Again, who exactly is getting paid - and how much - to sit around and say *hey, you know what we need... an A9 and 12 variations thereof!!!*

    The German big 3 used to be about luxury, engineering and exclusivity. Now that cars of most marques are very well made and appointed the first two are out the door. And if they continue their drive to provide wheels for every man and his dog the exclusivity factor will soon be gone.

    What am I saying, it's gone already.

  3. Yep.

    I remember the 80s with BMW and Benz. Big time different mentality...

  4. This car is incredible and beautiful. I now own an awesome S4 Avant. This would be my next car.

  5. Actually they are going to build a convertible of the A5! It replaces the A4 convertible. There will also be a smaller A3 convertible as well...

  6. @Gus "To Americans it will always be a “station wagon”."

    I think you're wrong. I know many many Americans who are now looking to the "Combi" market and realizing you get car like experience with SUV like storage & utility. I'm also an American and I would buy this car. I drive an A3 now and was looking at an S4 Avant as my next purchase. IF the S5 comes to the States I would probably have to reconsider my idea of the S4.

  7. I'm glad to see a "larger" Avant in Audi's future to replace my Allroad. Hopefully they'll have the oil-burner engines available as well. This car looks beautiful!

  8. yea seriously why have an a4,a5 and a6 wagon.... for gods sake the a6 avant uses the a4 sedans tail-lights as it is... a5,s5,rs5. END

  9. Well for that Hector guy that doesn' t like this A5..............boy this car is extremly gorgeous!!!! bmw lataz... you have to go to the big body beemers to get that luxery feel, cause that 3 series aint got nothing.

  10. Love this S5 sportsback, finally someone make a good looking car for people that like fast cars and need room for camping gear and maybe a ski trip for the weekend.

  11. The Mondeo, Insignia, Avensis and Laguna all have five-door liftback bodystyles. Why can't Audi?

  12. Hector, your first reaction is to always be negative

  13. i love audis but if that going to be the new a7 i will be =[, i could desig a better looking car with my bum hole

  14. azlan read what it says, A5 sportback

  15. I don't like it.

  16. nonamedenton: sorry, but it doesnt matter if i got that wrong or not its still crap.

  17. what's up with this... there already pics of the same car on Motor Authority:

    But they are declared as "Audi A7" ... so you were wrong months ago, because this prototype (now presented as brand new & exclusive) is already aged ;)

  18. I agree with those who think the 'CLS' set the bar in this design category. The 'CLS' is still a stunner, and is now getting affordable in the used luxury market.

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