Hennessey Viper beats Veyron in 0-200MPH shoot-out

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Hennessey Viper beats Veyron in 0-200MPH shoot-out

Hennessey Viper beats Veyron in 0-200MPH shoot-out

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The Hennessey-tuned Venom 1000 Dodge Viper has eclipsed the world’s fastest car, the Bugatti Veyron, in a 0-200mph winner takes all shoot-out conducted by Road & Track, The twin-turbocharged Viper managed a best time of 20.3 seconds, almost four full seconds clear of the quad-turbo Veyron in second place, which took 24.2 seconds to reach 200mph.

Thanks to its twin Garrett turbochargers, the modified Viper doubles the output of the standard model’s V10 with a final figure of 1000hp (746kW) and 1100 ft-lbs of torque, making it one of the most powerful road-registered cars in the world.

Other notable mentions include a Ruf Rt12, Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR, a Lamborghini Murcielago, and a Lingenfelter supercharged Corvette.
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  2. If you're trying to say Hennessey and Dodge are trash, you can just go suck on it. K, Thanks.

  3. Don't be a hater.
    If it beat it, it beat it.

  4. they didn't push the Veyron to the limit, Veyron can go under 20 sec 0-200mph

  5. I'm with Gus on this one. For all I know it was a fair test. But this just goes to show what I have always said: wth enough tuning you can turn a Corolla into a Ferrari beating monster.

  6. Hector that could be the dumbest thing i have ever heard , please dont always say that anymore. :0

  7. what's the point to be the fastest on a straight road? raw powerful without control can be very dangerous.

  8. Aaron, what makes you say the car won't last too long at 200mph? I know for a fact that the Hennessey Viper runs very mild boost and develops its peak output at relatively low revs.

    001, I doubt they would have held back on the Veyron. What would they have to lose? I suspect the hot air temps would have something to do with the lower figure, but that means the Viper could be quicker still.

    mug, How do you know the car can't handle? I'm sure it won't have the added traction of the AWD but i'm sure there would be plenty of suspension and handling mods. Just look at those rear tires. They look HUGE. Same power and RWD, it still out-accelerated the AWD Veyron.. obviously there's some level of control.

  9. Ok now throw $75,000 of mods in the Veyron and get back to me....A lot of time and money went into making the Veyron stable at 250mph+ I doubt that Viper feels very stable after 200mph.

  10. Dude, the Viper cost maybe $200,000+, they Veyron cost about $1.8 million.

  11. Too bad there are no major mods for a veyron dumba$$

    And by the way not too many cars street legal can run at 200mph constantly so aaron shove it...

    It beat it guys plain and simple, deal with it

  12. sak is right, the veyron is pretty much modded to the top. they made it that way.
    the most u can put into it is a better air filter. lol.
    well, im into cars yes, i was amazed when i saw the video of the veryron racing that plane halfway across the counrty.
    but i dont know a lot, vipers are fun, yes they are a dream car.
    but im more of a drifter. i drive just a regular '96 3000 gt.
    nothing special.
    but in my limited knowledge, i do know that the viper does have horrible handling, even at 60 mph. i dont know much about the veyron, ive only seen a few videos.
    but this is indeed a very reasonable argument.

  13. Obviously, if the Viper has terrible handling how has it set the record for Nurburgring?

  14. hey, heres something for ya. go on you tube, and look up (now idk the exact name, so you'll have to browse a lil bit) top gear. that bitish comedian guy has a breakdown of both the vipir (not the same one, but a vipir) and of the veyron. look it up, there long. but its a real good insight to this argument here

  15. Arguing through comment forms is infantile. Trade emails and keep your clutter off the internet.

  16. Exactly, that's why I'm tellin' em' what's what.

  17. is the viper street legal? no? thant its not a race... streetlegal, production car with no modifications vs. a extremely high tuned car without any norms like co2 or something...

    yea races like this are bullshit

    and btw test both of them on a track not in s streight line and the bugatti would beat that piece of shit

  18. Hey guys,

    I was at this event, as the company I work for provides data acquisition and performance numbers for R&T and many other companies. See the in-car video here (with data overlay provided by yours truly): http://videos.streetfire.net/video/780e4585-7641-4213-8442-997b0074ac04.htm

    Also, that Viper is street legal, so I do think it's a pretty fair test. The Viper actually makes about 1200hp, so it's at least on-par with hp with the Veyron, if not better, but it's a lighter car by a lot, so it makes sense that it will be stupid fast in a straight line. And they definitely did push the Veyron hard. It just needs more time to get up to 200 and beyond.

    Last note: there was not a CLK63 "Black" there.. just the McLaren SLR, Lingenfelter 'vette, Murcielago, Viper, Veyron and RUF.

  19. You can't compare these two cars ;)
    200mph is a limit for Viper, it's unstable and breaking apart at that speed.
    And check out Veyron:

  20. Yeah, you feel a pity for the Venom driver as if the car is looking to kill him. The car struggles to keep the speed despite its turbos since its body is not designed to substain it. For me, 24.5 second is more impressive than 20.0 from 0-200 mph because of the stability and how well built the Veyron is.

  21. "sak is right, the veyron is pretty much modded to the top. they made it that way.
    the most u can put into it is a better air filter. lol.
    well, im into cars yes, i was amazed when i saw the video of the veryron racing that plane halfway across the counrty."

    No quite correct. There are cars that come with turbo as standard from the manufacturers. The Venom is the tuned car in true sense of world. I was not surprised of the result since the Venom was designed for 0-200 mph regardless the stability and handling as seen on video.

  22. They must have held out on the veyron because if you watch the drivenblog.com or top gear episode on the veyroN (all viewable on youtube.com) then you will see the real peak accelleration. Plus who wants to push a 1.7 million dollar car to its limit against a 100 grand viper

  23. I suspect the driver to be a Veyron fan, normally the viper H always going under 20 sec for 200 miles.look some vidéos about the other drivers, the car is cool because they knows how to drive it.the point of this race,it s who is faster 0-200miles, the answer: Viper H,no question about it. thank Michel

  24. listen guys...... the 16.4 bugatti is nice and all.... buy it cost 5 times as much as hennessy.....yeah 5 times as much.... and where on the streets are you gonna do even 150+??? and the viper could be stable at 200.. just dont do no stupid stuff..... with all that xtra money i could buy a frikin house.... much rather have a sick house and a hennessy viper parked outside......

  25. and the viper looks alot better....

  26. Why would you want a PoS american gas guzzler that will fall apart if it goes anywhere near a corner when you can have the ultimate european ubercar?

    Get your heads out of your backsides with the belief that the Viper is the better car. The Veyron is the greatest supercar ever made bar none.

    The viper is the proverbial mutten dressed as lamb. It may look ok but underneath its still mutten. Dont delude yourself into believing the fact that it posted a faster 0-200 time thats its better.
    If we are talking about modded cars or not caring about what it goes up against why not put an F1 car against it. Im sure it would lose that too...

  27. vipers better

  28. wow the viper has many mods .. and the bugatti does too ... the viper is like 125,000 as opposed to 2 million ... i mean c'mon ... the viper beat it and its sooo much cheaper and hey people learn ur cars b4 u talk trash about any of them ... the only reason bugatti is soo much is cuz its handmade and its built to be a supercar luxury racercar .. the viper is built for speed my machine ... and plus i saw the hennessy dodge viper 2008 in person today ... that is a beastly machine ... it would dust any street llegal car in a race and yes its street legal ...

  29. and its not a venom its a hennessy dodge viper .... it is a stock viper that hennessy modded

  30. and they def put all the cars to the limit ... cuz there were more then 2 cars in the race to 200 ... and hey u guys need to get over the fact the a dodge is the fastest street legal car in the world ... so what if its a dodge .. vipers are the fricken shit ... and hey it beat a modded lambo, modded porsche, modded mecedes, and modded corvette ... so viper rapes all

  31. and watch the video the viper gets up to about 220 before the guys starts slowing down

  32. has anyone here actually even driven either one of these cars? cause its pretty lame to dis a cars handling and performance if you've never driven it.....i still think its kinda funny that the twin turbo beat a quad turbo lol

  33. The viper wins, and its all based on personal taste you want the veyron like it. but dont hate the viper for winning. also for circuit Racing you idiots who hate. viper has plenty of other cars that would smash it to the ground on the race track.

  34. you all need to face the fact that the viper is faster you are all a bunch of haters that cant admit that the viper won fair and square and its a shame that the veyron has 16 cylinders and four turbos and the viper is a v-10 with two turbos..oh and the viper costs 1/4 of what the veyron does LOL!

  35. Welll, we all know that horsepower and low weight can bump up speed times. They have been doing it for years. Is the Viper the faster car? For this time yes. What about a modified Corvette? Every car has it's day when it can have extra power sources. Yeah, I like the Viper, but there are cars out there that can beat it now and then. Just because an expensive exotic comes around people think nothing else cn beat it. Well, here we have American muscle proving that ain't always so.

  36. Mike, there was a modified Corvette in the race, dude. It was a Lingenfelter Corvette and it took 26.5s to 200mph and 1400 feet more than the viper.

    001, they didn't push the Viper to the limit, anyway.

    Miroslav, where do you get this info about the Viper being "unstable and breaking appart at that speed"? The Viper can go 254mph, FYI.

    The Viper has the capability of spinning the tires in 5th gear. They severly limit it's HP until higher speeds. Give it more traction and it can go way faster than it alread did.

  37. I like hennesey and this car, but I never would speak about a real race car. 1/4 mile great, drift great....but real racers lives on racetrack.

    I think an ordinary Porsche GT3 RS will beat the viper on german Racetrack "Nordschleife". With half of the viper power and its only an original production car.

    Dont see any sense in spinning tires in 5th gear, only see a real traction problem.

  38. plug a cork in your a$$ daniel

  39. Veyron is soooooo UGLY!

  40. This is amazing I drove one and it is incredibly fast alot of torque and horsepower

  41. 16 cyl quad turbos putting out 1k hp. Always thought that was sort of weak, when there's cars with half the displacement and turbos putting out the same numbers. Veyron could obviously make more power than it does. To all those saying the viper will "fall apart" at 200mph+ you're all ignorant. The differnce is the level of competence required to properly operate the two. From the sounds of it, you could be a complete barney driver and still operate veyron perfectly as a street car, or driving 200+mph. Although I do like the viper, and although it's 'street legal' good luck driving it around the town, where as the veyron you can drive through the city no problem.
    Both great cars just quite different. That's just my two cents though, I could be completely wrong.

  42. But yall are missing one thing, the veyrons AWD and the vipers RWD. How about they make the viper AWD also and then put them on the track and see.

  43. Not to menchune guys and girls there is a new viper on the block and it is Dodge Viper SRT 10 ACR and it goes over 260 easy and yes its stable

  44. Why would u put 75k worth of mods on a 1.6 million dollar car . the viper is faster for about a fraction of the price

  45. It may have beat a Veyron, but I know which one I'd take.
    A luxury coupe that has hypercar performance vs a modified striped out race car?
    I like my luxuries... Give me heated leather seats and cup holders every time.
    You need these things at 200+mph people.

  46. I love how everyone is saying "Oh stability doesn't matter, it was still faster" but love to bring up price difference as a winning argument. Sure it got to 200 faster, but the Veyron was still in the lead by the time it did. Beat the Viper in 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile, and I guarantee you in braking if they tested. And about the Vipers durability at 200MPH+, has anyone ever seen the H Viper go the claimed 255MPH? Nope. It breaks every time they try, who here say the Veyron SS go 267 MPH? Exactly.

  47. I have Viper time. This is not a regular super car. Unlike the rest the Viper is a rawhide type,kick your butt monster.In the rest you hit the gas they come on,in a Viper it's already there. The Viper,like all the rest can come in many different versions,with one big difference. Price! You get the most bang for the buck in a Viper.With that much power,you could be in trouble before you even start the engine.What a rush.

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