Volkswagen starts carbon-offset program

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Volkswagen starts carbon-offset program

Volkswagen starts carbon-offset program

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Volkswagen in the US announced today that it has partnered with the not for profit organization Carbonfund to start a carbon emissions offset program covering the emissions of every car it sells in the States between September 1 this year through until January 2 next year.

Programs like the one offered at Carbonfund work by planting a number of trees for each car sold to neutralize the impact that each car has on the environment. Carbonfund will plant native trees in a wetland in Northern Louisiana. The total carbon reduction is estimated to be more than 372,000 tons of CO2 from planting over 250,000 native trees in the wetland.

Following Toyota's lead, most mainstream car manufacturers are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. Even Land Rover offers a similar program to its customers where they pay a small fee to help fund conservation projects like wind farms and tree planting.
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  1. There's one born every minute...

  2. I write about this a lot on my site that covers global warming ( and I am typically very skeptical of carbon trading schemes.

    P.T. Barnum supposedly said that there was a sucker born every minute. Sometimes, when I read about carbon credits, I am not sure who the sucker is - the person buying, the person selling, or the general public for thinking it is helping!

    In order for credits to be feasible and to be more than a “feel good” gesture, we need solid accounting, accountability, and penalties. We have none of that now and this article makes this painfully clear. We cannot allow credits to be used for minor contributions to a project. The credit must go to the cost of reducing the greenhouse gas.

  3. We're not sure what impact those had on climate change, but at the rate rabbits multiply, we think Volkswagen might make a bigger impact on the offset front.

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