Nissan Skyline GT-R a Porsche and Lambo killer?

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Nissan Skyline GT-R a Porsche and Lambo killer?

Nissan Skyline GT-R a Porsche and Lambo killer?

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During testing at the Nurburgring this week, the Nissan Skyline GT-R was spotted putting in some very hot laps. Although the numbers are unofficial, and reportedly hand-timed, the initial times are impressive. Putting the Skyline GT-R in a class with the Porsche 911 Turbo and substantially ahead of the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, the all-wheel drive coupe's times are nearly unbelievable, given the pricing announced when it was released for sale in Japan on Thursday.

The Skyline GT-R is two seconds ahead of the 911 Turbo and a whopping eight seconds ahead of the Gallardo Superleggera, lapping the 'ring in a searing 7:38, according to Edmunds. In fact, given the possible margin of error introduced by hand-timing, the GT-R could be running in a league with the Porsche 911 GT2, which laps the 'ring in a scorching 7:32.

Adding even more heat to these rumored times is the possibility that the GT-R spied this week isn't even the top-end model. The three-tiered GT-R model range includes a base-model sporting 480hp and selling for US$57,000, a V-Spec going for US$67,000, and a range-topping 100kg lighter EVO-Spec with 530hp priced at US$94,000. Although pre-orders began in Japan on Thursday, the official unveiling will happen in Tokyo next month, with delivery slated for December.

Regardless of which model is lapping the 'ring in the 7:30s, it's a price-to-performance dream. The 911 GT2 rings up at US$191,700, while the Superleggera will lighten your wallet by US$220,300, if you can find one next year - all the 2007s are sold. Even the Ferrari F430, which runs the Green Hell in a relatively snail-paced 7:55, will run you a minimum of US$173,079. Half the price and all the performance? The supercar stalwarts should be scared.
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  1. Here's how it works: I love the underdog beating the supercars. Ariel Atom, Mitsubishi Evo, this car.
    When a F430 drives by, people break their necks to stare. The sound is distinctive without being annoying from far away. With a Lamborghini, it feels like you're walking around with a supermodel (I know, I've driven one).
    That will just never, ever, ever happen with an underdog (except maybe the Ariel Atom, which is in a league of it's own).
    And so the supercars need never be scared, they just need to be close...

  2. Gus has it spot on. It's not a matter of performance but a matter of presence, charisma... call it what you will. Ferraris have it. So do Lamborghinis. Porsches, of course.

    Much as I like it the Skyline is not a threat to a 911 turbo even if the Porsche gets beaten around the 'ring...

  3. All these rumors, again :-(
    Total BS. All of them. 997 Turbo never did 7:40, please show me a proof for that.
    As the GTR never did 7:38. These are just media (Edmunds) trying to make some stir and bring some revenues.
    Wait for a true independent test.

  4. The Skyline will always be the racer's car; cheaper to buy, much cheaper to run, very competitive on the track. The Evo is more all-rounder; great for a rally, not fair to compare them. The GTR will be an incredible, cheap, supercar. C'mon you can't argue with that.

  5. @ Gus and Hecktor

    "Presence" and "Charisma" only reflect peoples perceptions of a car - i.e. the result of marketing. The only thing that will define who does it the best is testing and comparing measurable results, not popularity.

  6. @biturbo

    So on reflection, and in the light of the GT-R's new 7:29 lap time of the nurburgring, how do you see things now compared to back in september 2007?

  7. @Bennai

    You could call it cheap, but then maybe European exotics are just way overpriced? that's also likely.

  8. Gus, Hector - exactly. Benni - good point (remember the Supra Turbo revival?) Would I rather have the gorgeous F430 idling in my driveway for the sake of a few SECONDS around a monstrous track? Any day. Call it preference, but the average driver, on average roads, will not know the difference. Sorry, but it's true. Everyone is hung up on performance, performance, performance. You can't street race anyways, unless you're an idiot looking to kill innocent people. There are so many other factors to consider. I can dump $20000 in an '89 Ford Mustang, and beat any of those cars too. But it's still an '89 Mustang. To each their own, but exotic is exotic for a reason. Not worth the price? Maybe not, but then if it were affordable, where's the fun in seeing 1000 of them on the road? Kudos to Nissan. They have built an affordable "350Z" Supercar, that has the faintest lines of Toyota Celica to it. I am sure I'll draw criticism, but I'll stick to my love of the prancing horse, gorgeous lines, and the sweetest sound on earth - for the sake of 8 seconds over 7 minutes of driving.

  9. all u brainless loosers, the GTR have beaten the porche throughout history, and will continue doing so! the r35 is the most complete supercar ever. maybe u guys should stop dreaming and try to look at the facts.

  10. @Ice

    The GT-R trounces all the European supercars except for the lightest and most powerful (and overpriced). But what's funny is that SOME people are still living under the delusion that qualities such as "presence" and "charisma" (i.e. make-believe fantasies with no basis in the real world) will make up for any deficiencies in measurable performance that European sports cars lack lol > nice try guys, but that's gotta be the lamest, most desperate excuse I've ever heard to explain why higher priced sports cars from Europe do not perform to the level of the GT-R in terms of performances/price/and practicality. The only cars that are capable of beating the GT-R are either more powerful, lighter, or have better power-to-weight ratios. OWNED

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