BMW launches 1-series cabrio

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BMW launches 1-series cabrio

BMW launches 1-series cabrio

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BMW has added a new model to its entry-level 1-series range with the introduction of the all-new 1-series cabrio, a stylish convertible that follows in the tradition established by the original BMW 2002 sedan. The new car features a conventional folding softtop, which can go up or down in 22 seconds either stationary or at speeds of up to 25mph. The softtop is available in either black or taupe cloth or a unique ‘Moonlight’ black – a special cloth interwoven with shiny metallic fibers. Other details include the L-shaped rear taillights with LED detailing. The optional adaptive xenon headlights feature integrated cornering lights as well as the trademark angle-eye daytime running lights.

Joining the 1-series coupe in showrooms in the spring of next year will be the 128i Convertible, which will be powered by BMW’s 230hp 3.0L straight-six. The engine features Valvetronic valvetrain management and aluminum and magnesium construction for its cylinder block. Arriving later in 2008 will be a 135i Convertible, complete with the potent twin-turbo 3.0L engine and all 300hp and 300lb-ft of torque. With its direct piezo gasoline injectors, twin low-mass turbochargers and air-to-air intercooler, optimum performance and economy is achieved with no loss in engine response – peak torque arrives as low as 1,400rpm.

For the 135i Convertible, acceleration from 0-62 mph is accomplished in 5.6 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. Both cars feature on-demand engine coolant pumps that improve fuel economy and engine efficiency.
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Comments (7)

    Thanks but I'd rather drive... pretty much anything else.

  2. This won't be less expensive than the 3 Series. It will be smaller than the 3 Series, but not less expensive. Expect to pay base of $55,000 in 2008. Also, it is much different from the existing European model.

    Owning and driving a BMW is an ultimate feeling. It is interesting to read comments from those who don't know what that feeling is like. Their perception is so "off."

  3. I like it.
    The folding soft top will make for more trunk space.
    If it's rear wheel drive (which I assume) and has decent interior space, then it will have to cost less than the 3 series here in the US to sell well. Here in California a 328 folding hardtop sells for about $39k, so this would probably go for 6-7k less.
    I agree with Mykol, driving a BMW is like nothing else...

  4. The rumors are that the 128i coupe is going to be under $30K US and the 135i is going to be around $35K. Seeing that you cannot get a 328i sedan starting for around $34K with no options, these cars are going to be $5-7K less than the compariable 3 series.

    Time will tell if they are going to be big sellers. There hasn't even been one road test of one of these cars! I bet they are much better in person that any of the pics that we have seen. I have owned two BMWs, e30 325is and an e90 325i. They are both great cars in their own eras. I just want another car like my e30 325. Tossable and fun to drive. I think that this car is going to fit what I want.

  5. I've never driven a Beemer and I have not doubt it's a great experience - depending on which one you drive. Personally I wouldn't be caught dead buying a 135 for $35K when for about that much I can buy a loaded G35. But that's me.

  6. That's true, but I'm a big convertible fan, and so far there is no G37 convertible (for some reason, I think it would sell well, don't you?)...

  7. I've driven several BMWs and also the hatchback versions of the 1-series (120i and 120d). Hector, trust me, if you drive any of them long enough, you'd be happy to be dead. Turn the wheel of a 1-series hatch (lucky enough to have them available here in NZ, even if they are odd-looking), and you can feel the car pivot around you. It's THAT good, if rather craped at the back.

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