Preview: 2010 Nissan Silvia (240SX)

Preview: 2010 Nissan Silvia (240SX)

Preview: 2010 Nissan Silvia (240SX)

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As brilliant as the new GT-R is, its premium price tag and limited availability means it will be out of reach of most sports car lovers for some time to come. Then there’s the 350Z but it too can be a bit expensive for younger fans. Sadly, Nissan’s affordable sports car, the Silvia (240SX), no longer exists. In fact, Nissan’s image of late has been skewed towards the SUV segment, but this may soon change with speculation there’s a Silvia replacement in the works.

According to latest reports, Nissan Chief Carlos Ghosn and the carmaker’s COO Toshiyuki Shiga have both hinted at the return of the Silvia in 2010.

This rendering, which turned up on RocketPunch, gives a possible styling direction for the new coupe, and draws some of its lines from Nissan’s own Foria concept car.

Whatever the final version looks like, we just hope it retains the punchy four-banger and RWD layout of its predecessors.
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Comments (7)
  1. The new 2010 200sx, 240sx, silvia should be styled on the historic shape and style, i.e rwd, 2 door, small back seat, sleek looks and an improved quicker 2.0 or 2.4 litre turbo engine plant. After all thats what customers like me are attracted too and thats what keeps us coming back. And no I'm not a Z fan, nice car but I favour the SX.
    Thanks and have a great day.

  2. If they are going make the240sx than they should make it like the s15 same body and dont chang the v6 inline

  3. To be honest, I'd like to see a return of the s14a/Kouki style, maybe a slightly updated look. Wouldn't complain if they just recycled the old SR20DET engine either, although a new SR would be great.

  4. its okay i guess. the rear end looks like a 98' s15

  5. I own an s13 and would love to see the
    consept resemble it more ,the consepts
    I'm seeing look like crap...!! The only
    way Nissan will be successful in selling
    THAT 240 is if were 0 imition, WE NEEd
    Of The Future, ahhhhahh most new car
    are UGLY!!! (240concept) is one

  6. Of course, make a U.S. model, but make an option available to get a slimmed down version without airbags, a/c, emissions, with only basic interior-no carpet, tar sound deadener, and whatever else some of us racers/drifters would just throw out anyway. Make it scary fast and easy to fix and make even faster. Keep it rear wheel drive with optional lsd. Also, change that grandpa front clip!

  7. Nissan should just fit the 2.5L engine from the Altima into the 370Z and call it the 2010 240Z. Imagine an inline 4 that has affordable insurance and someting a youngster can drive. My son want’s a Z but with a V6 I say no way! Price it at less than $25k and blow the opposition away. Nissan will sell a ton.

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