AMG declares the horsepower war 'over'

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AMG declares the horsepower war 'over'

AMG declares the horsepower war 'over'

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It looks like Chevrolet’s Corvette isn’t the only model or maker to decide that horsepower figures have reached a good resting point. Mercedes’ AMG head has declared horsepower is “not our main focus,” instead the company will be gathering effort to improve interior and exterior appearance and quality, handling and the rest of the “overall package.”

AMG is currently happy with their power and performance levels relative to the rest of the market, and while the company won’t completely rule out further power advances, it will focus its might on improving efficiency and lowering CO2 emissions. The latter will be of paramount importance if they brand hopes to continue for long in most of the nations that constitute its largest markets, and certainly if it wants to do business in the EU, and increasingly, the U.S.

One of the main changes that may fuel the increase in economy and decrease in emissions: not all AMG models may get unique powerplants. In fact, there’s a good likelihood that AMG models could share engines with the normal Mercedes-Benz cars they are based on, according to Carpoint. An example of what AMG can do when it builds a custom engine, the 63-series engine, which powers the CLS63 AMG among others, is a fire-breathing maniac of automotive excess, producing in excess of 500hp in various trims. Unfortunately, fuel consumption is similarly excessive, clocking in at 16.5L/100km (14.25mpg US) in the combined cycle.

This compares fairly well to cars like Audi's RS6, which grinds out 573hp from its 5.0L V10 engine. Remember, these are the horsepower figures for family sedans - yet there are supercars that can barely rival such figures. In fact, Audi's own R8 comes in over 150hp shy of the RS6. Perhaps it really is time to focus on things besides power.
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  1. Oh my god! How will they ever make their so called sports cars again? Or will they finally realise that sportcars have half the weight of the current SL. I am sorry but this finding is nothing new. I drove a tuned 560 SL from 1989 yesterday with 300 hp. Even 20 years ago when all cars were lighter this thing wasn't a sporty car. Mercs are nice in a straight line but thats all.

  2. Makes sence

  3. Let the MPG War begin!!!!

  4. Or torque war?

  5. or the lighweight put my car on a diet war?

  6. Well, I am a Mercedes owner and a fan of all their autos. I don't buy them for the horsepower or how fast I can push them. I enjoy the prestige and luxury I get out of them. They are awesome cars all around.

  7. I remember when I first heard of the Audi S8. It had somethinglike 380bhp and I thought that was the greatest thing ever in a family sedan. That's power enough to push the car and four adults inside to autobahn speeds.

    I have said this before in this forum - and caught some flak for it - there's no need for the RS6 to have almost as much power as the Porsche Carrera GT. There's no needs for the M5 to have 500bhp and there's no need for an AMG car to have 600bhp. Those figures are ridiculous on the chassis they're on!

    Concentrate on making the cars better. Maybe even pay a little more to the design team so that they produce something better looking than the S Class next time! How's that for an idea?

  8. Its a good step in my opinion, and a sensible one too.

  9. I support both the diet and consumption wars.

  10. thats sad but i guess mb was never meant to be worldwide leader in sportiness

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