Wal-Mart considers selling hybrid cars

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Wal-Mart considers selling hybrid cars

Wal-Mart considers selling hybrid cars

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Carmakers are always looking at new ways to get their products into the hearts and minds of the new car buying public, and Wal-Mart seems intent on selling everything under the sun, so it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to hear that the retail giant is considering selling a hybrid car from one of the major carmakers. Wal-Mart CEO H. Lee Scott has confirmed that talks between the retailer and several carmakers took place and that the discussions surrounded a possible deal to sell petrol-electric hybrids and new plug-in hybrids through its chain of stores.

"Maybe there isn't room for Wal-Mart in this right now,'' Scott said in a speech to store managers and suppliers in Kansas City yesterday. "But something tells me that there may be some role for us in the future.'' Scott didn't identify the carmakers, other than to say they were "major'' companies, Bloomberg reports.

Scott is a key backer of the green movement and he’s also determined to eliminate America’s dependence on oil. Not only does he hope to start selling the hybrid vehicles, he’s also set up a team to work closely with suppliers to improve the energy-efficiency of the products Wal-Mart sells.
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  1. So one of the Chinese car makers are coming out with a hybrid and Wal-mart wants to sell it?

    cause when i think high quallity, reliable things... i think Wal-Mart

  2. Even if they undercut other's prices ... that is still something I do not think that the average Wal-Mart shopper can or wants to afford.

    Who would go car shopping @ WalMart anyhow? That place is always crowded w/ loud dirty children everywhere.

  3. LOL at Lucifer....too true!!!! I avoid that place like the plague!

  4. Guys... a lot of rich people are cheap. how do you think they got so rich.

    I do still think the idea is absurd. but we'll see. I wonder if walmart will consider an american made hybrid. should be interesting to see what model they pick if they intend to start a dealership for one car from one company.

  5. chris is right, rich people are cheap.
    My parents are filthy, and my dad is still proud that he shops at JC Penney.
    Anything Wal-Mart decides to do is going to make a huge impact.
    But the quality of the cars, well...

  6. In a weird way this somehow makes me feel sad about America... :|

  7. Most Wal Marts have an auto centre, are opened 24/7, great way for a North American distributor of Chinese hybrids to gain a foothold in the market.

  8. Rich people can be cheap but cars might be a slightly different scenario for them ... perhaps they want a luxury badge? I doubt BMW or even Acura would sell their vehicles @ Wal-Mart. Cheap rich folks can still be relatively frugal when car shopping: getting a TL instead of RL, and ES instead of LS etc etc. I am willing to bet most rich people will not buy an EQUATE brand car. Not just for the badge but would the low cost be enough to make you trust it?

    Cars are kind of like electronics: even tho Wal-Mart may have a Dell computer or a Sony DVD player on the shelf - I know a lot of people who don't buy it bc they figure "it's @ Wal-Mart for a reason". People are willing to pay a little more to make sure it's reliable or has the latest features.

    Shopping @ Wal-Mart is a hassle - no matter what the hour, that place is always busy & good luck finding a sales rep that can help you. Some rich people like to be pampered (like @ a Lexus dealership) but even those that do not need that much coddling may find standing in a Wal-Mart shopping center next to bags of topsoil as an unacceptable way to car shop.

    Now, if Wal-Mart had dedicated stores to auto sales ... that could be a different story. If they put up wood fence barriers in the middle of the parking lot like they do in the summer to sell gardening goods - that is going to be tacky.

  9. I am a student and my diploma thesis is about the new idea of hybrid-cars. It´s a current and exciting topic. I would be glad if you could tell me what you think about hybrid-cars. Even if you don't know anything about it.

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  10. Think Saturns people.... through the grapevine

  11. I wonder what targets responce will be or cosco maby this will start a new trend I am curious about how their gona handle licencing and payments however it will make the car they choose easy to warranty anwhere in america just pull into your local walmart. not only that but the chinease had to find a use for all the led paint mattel had left over

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