Genesis V8 could get supercharger and direct-injection

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Genesis V8 could get supercharger and direct-injection

Genesis V8 could get supercharger and direct-injection

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Hyundai’s new Genesis flagship sedan was on display today at the Chicago Auto Show in full production trim for the first time. The car was previously shown at the Detroit show but it was presented with two different grilles, one with the regular Hyundai ‘H’ and the other with a set of four horizontal bars and a divider down the middle. After studying the reaction to both grilles, the decision was made to drop the traditional H logo and go with something new.

The Genesis is now ready for its U.S. sales launch, penciled in for summer, and will available with both V6 and V8 powerplants. Speaking with Automotive News, Hyundai product development boss John Krafcik said that only about 20% of Genesis sales will be the V8 model. The new 4.6L DOHC unit is Hyundai’s first V8 and was fully designed in-house by its own engineers.

The brand new engine doesn’t feature modern fuel-saving technologies like direct-injection and cylinder deactivation, but Krafcik said those features could be added, claiming engineers have left the door open for them. Krafcik also mentioned that a supercharger could be added to create a high-performance sports model, which could mean we’ll have a Hyundai V8 muscle car pushing more than 400hp.
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  1. Well if the build quality is good and it's priced right, who knows how this will turn out. I'm sure no one would have expected the success of Lexus when it was first launched. However, perhaps Hyundai should give it a new brand like Toyota did.

  2. The grill looks like fish bones or something like .... no Hyundai badge?

  3. Do you think that they will go after AMG or the M BMW's. At 500hp supercharged at 50 grand I can see this thing fly of the lots. As far as the styling it looks ok not bad or great. Last I remember Lexus styling was boorring at best. Lets give them about ten years and we may look back on this as birth of something great. Or not? Cant wait to test drive in about four months. If they can make it drive like an Infiniti then I will be making a down payment quick. If it drives like the Azera then I will be buying something else.

  4. I'm sure it will be a good car.
    It's just interesting to see bigger engines coming out of the East while people are lauding the demise of anything with more than 6 cylinders.

  5. They need to invest more in the design of their cars. This looks like a n uninspired mixture between BMW and Mercedes.

  6. Can't believe I am seeing "Hyundai", " V8 muscle car", "pushing more than 400hp", all in one sentence.

  7. That's what I meant. It's odd, isn't it?

  8. i dont mind the grill on the top picture. The Asian spec grill is aweful.

    It definetly is a cross between 2 of the 3 best and best selling small executives on the market...The Lexus IS and the Merc C-class

    If the price is kept cometetive then i can see it being a success. If they get ahead of themselves and price it in line with its comeptetitors it will fail. Its pricing is what will let it steal sales not the package !!

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