GM will keep the Camaro affordable

GM will keep the Camaro affordable

GM will keep the Camaro affordable

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GM product planners will heed calls to make the Camaro affordable and will offer a comparable lineup to Ford’s Mustang range by starting with a low cost entry-level V6 model. Execs at GM know the reason the Mustang is so successful is because it stayed true to its roots as a very affordable car to a very broad base of people, and now the General hopes to emulate this with its new Camaro.

Speaking with Automotive News, president of GM North America Troy Clarke told reporters that high-performance V8 models such as the Mustang Cobra and Shelby Mustang act as halo models and create a buzz that draws in customers to showrooms but at the end of the day it’s the more affordable V6 models that’s bringing in the profits.

The new Camaro coupe will eventually go on sale in February next year and followed by the convertible model roughly nine months later. Clarke revealed that both cars will get a base V6 engine, likely to be a 3.6L unit with about 281hp. Of course there will likely be limited edition V8 models as well.

"We know that the mission with the Camaro isn't to create a specialty vehicle with a very narrow appeal that is very much subject to your wallet," Clarke explained. "The concept of the car will evolve into a really fun-to-drive, stylish vehicle, as opposed to something that just breathes fire and has more cubic inches than the next guy."
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Comments (7)
  1. Very good GM. More Guidos in their mid 40s with Fonzie jackets will be able to afford them.

    BTW, am I the only one that's noticed the Camaro and the Challenger look like twin brothers?

  2. They do look pretty similar. The Challenger is the better looking one in my opinion though. I hate the Camaro's taillights. They look like GM got bored of designing the thing by the time they got to the rear end.

  3. hector; they're muscle cars. thats like saying all minivans look alike. u'll notice that the two cars have the same profile as the mustang too.

  4. What is the matter with you people? GM is no longer making cheap cars. i used to agree with people when speaking against GM, but American cars today have changed. this new camaro looks great. Stop assuming that its a cheap GM. I love GM and i will always do.

    p.s I drive an Infiniti, i cant wait to buy the new camaro

  5. wow, that horse power rating on that 3.6L just blew my mind, thats amazing, its big step up from the 3.8 slant 6 they had in the 4th gens making 200 stock. NICE GM, NICE.

  6. Excellent - go for the volume, the world doesn't need another overpriced halo car. If GM wants to get people out of their Hondas and Toyotas they need cars like this that will excite large groups of people.

  7. if they bring this over to Australia for a reasonable price...namely around $60,000 - $70,000 then they will get snapped up by all types and GM will have a massive hit on their hands, much like the Monaro before it ..if they have to be imported then they can stick their projected $150,000 price tag up their arses !!

    ill get myself an RS4 Avant for the same price instead !

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