Rendered: 2012 BMW 6-Series Coupe

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The new 2012 BMW 6-Series Coupe and Convertible aren't due to arrive in showrooms until early next year at the earliest as the current model was only given its mid-cycle facelift a little over two years ago.

Prototypes of the new car, however, are already testing in Europe and have been captured by spy photographers on several occasions testing near BMW’s headquarters in Munich or around the Nurburgring circuit. We now have this latest computer-generated rendering of the Coupe, revealing a very similar overall look to the recent BMW Gran Coupe Concept.

Comparing previous spy shots of the Convertible, several clear differences can be seen. The rear side windows are a different shape on the two cars, the roof profile is also slightly different and the rear window on the Coupe is slightly wider than the one on the Convertible as well.

This suggests that BMW is preparing two separate 6-Series models unlike what it did for the latest Z4 Roadster, which now only comes with a folding hard-top roof. BMW will sell both a 6-Series Coupe and a 6-Series Convertible with a conventional soft-top roof.

The current 6-Series has proven to be a sales success, with numbers averaging just on 20,000 units per year. BMW doesn't want to risk hurting sales of the next-generation model so for the new car designers will be dialing down the controversial styling. The new rendering and previous spy shots reveal a much sleeker look and a wider, more purposeful stance.

Inside, the new 6-Series will feature plenty of luxury appointments as well as an eight-speed automatic gearbox with paddle-shifters. The current engine lineup is expected to carry over relatively unchanged, however, a new twin-turbocharged V-8 will be adopted for the high-performance M6. This engine is expected to be a variation of the twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter unit found in the current X5 M and X6 M but output could be dialed up to around 570 horsepower for application in the new M6, which you can see testing at the Nurburgring by clicking here.

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Comments (41)
  1. It looks so much better than the current 6, with it's unbelievably ugly rear end, it's hard to put into words.
    Looks like BMW is finally on the right track again...

  2. i'm with you gus. that is really nice. really muscular looking. don't know how many women will want it,... i always thought the current generation looked soft for that reason.

  3. What's with the Aston Martin knock-off side strakes? Is BMW turning into the Kia of luxury car markers?

  4. When BMW switches off of gasoline and onto whatever the next fuel will be (be it hydrogen, fuel cells, w/e) I want to get this car. i've always loved the six series and have even cut the rear end on the current model some slack. This is a beautiful machine

  5. It is really great to have serie6 with a hard top instead of cavanas roof.
    Probably, I will buy it in 2011
    Thanks bmw if you do that: serie6 coupé-cabriolet( like serie 3 convertible)

  6. James, you will be waiting a very long time...

    And nebil, before you go all gaga for a folding hard top, go check out a 3 series with the hard top folded. Then open the trunk and tell me what you see...

  7. gus, unfortunately you're absolutely right

  8. I like the styling clearly inspired by the CS Concept. It looks considerably better than the current 6 series which I feel only looks nice in its M6 wardrobe. I think the rear rendering here needs sexier lines as it looks as if it was taken directly off of a Toyota Avalon. I'm hoping for a very aggresive look that both pays homage to BMW coupes of the past and compliments the most beautiful coupe of our times- the DB9.

  9. hmmmn not bad...i do think they could go just that bit more agressive....but thats just my preferances...

  10. BMW will never disappoint me. This is just sex on wheels as usual. Can't wait to see it so I can dream of owning it.

  11. brilliant looks .. i love this machine.. i drive 630 cabrio ..with no hesitation iwill upgrade !!cant wait

  12. kidneys are too big imho

  13. This is a lot better than the previous 6 model. I think if this was made BMW would make a huge amount of money off of this car especially from people who have lots of cash on them to pay for more than one in different colors.

  14. Terrible! BMW seems to be losing it in terms of styling... I agree the current six series looks best in the M6 style but this just screams BUY A CLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. the rear looks boring compared to the front

  16. csl looks old now as well would not want to be driving one of these...BMW need to hury the f**k up and release the cs

  17. i think the cs was just a concept on which they'll be deriving newer models. i could be wrong, but they'd probably keep their large sedan concepts to the 7 series idea (which better receive a significant upgrade in looks and power in its next generation)

  18. and the CLS was a concept and was never intended to be a released model..but public interest drove it to production. Hopefully the pusch behind the CS will be the same...

  19. Who wants a serie6 coupé-cabriolet , just go to newport convertible and they will make you what you want ( it is better to have 2 in 1 car).
    Just ask for the tranformation price

  20. i feel like throwing up when i see this car
    the front grill is completly not proportional to the car
    the car doesnt flow together, it just looks like something mashed together

  21. Man! This is two steps ahead of the current 6 both from the front and the back. BMW is not exactly knocking them out of the park lately so this is a welcome change.

  22. i dont think any bmw is particularly really good looking but that doesnt mean it cant be cool, this is getting much better from the last model.

  23. I still like it. Super aggressive, but nicely done.

  24. I really can't get past that the grille to me is hideous. I loved the current generation 7 series, it was serene and yet powerful and made a strong statement. In my words, it wasn't ugly at all. But, after seeing the new one with the nostrils as big as angelina jolie's lips, i think to myself, how could BMW design something this ugly. This also goes for this 6 series. Everything about it is amazing except for the grille. It's hideous, worse than the current 6 series. But, idk... i guess i might get use to it, but it'll take a while.

  25. Bring the twin turbo inline 6 and use the twin turbo V8 and some diesels

  26. this is not a recent rendering. these images were generated many months ago. honestly, i like the fact that its taking styling cues from the CS but this is obviously a very primative image. i doubt that we will see even a remote version of this styling on the production model. it will still resemble the CS but take on less immitative looks. in other news, the rear lights are horrifyingly ugly which highlights my only dislike about this concept

  27. James - the original renderings are a few months old but they have been updated with new details.

  28. This looks better than the older one. Don't u think?

  29. MUCH better than the current 6.

  30. So much better than the ugly current 6. Put me down for one of each!

  31. am i the only one who appreciated the "controversial styling" of the current six?
    someone please confirm that i'm not stylistically out of touch

  32. James - I am a fan too. It's probably the only Bangle styled vehicle I like.

  33. james i am 100% with you!
    My mum has a 650 convertible and it is a head turner where ever she goes! It is a great looking car and has some seriouse presence on the road, it doesnt look out dated and tierd like most other cars today and has all BMW's best technology in it! It is simply a truly amazing and UNIQUE car! I love looking at it everyday when i wake up. My mum used to have a CLK and that got boring very quikly, this is still going strong after a few years.

  34. I have the 2009 3 series and boy thos it give speed.the new 6 series will be machine of light

  35. I Looove BMW’s engines, steering and suspension. But NOT the styling of certain models (guess which), or the way they tend to take their customers for granted.
    As for folding tin-tops, they are not worth the weight or complexity.


  37. Can someone tell me if the model shown and discussed on Motorauthority's web page last Feb 25, 2009 is in BMWs future? I think the next 6 is not much of a change from the previous model and I, for one, will not be buying a new car that looks old. Sure, the pics we've seen of the upcoming model is longer, modified headlights, etc., but it looks quite similar as a 2009 BMW 6. Where's the model we saw in last Feb 25, 2009 photo??? (Go to this web site ... ... for a look at what I'm talking about.) The BMW 6 Cabrio & Coupe photos are of a car that's very low, wide, sleek, with masculine lines and simply dynamic! A car that appears to have muscle! Or what I like to call A MAN'S CAR! The spy shots and released pics I've seen of the upcoming model appears to be more of the same with longer soft lines. Not what I envisioned once I got a whiff of the Motor Authority's photos. I've read that the new 6 soft top is modified, but remains, for reason regarding it's weight. I thought a hardtop 6 was inevitable because of the hardtop 3s and Zs. Not trying to get in engineers heads ... but what gives??? Hopefully the weight issue will be worked out and a hard top is built. I'd like to see this version in an M6!!! Can someone tell me this version is forthcoming?

  38. absolutely fantastic model dude........

  39. Rendering is not bad, has a lot of the 5 series in it, which is not a bad thing, if the actual car is half this good it will do fine

  40. Well the overall look really has resemblance with BMW Gran Coupe Concept. It's something to watch out for in 2012. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Great job on the rendering. I think the 6-series is bigger, and the headlights look good too.

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