Update: Caterham Superlight R500 Final Specs Revealed

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Caterham has finally revealed the whole story on its new R500 Superlight, and trackday enthusiasts will be salivating to get their hands on one if it drives like its stat sheet reads. Playing up the strengths of the Lotus Seven on which it's based, the newest Caterham brings a balanced mix of power and handling to the table.

Tipping the scales at just 506kg and pumping 263hp to the rear wheels via a 2.0L Duratec four-pot mill, the R500 Superlight is super quick. Blasting from 0-60mph in just 2.88 seconds, a sequential-shift six-speed gearbox is available as an option to push your racing dreams even closer to reality. With a power-to-weight ratio of 520hp/tonne the R500 Superlight will keep right on going past 60mph to 150mph top speed.

And when it's time to shut it down for that hairpin up ahead, the massive stopping power and fade resistance provided by its four-wheel four-pot ventilated discs will keep the smiles flowing while you strain against the harnesses under deceleration.

In an effort to shave every ounce possible from the Superlight, Caterham has even fitted a carbon fiber wind deflector, which is detachable to save even more weight, and a carbon-kevlar seats, which sacrifice nothing in safety yet weigh considerably less than their more commonly-built brethren. No expense has been spared to cut the weight of the R500, and it shows in carbon, kevlar and other bespoke bits all about the vehicle.

Sticky Avon CR500 race tires and a suspension developed to be as aero as it is road-holding with ovalized wishbones and fully adjustable dampers mean corner-carving will be the R500's raison d'etre once you get past the sheer straight-line insanity.

Those who just can't wait to get into one don't have to - it's on sale now in the UK starting at £36,995 (US$72,900).


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Comments (8)
  1. If I were in the market for a car like this, the Ariel Atom would still be at the top of my list...

  2. There really isn't a need for Caterham to do 'teasers' because all their cars look pretty much identical. They're all based on the Lotus Super 7. Until now the engines have been varied. Now it looks like they're messing with the materials to make the car even lighter. I love light cars, but at 1100 lb this might blow away in a high wind (like 150 mph)!

  3. Raise your hand anyone who would pay $80K for this go kart.

  4. That is kind of a lot. But in this country it would probably go for $40-$50k if it were sold here.
    That's not bad for a Lamborghini fighter...

  5. Perhaps super-lights (with KERS) are a better solution to our environmental problems?

  6. I'd def get one of these. I assume it's road legal. It can keep up with sport bikes, and surelly
    will loose them in turns. Looks extremely fun and price is reasonable.

  7. They can easily outrun sportbikes, I see it all the time on the back roads here in Southern California with the Ariel Atom club.
    But as far as superlight cars being a solution, ride in one sometime. Unless the road is smooth, almost no amount of suspension trickery can keep your teeth from rattling...

  8. still fugly and looks the same from back in the day....great performance numbers though

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