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2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG: you versus your stuff

The SLS AMG is 183 inches long and sports a wheelbase of 105.5 inches. More tellingly, it's 76.3 inches wide, but only 49.3 inches high. Most of the wheelbase is taken up by the front-midship placement of the engine, leaving scant space for two passengers, who will use most of the 39.1 inches of headroom even if they're not six-footers.

When it's all open--hood, trunk and gullwing doors--it's a centerpiece. From there, the SLS' tricky geometry requires practice before getting in and finding a spot that's comfortable. Pop open the gullwing with the handles--they're down near the sills--and clamber in, being careful not to clank your head against the lower door panel.

Once you're in, deal with the amount of headroom you have to work with. Some cranium space has been scooped out of the gullwing's top, but it's hemmed in by a flat, wide center structural member so the tall driver's right brain and the tall passenger's left brain will call a timeout. It's pretty confining inside, not only from that center plate but from the four-inch-deep windshield frame and the vertical wall behind the seats, in front of the transaxle. Then you dismount and--crack!--your head hits the door panel anyway. I counted four times during the day. It's something to get used to, for sure. For jollies, you can open the gullwings under about 30 mph and find out how golf-cart drivers feel. That beeping lets you know the car doesn't really want you to do that, sir, please.

When you've clambered in, you'll find out soon that there's not much room inside the SLS, in most any dimension. The seats are marvelously upholstered, but they take up much of the room left for people and things. Finding the right balance of seating position and rake isn't set-and-forget, it's strategy. The steering wheel telescopes, so you can reach a workable driving position, but it's in the tight, horizontally oriented cockpit where the SLS feels most like the Viper.

Leave the extras at home, too. A light, undamped glovebox hides some space, and the twin console bins are shallow, ready only for a cell phone and some other road detritus. A netted pouch hangs between the seats, and that's about it. The huge shelf behind seats isn't usable for cargo, unless you're willing to let go of any rear view. In the trunk you'll find 6.2 cubic feet of space to fill. Golf clubs? A couple of soft-sided bags? Make your choices well, since there's no other stowage available.

As mentioned above, there's also plenty of noise. Music to most of us, it could get annoying to casual users. There are very few moments of true peace in the SLS, though wind noise doesn't enter the equation. Fit and finish are nicely done: there are familiar parts around, like the twin stalks for cruise control and turn signal/wiper functions that you'll mix up once or twice before you get the hang. There's also a good balance of real aluminum trim on the console and the painted plastic on the dash, and some high-quality switchgear to twiddle at stoplights.

Standard features includes the COMAND system, leather trim, an electronic parking brake, headlamp assist, keyless ignition, PARKTRONIC, rain sensors, heated seats, AMG floor mats, cruise control, sports pedals and THERMOTRONIC. Optional goodies include a six-disc DVD charger, a Bang & Olufsen sound system, alarm, and several AMG paint schemes include the special Alubeam Silver. AMG is also offering several performance modifications including a carbon-fiber hood, side mirrors and trim; stiffer suspension settings; forged 10-spoke wheels; sports bucket seats and a performance steering wheel finished in leather and Alcantara.

Safety gear includes six airbags, stability and traction control. The stability system has three modes: full, Sport with some wheelspin, and "off," which experts can turn off at their own risk.

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Comments (51)
  1. Wow, that's nice! I can now honestly say that I like Mercedes Gullwing's, or at least this one, hated the old one. This one is awesome.

  2. Sorta looks like an elongated Porsche Cayman S. It is a pretty car.

  3. If this is very close to the final design then...Wow! This is truly an amazing work of art, hats off to the design team for this masterpiece! The great thing about it is that if the Mercedes Badge wasn't on the car, you wouldn't know who made it..maybe BMW (Z8 like?) or Porsche. The point is that it's away from the usual recent/mainstream Mercedes designs. And the original Gullwing was and still is freakin' gorgeous.

  4. I think motorauthority has got it totally wrong again. The Shortened SL-platform is actually the Mercedes SLC and the black series is basically a more performance oreinted SL63 AMG like the black series of the CLK range. Between the SL and SLC there is no space for another car.

    The Black series SL looks brillliant though

  5. THE 300 slr is the best gullwing by far

  6. Ooooooooh... :)

  7. I'll have to see it in person before I render my verdict.

  8. I have to have one...but how to raise the money in time to get on the waiting list....ah I got it! Kidney for sale! Kidney for sale! Please inquire about other organs!

  9. YOW!

  10. this car looks awesome, although it could easily be mistaken for a porsce...maybe if it had double-circle lights like the SL it would be a bit more MB

  11. It's an absolutely beautiful Porsche Cayman S...uhm...I mean MB 300 SL Gullwing. Enough said.


    ...very hot but where is the Mercedes soul??? they are losing creativity.

  13. to die for. It is now my favourite merc ahead of the slr mclaren. i will buy one for sure

  14. modern design are all crap!!! the so called "retro" thing is cool,so this sl will be the best in many many years.
    the cars of the past are BY FAR the best looking cars and they are REAL cars.
    stop giving us wimpy ridicolous so called "modern" cars and give back us the REAL thing!

  15. Definitely a Alfa 8C Competizione Photoshop!!


  17. I think it looks like de Chrysler Crossfire

  18. That car between Cayman S and Alfa 8C Competizione

  19. what can I say?? it is absolutly a dream car. I am willing to spend rest of live to have it!

  20. why in gods name would you revive your halo car after 40 years and then make it on the current platform that is almost on its way to the junk yard instead of spending more time to develop a more current model that will be released in the next 2 years? WHY?!

  21. It will be a cool car!

  22. as craig s said

  23. Gorrrrrrrr

  24. Jussssss... :)

  25. Im with Chris.
    Make it on the platform of the new car and not the outgoing one. I for one love the shape and would deffo want one, but they need to make this cutting edge tech and not next years knock off

  26. ... and this is why Mercedes Benz are continuing their descent into mediocrity. Why, indeed? Why retain a 5 year old platform?

    Have you seen the 'new' CLC? It is a joke i tell ya! Just by slapping on together the front and rear of different cars does not a new model make.

    MB has had its day, but the future belongs to the VW Audi group and BMW as they are always pushing progressively forward, pushing the envelope with chassis technology, drivetrain and brilliant engines.

  27. It looks odd and a bit wrong in some places..

  28. Visually, it's a farcry from its predecessor. And a good thing, too. This isn't 1954 anymore. The car fits most of Mercedes-Benz's current design theme, but truly stands out on its on. It's not a remake of a classic, but a re-birth.

  29. Why are Mercedes just so totally and completely blahin the styling deparment! To top it off we will all have to read test reviews that state the following: ok styling, wooden steering feel, and the traction control would cut in to soon.
    I mean seriously why bother! If your going to make a supercar make it, oh I don't know, super?

  30. hey good car i love it !

  31. Very nice,the front is a killer,it would be nice to hear the sound from those exhausts!!!!!!!!!

  32. B piller (or is that C?) looks horrible. Looks like they forgot something there. Overall looks desprate rather than refreshing.

  33. Ridiculous and unattractive car for poseurs with too much money and too little sense...
    ...and I agree w/ the others - appears that the B-Pillar of this thing was a design afterthought.

  34. Is it me or it looks like a Chrysler Crossfire? Sorry but I'm underwhelmed. If they were going to design a car to follow one of the most iconic cars ever they should have done better than this.
    I like it that the HP remain below 600. However, the SLR was still a prettier car, inside and out.

  35. haha everyone saying Caymen etc....have you had another look at it ? it is basically a Honda s2000 with a bigger front grill and some flaring. I would have expected more from AMG Merc and i have to admit after the wonderful SLR which i still lust after, i am extremely dissapointed by the new model. There doesnt seem to be any passion in the design.

  36. looks really unique and love the gullwings it really gives it that special something.

  37. Looks like a modern version of the old Gullwing

  38. Instead of an electric version, how about a hybrid diesel version, I thounk that would make great milage and torque.

  39. I don't like it :o(

  40. Wow it really looks like a love child from a Corvette and Viper......I wonder if they will make a AMG BLACK version??????

  41. um... so where's the first drive?

  42. One; for the fiftieth time you repost the same article - look at the date of first comment. Two, what happened to the first drive you so pompously added to the title Mr Padget and High Gear Media?
    All I see is a reposting of an article and the announcement that that Mercedes will launch a press event on the car.
    Great journalism

  43. Why not use the following title when you post a story "We'll be back on Sunday, November 1, with live coverage from our first drive of the 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG! Thursday October 29, 2009 6:33 HighGearMedia"
    I got the above when I click on the link. If this was a Ford Festiva we most likely would'nt give a shit. But this is a supercar coming from the split of Mclaren and Merc after the unsucessful SLR.
    THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CREATING FANFARE AND FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!! How about we learn the difference.... please....

  44. My word, MyWheels. We're promoting something special coming up soon. it's editorial -- not advertising.
    Changing a title on the Web means breaking a URL--something we'd rather not do.
    Also: language, please. The children can hear you.

  45. Also, MaxBob--when we update a piece, we're adding information each time, not just reposting. We're driving it on Monday--this is your advance notice to come and get it, here or on Twitter. Have you ever watched the local news promo a story "after the next break?" Or seen a TV show's final minute of "next week on..."?

  46. Language? All I said was shit, are you a Morman? Oh well consider it pay back for earlier in the week when I showed my five year old the X5 video and he asked "Daddy, what to do the letters WTF spell?" He's currently learning to read so he asks lots of questions.....
    Also I have a question. How do you spread Editorial word? Answer: You advertise!!!! I can understand not wanting to break a URL and makes perfect sense. Keep up the good work as the site is clearly moving forward.

  47. Nearly every manufacturer can throw a big engine into a custom body nowadays and charge thru the nose for it - Big Deal.
    I'm also unimpressed w/ the gimmicky gullwing doors - The originals were created for the very reason that the 300SLR tubular chassis/frame was so high that standard doors were awkward - so the gullwing doors were a solution to an engineering problem - These are all show.
    Finally, the rear quarter is awfully clunky with that huge B-Pillar - where's the quarter window of the original? Certainly 50 years later, MBZ can use high-strength steels to maintain high roof rigidity and allow for near 360-degree views?
    Color me unimpressed.

  48. I'm sorry, but I don't like it. I like the exploration into design whilst still inheriting the original flowing designs of the original Gullwing, but just doesn't look...like...much.

  49. test drive with media photos? Stupid? cant take it seriosly.

  50. Luke, you're a cranky one! My original photos are in the later pages. Some decent ones, but we spent a lot of time on the road--and I was having a blast driving. Hope you enjoyed the comments.

  51. A great car (for me) starts with an interesting shape, and to be, this just doesn't cut it on any level. I sure hope it does perfom well, because there's really much to look at. It already looks dated, and would have been better introduced as a competiotr to the BMW Z8 from fews years back, because that's pretty much what it resembles anyway, and the gulwing dorrs can't hide that fact.

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