HST International all-electric Mustang and Shelby Cobra

HST International all-electric Mustang and Shelby Cobra

HST International all-electric Mustang and Shelby Cobra

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The idea of an electric Pony car or Shelby Cobra may not sit well with some but California-based HST International and design firm Tjaarda have developed a pair of electric vehicles ready for sale based on the aforementioned muscle cars. Dubbed the Tjaarda EVX Mustang and HST Shelby Cobra EVX, the two new cars will be on show this weekend at the 34th Annual Toyota GP in Long Beach, California.

Both cars are true zero emission vehicles and feature electric motors using lithium iron phosphate battery packs developed by K2 Energy Solutions. With 1,355Nm (1,000ft-lb) of torque at zero rpm and a peak output of 300hp, the cars are capable of reaching 60mph from rest in less than four seconds and can still drive over a 100 miles on a single charge.

The Tjaarda EVX Mustang has been tested accelerating from 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and reaching a top speed of 120mph. Charging the batteries takes about eight hours with a 110 volt outlet and just over three hours with a 220 volt plug, and the cost of electricity works out to be just 3c per mile.

The HST Shelby Cobra EVX has the capability to run 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, a top speed of 150 mph and a range of 120 miles.

The Tjaarda EVX Mustang starts at $80,000, while the Cobra comes in at $125,000.
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Comments (19)
  1. Awesome.
    Too much money, of course.
    But maybe better than the Tesla? More practical anyhow.

  2. Sweet. wish i could afford one.

  3. Is this the same Tjaarda that designed the De Tomaso Pantera? It's good to see he's still doing cool things to Ford engines!

  4. oh my good lord. It's finally happened.

    would some one (FORD) please buy this company and all of their patents (if they have any) and use this tech for a plug in hybrid A La Volt? I'll forgive you forever for selling Aston.

    honestly..... just......... wow. 1000 ft.lb..... I'm speechless

  5. Chris, I am with you.

    This is what the automotive industry really needs. A show of a current Pony\Muscle car that can perform as well as it looks. If the Prius would look like this and perform as well, wouldn't everyone want one? Stop making these ugly little things that just putter around. As long as there are auto enthusiasts, it will be hard to get them converted over to electric cars. Something like this would start to do it.

  6. I agree, that seems to be the whole point of the Tesla, to make it cool...

  7. How weird would it be to see a Shelby Mustang do a burn out and only hear the screeching of the tires and then a faint buzzing from the electric motors. And then imagine if it was hidden in a stock-looking V-6 body.... talk about a sleeper.

  8. 3,2 seconds and 150 mph... the main reason not to buy EVs, the poor performance, is gone! I'm starting to warm up to the idea of driving one of those things in the future. Bring 'em on!

  9. Now, imagine this same vehicle built from carbon-fiber (which experts argue could be cheaper than steel someday) with the performance tuned down to match a current Mustang GT.
    I think you'd easliy double the range from the same charge...

  10. If you plug this in at home and your power is generated by coal or oil you're just pushing the pollution from your car back to the power plant. Not to mention if this technology went wide scale it would put extra load on the power grid which is already heavily loaded in may areas -- especially during peak summer months.

  11. was wondering when someone was gonna come on here and mention the transfer of the problem from cars to plants....haha

  12. im am dumb founded

  13. The power grid can handle all we are likely to ask of it so long as it is "off Peak" demands for the recharges. This can be satisfied by non-fossil sources too.

  14. yea like the mile high towers that are being built in the deserts to be solar power accumilators right ?

    The only power that we now how to harness effectively that can supply the power that is needed is nuclear, and that goes against every principal of the green revolution !

  15. Wow nice and awesome that much torque and power for a electric. If it gets a better front bumper like gt500 i would buy it

  16. Which transformer is this?

  17. this is the Cashinatron

    Iit is one of 3 big american transformers, the others being:

    That merge to create: Wehavenoideatron

    But it will probably collapse in a couple of years ! :-)

  18. I have a Cobra replica. Will they sell just the "engine" components?

  19. Wow!

    I'm all for it.

    I drove a GM EV1 & it was impressive.

    Anything that generates interest in USA goods i(& this should) s good for all of us.


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