Preview: New BMW 3-series GT set to join 5-series GT in 2011

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The 3-series GT will be based on the next-generation 3-series sedan, which is also due in 2011

The 3-series GT will be based on the next-generation 3-series sedan, which is also due in 2011

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BMW has just taken the wraps off its new 5-series GT, which goes on sale early next year and shares its design with the next-generation 5-series sedan also due next year. If the vehicle proves popular, a smaller version based on the next-generation 3-series sedan is expected to be launched in 2011.

Picking up the 3-series GT moniker, the car will feature the same raised seating position and ride height as the bigger 5-series GT and will also likely adopt a two-tier rear hatch design. It will come with both RWD and xDrive AWD configurations, with power coming from a range of four and six cylinder engines. The computer generated rendering above gives us a preview of what the new car may look like, revealing that it will share the aggressive new look that’s being implemented across BMW’s lineup.

Speaking with AutoExpress, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer stated that his company has not cancelled plans for a 3-series crossover as it’s “considered a volume builder with which we [BMW] can earn good money.”

Designers will be stressing the car’s coupe characteristics just as they did with the X6 and new 5-series GT. Expect to see extremely short overhangs, pumped fenders and sporty alloy wheels. Pricing will also reflect the car’s positioning above the standard 3-series on which it will be based. Along with an upcoming replacement for the X3, it will give BMW a vital rival to Audi’s A4 Avant as well as the upcoming Q3 SUV.
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Comments (16)
  1. So basically this is a raised 3 series though not as raised (or as ugly) as the X3. BMW is chasing MB for the title of *sheer number of stupid models* it has. The good thing about it is that it allows you to tell the TOOLS around you by the car they drive.

  2. well at least theyre smart and just offering different body shapes on the same platforms. cant argue with a company that makes a great platform and then makes a coupe, a sedan, a wagon, and a crossover, all with the same drive train. not to mention most of the other components will be identical as well.

    if they offer 5 engine choices on the same car, then why not 5 body styles?

  3. I hate the fact that they ruined the front like that... the old 3-series' front was so handsome !

  4. For those keeping score, "Crossover" = "Shooting Brake" = "Estate Car" = "Station Wagon"

  5. My eyes! Can't Handle The Ugliness !!!!

  6. man... who ever that chris guy is... hes really smart.

    i agree with chris. guys, they may call this a different model, but ford makes a sedan and a wagon and a hatch on the same platform. its called the focus. this is a 3 series hatch back. or wagon, i dont know. the x3 is completely different. but chris is right. if this car is 90% 3 series,.. then who cares if they put a higher roof line, higher belt line, a bigger back end on it, and then slap a V in front of the 3? BMW was already king for offering you 20 different drive train packages (RWD, or AWD, manual, or automatic, and about 5 engine choices... = 20 drive trains)... so now they're giving you a little bit of variation.

    not everyone wants one of 3 sedans that all look the same but are different sizes. I want a hatch back.

  7. Why do we have to wait 4 friggin' years. Build it now. With a Turbodiesel.

  8. Ok, another CS hacked concept rendering. So according to all of theses so called 'experts' all BMWs will look like the CS concept. I don't think so.

  9. ml: check out the admin (and my) comments on the 3 shooting brake

  10. the bastardization of BMW continues...what shame.

  11. Another bad idea from BMW

  12. Too many variations on 3 & 5. Confusing.

  13. bmw is currently developing two new models based on its next-gen 3 and 5-series sedans that will take the luxury brand into new territory.

    full story

    bmw is creating some ofthe most outstanding machines of the last thirty years!!!

  14. i drop things in the toilet that have more appeal.....

  15. "what has been seen cannot be unseen"

    BMW are losing the plot for making these horrendous looking vehicles, and the people who hand over their hard earned cash should be strung up for participating in the bastardisation of the BMW brand !!

    BMW - the ultimate money spinning machine

  16. As much as I am not a fan of the 3-Series or BMW in general, I like the look of these. In a way, it's like Audi's stationwagon hatch-back. I don't see what all the hate is, especially for the price?

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