Hyundai Sonata frames rust, U.S. NHTSA investigates

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Hyundai Sonata frames rust, U.S. NHTSA investigates

Hyundai Sonata frames rust, U.S. NHTSA investigates

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Over 40 reports of severe corrosion of Hyundai Sonata frames has prompted the U.S. National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) to investigate the matter. The rust problem is reportedly so severe it is causing suspension failure and 'fist-sized holes' in the frame. The problem affects only the 1999-2002 model years (2008 model pictured is not affected).

The immediate symptoms of the problem have been reported to include: "suspension failure, partial or complete wheel detachment, steering anomaly, and/or sudden vehicle disablement," according to the NHTSA summary of the complaints. Several of the failures have occurred in traffic, although the majority were discovered during mechanics' inspections.

Buyers of Sonatas with model years 1999 through 2002 have reported 'fist'-sized holes in the frame according to the NHTSA website. The problem either is more prevalent among the earlier cars, or takes several years to manifest. Of the 40 complaints received by the NHTSA, 19 are for 1999 models, 16 for 2000 models, 3 for 2001 models and 2 for 2002 models.

The focus seems to be on the right side of the frame, especially the right rear corner where the suspension mounts attach. Some reports note the engine cradle, cross-member or front sub-frame, however, so it does not appear to be exclusively localized to the suspension mounts.

A contributing factor is likely the addition of road salt, since 35 of the 40 complaints originate from the so-called 'salt belt' of northern states that have severe winters.

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  1. you should say "2008 models not YET affected", give it few years to age properly, Hyundai is like a wine.

  2. Well, you should never put salt in a wine. It's a bad taste.

  3. Its just a case of a bad past catcthing up with you. H has really stepped up their game and while durability is something that I and no one can still attest for on their "new age" models I almost certainly steer it towards it being good in the long run too based on all the other improvements too. Dont think of me as an H fan, I'm well aware prev models were made in very low standards but thats precisely what they want to get out of..

  4. Since November 2006 I have been contacted by 25 different people who have all experienced a failure with the right front subframe rusting apart and actually breaking. Approximately 18 people have been settled with, either Hyundai repairing the car or reimbursing for the repair. Most people have been on the eastern have of the United States. I have been working with an attorney building a case for a class action Lawsuit. We are currently looking for anyone who has had this problem and not contacted me. The NHTSA Number PE08029 is an active investigation that report 40 known failures. I am especial interested in anyone from California.

    If you own a 1999-2001 Hyundai Sonata I suggest inspecting your subframe for rust. If you are not sure where to look, you should turn your steering wheel all the way to the right. Look where the A-Arm bolts to the frame. You will probably find severe rust. If you do, I would like to hear from you at Even if it has not failed yet, I suggest taking it to a Hyundai dealer and filing a claim with Hyundai Consumer affairs.

    My hope is that Hyundai, who has admitted to a problem by paying for repairs will soon address this obvious safety issue.

    Tom Baker, Kansas City, MO

  5. I have a 2000 Sonata that while being serrviced my mechanic pointed out a fairly significant hole in the right sub frame . he also noted that the transmission cooler line is leaking and the inorder to replace it you must buy the whole radiator assembly. Apparently the eastern seaboard must be hard on this model.

  6. 2001 Hyundai Sonata failed inspection due to a rusted sub-frame, looks as if the design is at fault.

  7. It seems to be a problem with 2001 Hyundai models in general. Driver side rear control arm rusted through and busted---passenger well on it's way. 85K miles on Santa Fe---of course not covered by warranty (working on reimbursement now) Huge safety issue--- I had just gotten off the turnpike when mine went---thank goodness it did not happen doing 70-75 mph. Someone is going to hurt.

  8. I have a 2000 Hyundai sonata, the right side sub frame is broken in half! I am so upset because I love my car. I found out to replace the sub frame is $900!! I don't know what to do. Should I go to a hyundai dealer and ask if they will replace it? I was not aware till now that it happens alot.

  9. Jessica wrote:

    "I have a 2000 Hyundai sonata, the right side sub frame is broken in half! I am so upset because I love my car. I found out to replace the sub frame is $900!! I don’t know what to do. Should I go to a hyundai dealer and ask if they will replace it? I was not aware till now that it happens alot."

    Well of course you should take it to your Hyundai dealer Jessica. Did you not read the previous comments on this same page? Hyundai has apparently served their customers quite well on this matter.


  10. I own a 2000 Hyundai Sonata. Just three months ago, I went in to change all four tires because they were balding. I had them changed at Midus. Not more than one week later, the tires were ballding and the screeching continued. Frusterated and confused, I returned to Midus to complain about their tires. They inspected the car thoroughly, and said the tires balded again so quickly because the sub frame was rusted through and the tires were sitting at an awkward slant, thus cause them to bald extremely fast.

    Hyundai simply said to buy a new subframe, which comes to nearly $2,000. I am merely a college student at Xavier University and could not afford such a repair, which of course, was not covered under warranty. I found a mechanic who was able to locate only one sub frame in the entire state of Ohio at a junkyard that he replaced mine with...the job cost me about $1,600.

    Is there actually a way to receive reimbursement for this mess? I heard about the Toyota Tecumseh mess, and their buy back deal...what can I do?? Please e-mail me if there is an answer, that bill was devestating.


  11. I have a 2000 Sonata GLS with 123,000 miles. On Friday June 6th, 2008, I was pulling out of parking spot at a nearby post office in my town (I live in Fairfax, Virginia a suburb of Washington, DC.). Just as I was getting started and going about 20-25mph, the right front just collapsed and the car would not move. The tire was pointing at a weird angle. I was towed to Fairfax Hyundai and the next day, the Service Manager told me that it was the engine cradle and the tie rod. The tie rod snapped because the attachments to the engine cradle had rotted away. He also said he was in discussions with Hyundai after he ordered the part (which was scheduled to be delivered the next day). I didn’t know what he meant by “in discussions” until I went online and found out about all the complaints filed with NHTSA and Consumer Groups about this issue. I expect this to be paid for by Hyundai since this is a known safety issue and all models affected by these complaints should be recalled and at least inspected for wear and corrosion.
    I have given this car all required oil changes etc and other required maintenance services on time for the 8 years I’ve owned it. I am the original owner.

    Any routine examination of the car would have shown this corrosion, but I was not informed of this problem until I had a serious incident.

    According to Hyundai, the part was on back order, and they found an excuse not to give me a loaner car and are seemingly balking about paying for a rental car. Hyundai Consumer Affairs has stated that I would be contacted by a Regional Representative within 3-5 business days. I contacted Hyundai Consumer Affairs and the Hyundai Dealer almost every day looking for status. They have told me everything from they are trying to locate the part at their plant in Alabama to they have spoken to several Parts Managers who are trying to expedite delivery.

    It took 3 weeks, but Hyundai fixed the car and also paid for the car rental. They know the problem exists. Dealing with the Eastern Regional Rep in Atlanta was the best thing I could have done.

    I was very lucky that I was not on a main highway when it happened as I could have been seriously hurt or killed.

  12. this just happened to us and I had my 5 year old in the car with me - thank God I wasn't going that fast but gheez - this is ridiculous - I should have really known about this - if they don't do something they are going to end up with a problem like Ford had on their hands with the Firestone tires problem.
    they should pay for it - but will they - I am not looking forward to those phone calls - any advice will be greatly appreciated

  13. As I write this letter, my 2002 Sonata is currently in the shop for repair of severe detachment of the sub frame. I was advised a week ago by the mechanic performing an inspection of the vehicle that my front drivers side axle bolt was cracked and needed repair. Having the extended HPP warranty, I brought it to the dealer whose eyes were wide with absolute terror when he told me how close to death I would have been had I not brought it in. He advised me that if I had driven the car another day, I would have been seriously injured or dead. Needless to say, I will be without my car for the next 2 weeks. Question: Has anyone with this problem received a loaner car during their repair? My dealer is offering me a "dealer rental rate" of $35 a day which I believe is adding insult to injury in light of the fact that I could have been killed. Please advise.

  14. I have a 1999 GLS.
    I took my car into the dealer this evening.
    I did not mention anything about what I know. I simply told him while replacing the rotors i noticed the arm to the right front tire- he interupted and said " the frame is rusted out right. He said they will replace the complete sub-frame at no cost. He also said they will inspect all components connected to the sub frame.
    I'll be interested to see what they come up with.
    They refused to pay for a rental car. I did not push this issue as the car is not needed, and I was pleased that they came right out and acknowledged the problem and promised the fix.
    I will say I am displeased they did not mention this problem a year ago when they repaired my driver side wheel bearing. They also told me I needed rear control arms, so I'll be interested to see if they find rust in the rear end also.
    I will file a report with the NHTSA, once all the facts are in.
    I live in Central ohio.

  15. my 1999 hyundia sonata frame rotted threw and craked while i was driving with my child who had recieved injuries i called the hyundia main office who said they could not do anything, so i waited and then i called the dealership where i bought it and they repaired it for free but they had my car over 2 months and they acted like they were doing me a favor, but while they repaired that they broke my entire wind shield wiper system and they dont what to hear about it

  16. Hi,

    My wife drives a 2002 Hyundai Sonata GLS with a little over 60,000 miles on it. She noticed the tires squeeled easily when turning a corner, so I took it for a test drive. The car was shifting all over the road. I needed tires,so I had Firestone take a look while I discussed tires with them and found that the right side of the front frame was almost rusted away. The entire steering assembly on the right side was shifting and flexing with the frame that was nearly rusted away. I called the dealer immediately and took it in the next day. They knew of the problem and said it was covered under warrantee. They also found a tierod had rubbed against the frame due to the rust and replacing it. It will only take a couple days and should be ready tomorrow, but they declined a free rental car during this time. I am very amazed that there was no recall on this, especially with the high possibility of death or injury from an accident should it fail while driving. We were lucky that didn't happen! I am happy they are fixing it, but very upset we were not notified of the problem. I think Hyundai is negligent of not disclosing the problem. I sure hope nobody gets seriously injured. I live in Columbs Ohio.

  17. Also, what happened to the class action law suit over Hyundai selling these cars advertised with a larger engine size than it was. I believe they claimed the V6 engine was 2.8 when it was actually a 2.6, but not sure.

  18. Kyle,
    I'm in Columbus also, Mine is currently at the Hatfield dealership, I'm going to call them tomorrow and find out what the full extent of the damage is. They estimated it would be a week and a half.
    The class action on mine was settled years ago, I think I got a year or two of free road side service.

  19. HI Bob,

    I took mine to Denise Hyundai on morse road because it is closer to me here in Westerville, but I originally bought the Hyundai at Hatfield. Denise fixed it in two days along with a tierod and power antenna that was broke. All under warrantee and no charge. At least that is what they said, but stilll waiting for the paperwork in the mail. We picked up the car yesterday and seems ok, but I need to take a closer look. I worked with a service guy by the name of Jim, so maybe he can help you. They had a couple frames in stock when I was there. I didn't hear anything about a settlement or any free road side service, but maybe that is because we purchase the extended warantee that gives up 10 years 100000 miles bumper to bumper. Hope yours works out.

  20. Kyle,
    I talked to my dealer yesturday and they have not totally accessed the damage, they will do that once they start working on the front sub frame, which is all they think is rusted at this point. They assured me they will inspect the rear sub frame and all components.
    Did they replace the rear sub frame on yours? I'm concerned if they don't do the rear, it will rust out in the near future.

  21. Hi Bob,

    I replaced only the front sub frame and a tie rod due to the rust damage. They indicated to me that they inspected the car and found no other damage.

    All research I have done so far has shown rust damage to the front right sub frame. I am not aware of any other rust problems found.


  22. my daughter has a 2000 and the steering went along with other things due to the rotted su frame. i think ther should be a recall before someone dies from it. we bought it used but still they are the maker of the sonata. i have a sister that bought 2 new hyundais and another daughter that bought one new. i think it will be there last purchase there after this problem.who do you even call about it. she just had lots of work done and then a week later
    we find out the car may not be worth fixing ,about $1500-$1700.we would be in heaven if hyudai would fix the car like they should.

  23. Here is the final outcome on my rusty car.
    The only substancial rust the dealership could find was on the passanger side (right) front.
    They replaced the front subframe (also called the engine cradle and "K" frame). I was assured that there was no damage to any component and that the rear subframe was in excellent shape, other than some surface rust.
    I don't know if this will be the end of my story, but I've delt with my dealership and have a bit of confidence in them.
    I was satisfied that they delt with it, without any hassle what so ever.
    All was done with no charge to me.

  24. While filing my report to NHTSA I found that their action number PE02029 has been closed as of 8-21-08 but another, expanded, upgraded action has been opened, EA08016. It includes model years 1999-2004
    Wouldn't you know it but I have a 2003 also, so needless to say I will be bringing it in for inspection

  25. I have a 1999 Sonata and the right side broke though while my daughter was driving with my grand-daughter in the car. I would like to know what they are going to do,the part is about $900.The steering is push in.

  26. I have a 2000 hyundai sonata and I am also experiencing
    the same difficulties with a rusted broken sub frame.
    I was driving and thought I ran over something in the road and had difficulties driving the car. I felt it was unsafe, when I brought it in to have it repaired, It was
    scarier than realized. I am interested if any one has any information regarding any knowledge's from any recourse that is available ? Thanks for your responses.

  27. i have a 2001 santa fe v6 which i bought new, i just went to have front tires replaced and an alignment as tires wore out in 7 months. tire shop found rotted front right frame where control arm attaches. went up street to hyundai dealer and they gave me a phone # to call, tried that and it is only available M-F, so i will have to call on M, meanwhile i am driving a potentially lethal vehicle. i have been very pleased with the santa fe to this point, it's been a great truck, but now i'm getting paranoid

    David Freeman, Massachusetts

  28. I have a 2001 Sonata. I noticed some rust a year ago but ignored it. My mistake! Yesterday, while doing my oil change I checked it again and noticed a huge fist size hole behind the tire at the end of the suspension control arm. The subframe is literally falling apart! What a piece of korean junk. I am the second owner and got it in 2004 for $1400 (bad wheel bearings at the time), so I can't complain too much. I fixed these myself easily. I've replaced so many parts on this thing since it is crazy. Alternator, AC compressor, rear bearings, Spark Plugs Twice, brakes, and engine temp sensor (wouldn't run without it!). Back to main problem, the subframe it is literally brittle. I ripped out a piece of metal 3 inches by 4 inches square and broke it in two with my bare hands! I took a spray can of strong industrial paint and painted all I could until it was dripping all over the place. I tried to get it inside the holes too. Car was driven from 2001 - mid 2004 in Pennsylvania. I brought it down to FLORIDA in 2005. If it was still up north it would have already melted away literally and crashed. No wonder used parts like alternators are so cheap for this thing. It is the dry season here so I got some time to get rid of it before disaster hits. I plan on selling it fast for $1500 or so to buy some other future lemon. By the way both sides are rusting out and the drivers side is worse though. Andrew Payne, FL

  29. I have a 2001 Sonata and while i was getting my oil changed my mechanic asked to show me something on my car. Well it turns out that Hyundai's garbage sub frame has a fist-sized hole in the right front sub frame. The worst part about it is that my mechanic said it would cost between $1,000 - $1,500 to fix! I looked at him and said that's way more than i could afford with the economy going in the dumps. I just filed a complaint with the NHTSA and hopefully somebody will contact me. In the mean time i plan to go back to my Hyundai dealership and make them call somebody at Hyundai so we could figure this out. I'm looking for Hyundai to pay for that garbage sub frame so i don't get hurt or killed and also the airbag that is under recall. About 2-3 years ago i went to my dealer and told them i had a problem with my airbag light coming on. They said it would cost $500 to repair and i said they were out of their minds so i just let it go. Now it turns out that there was a recall and they are going to get it from me. It's sad that Hyundai would use garbage for a sub frame... i mean come on there are cars from the 60's with better frames than these pieces of crap! Anyways i hope all goes as planned and Hyundai steps up to the plate and pays what they owe! If they don't and i get hurt or killed they will take a 10 incher up their @$$es instead of the 7 incher i plan to give tomorrow!

    Jamie Trusa from PA

  30. I have a 2001 kia optima and the frame on the passenger side broke into with my 17 year old dauther driving it. They said it is not under warrenty. It's not considered the drive train, it is sitting in our pole barn.

  31. I have been collecting information since Nov 2006. I had my car fail and got Hyundai to Repair it for the Right front control arm rusting off. I have since spoke to over 70 people who have gotten thier cars fixed with my information and with little hassle. Hyundai consume affair is 800 633 5151. I can be contacted at ************************************************** As far as kias go They share alot of components as the Hyundai. I would call Kia's consumer affairs and file a claim and with

  32. I have a 2000 sonata. I brought it to Mienke today because everytime I bring my car to a hyundai dealership, they give me a laundry list of maintenance care or repairs they think I need. My car felt like it was skidding on ice and it was making loud banging noises. My car's front end for the last 2 years has been knocking and shaking but nothing this bad. Mienke told me that my sub frame was all rusted out and my engine was falling out. I will call Hyundai tomorrow to see if they will fix it because this is a huge defect as I have been reading.

  33. I have a 1999 Sonata GLS V6 with 104968 miles on it. I discovered this problem yesterday at a local garage and I have just visited one of the dealers in Northern California with the rust problem today. I even brought the printed document from the NHTSA. They told me that they have never heard of the rust problem and they would charge me a minimum of $130 for inspection. I used to drive this eight years in Illinois and they claimed that in Illinois with snow, any car can get rusts (on the engine frame)! So I stepped out of the dealer shop and called Hyundai America customer services and was told that since the warranty has expired, dealer should charge me the inspection and that they are not aware of this problem. I am kind of stuck here. Any advices?

  34. i wrote a comment about my car having a broken subframe in June. I just this week got it towed to Hyundai and they are fixing my frame, they told me it was covered under the "Goodwill Warranty" I am so happy! So If you have this problem you should just take it to the dealer and get it fixed.

  35. Thanks Jessica,

    By the way, considering what the dealer told me (it got rusted because I drove it in Illinois) and what Hyundai America told me on the phone (they are not aware of this problem, warranty has already expired, and I need to pay what dealer asks me to pay for the initial inspection), I was very skeptical about getting it fixed by Hyundai. I ended up with getting $1,000 as is for trade-in at local Honda dealer for a purchase of a new Honda. Most of you seem to have fairly good experience with Hyundai, but definitely not me.

  36. I also have a 2000 Hyundai Sonata. My car was pulling hard to the right so I took it to my mechanic who initially thought it might be a lower ball joint. Upon inspection, he noticed a fist-sized hole rusted through the sub frame and that the control arm had gone through it. Needless to say, I am so glad I followed my instincts and took it in. I love my car and am desperate to get her back on the road; however, I am a full-time student with very little money. Is there a number to call or someone to talk to about this?

  37. I have a 2002 Hyundai Sonata. I was driving and the steering was not right. I stopped and saw that my wheel was tilted. I had the car towed home. Upon inspection it appeared that I needed a new half shaft. That was not the problem. The entire subframe was rusted out and the control arm had broken off. There was no way to connect anything to the subframe. My wheel almost came off. My car was no longer under warranty. I had replaced my tires in October of 2008 and the tires are shot. I contacted Hyundai Corporate and spoke to them about my concerns and they stated this was a serious concern for them. They gave me a case number and at their expense they have had the vehicle towed, replaced the subframe and the control arm and have also approved new tires and an alignment. This is a very dangerous problem and you just have to be persistent with them. My car had 150,000 miles and I still got them to fix it. They should before someone gets seriously hurt.

  38. I have a 2002 Hyundai Sonata, i just had my car in for a oil change when the service man took a picture of my frame with his cell phone to show us what was going on, my frame was rusting and looks like it is going to snap, he explained to us how dangerouse this is and that we need to get it to a dealer asap. I just paid my sonata off 2 weeks ago and i am unemployed, i will be going to talk to the dealer tomorrow and hope that i can get this fixed on a goodwill warranty or something. I have been driving around with my 11 yr old son and 3 yr old granddaughter, thank God nothing terrible has happend. I hope Hyundai will start taken this serious and place a recall. Lets hope we can get this taken care of with little or no cost

  39. this is a follow up from my entry on 3/19/2009 and i want to tell people that if they come a cross this problem what to do, after i entered this on Friday i contacted Hyundai Consumer affrairs and explained the situation, they gave me a case number and the number to our closest Hyundai dealer, we took the car into the dealer and they called us this morning and told us they were going to honor this proble at their own expense and i will have my car back by Thurs of this week, i also received a phone call from the regional manager at Hyundai corporate telling me rest assured that they are going to take care of the problem with the sub frame and they will make good on it and make the car safe for me to drive once again, there were no questions or hassels, i was very impressed and it only took them one business day to take care of our concerned.

  40. I also have a 2000 Hyundai Sonata. My car was pulling hard to the right so I took it to my mechanic who initially thought it might be a lower ball joint. Upon inspection, he noticed a fist-sized hole rusted through the sub frame and that the control arm had gone through it. Needless to say, I am so glad I followed my instincts and took it in. I love my car and am desperate to get her back on the road; however, I am a full-time student with very little money. Is there a number to call or someone to talk to about this?

    call Hyundai Consumer affairs, they will ok you to take it to a dealer and they should fix it at no charge as long as there has been no outside influence, it took us one business day dropped the car off Monday will have it back Thursday or Friday no charge no hassle

  41. I called a local Hyundai dealer and they service guy gave me the customer assistance number and told me to tell them what was wrong. After telling the representative about my car, she told me to take my car to a licensed Hyundai mechanic to have it diagnosed then they would let me know what to do.

    I followed all of their instructions. When I last talked to the service guy he said that they were going to take care of it at no cost to me. Hopefully I will have my baby back by next weekend.

    Kudos to Hyundai for taking care of their customers!

  42. I called a local Hyundai dealer and they service guy gave me the customer assistance number and told me to tell them what was wrong. After telling the representative about my car, she told me to take my car to a licensed Hyundai mechanic to have it diagnosed then they would let me know what to do.

    I followed all of their instructions. When I last talked to the service guy he said that they were going to take care of it at no cost to me. Hopefully I will have my baby back by next weekend.

    Kudos to Hyundai for taking care of their customers!

    they really have been good no hassels at all, I still think they need to put out a recall though before somebody gets seriously hurt, alot of people dont find out of the problem untill its too late.

    Lori and Shawn

  43. I first noticed some rust 1 1/2 years ago. I kept telling myself to spray paint it and when I finally did it was too late. The front drivers side subframe broke in half. It simply rusted so much it cracked and separated from each other. Luckily the wheel didn't come off. At this point the steering wheel had to be turned 90 degrees to go straight and it still wobbled back and forth. Called hyundai, they told me to go to a dealer. So I did that the next day. Dealer calls hyundai and they refer them to the regional office. The regional office didn't get back to dealer that day. Dealer insists I don't drive home because the wheel is about to fall off. They aren't certain if hyundai will repair it or not. Anyways, I'll let you know what happens. Just waiting to here back from the dealer when they here from the regional office.

  44. Hyundai is taking care of the rusted subframe at their cost. They decide on a case by case basis. Dealer ordered the part and might get it by Monday. They'll call me when car is repaired. When I get back the first thing I'll do it spray paint the entire bottom of the car.

  45. Just an update. I got my car back today. I am so happy, she drives so smoothly. No veering, no having to keep the steering wheel to the left to go straight. I even gave the mechanic a hug and told him thanks. Best wishes to all of those who are going through the same thing.

  46. Just spoke with my local garage. My right front axle bearing is shot, apparently in conjunction with the condition described in this story. Anyone have a link to the actual NHTSA report on this condition? As the car is past 100K, I'm not sure I'll be able to get any $ reimbursed, but it's worth a shot, as it's going to cost me about $300 or so to repair.

  47. I have a 2002 Sonata. Purchased the bumper to bumper 100,000. Had a few things that warranty took care of, but of course 400 miles after W.was up, I had to put $ into it. (Air conditioning). Car is driven in Michigan,however the last 4 winters, driven in Fl.

    Before driving back to Mi, I had oil change. I was very fortunate that this shop put my car up on the hoist. Showed me a hole rusted out larger than my fist. Told me VERY UNSAFE. Lucky me for finding this out before my 1,500 mile trip back home that week.

    Punched in "auto-body-repair" on garmin and found a shop and put a new frame on. Haven't checked with dealership yet, but maybe they will reimburse me? At least I'm alive !

    When I purchased my car, I had it rustproof/underbody etc. Whats that worth?

  48. 1999 Sonata front passenger side A-Frame completely rusted out of the subframe. There is a NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 09V124000 that addresses this same issue prompting Hyundai to issue a recall 089, however, when I contacted the dealership they stated there was no recall for this vehicle. Hyundai consumer affairs was absolutely no help and they did nothing but contact the dealership. I told consumer affairs that I need someone in Hyundai to explain to me why this particular vehicle is not covered and they told me to look in my owner’s manual under "Alternative Dispute Resolution" which is absolutely garbage because that tells you to contact a third party for dispute resolution. I'm absolutely disgusted with Hyundai consumer affairs and I am appalled that they won't honor a SAFETY RECALL!

  49. Just got the bill...they are charging me $3,100+tax to repair the front subframe due to rust plus the damages that occurred to the vehicle because of the subframe rust. Hyundai at this time is NOT paying for any of the repairs.

  50. I had a question, i bought a 2000 hyandai gls series. it is not under warranty anymore but having the same problems with the rusted sub frame and tye rod. can i take the car to a hyandai dealer to b fixed for free? anyone know what to do in this situation? plz help!

  51. I have a 1999 Hyandai Sonata
    My daughter was driving to school & the whole front end started to shake.We took car to the garage to get it checked & they said the whole sub frame was cracked. The garage I take it said I might want to check he thought there was a recall on the sub frame. I contacted the Hyandai garage
    They put a new sub frame I also had allot of problems that resulted from this they put a whole in the exhaust system, it leaked fluids the tires need replaced & they where only a year old, the right side of the door is totally rusting out. I would never by another Hyandai. In the past 6 mon I had it the garage 6 times.

  52. This message is for Tom Baker, I an=m from california and I have the same problem with a sonata 2000, that rusted from the same area, the problem that I have is that I took my car to Guatemala city and there are no parts like the cross member in that country, how could a do to have my car repair or at list have the warranty cover it. Can yopu please help

  53. I "had" a 2001 Hyandai Sonata with 119,000 miles on it. It was fully loaded, gray, leather, sunroof, very nice. I loved my car. The best thing was that it was paid for. However, in Jan/2010 while backing out of a parking place my front driver tire actually broke from the sub frame. Luckly I was not driving when it broke. At the time I didn't know about the sub frame, and had it towed to a garage. I am a single mother of 2, going to school full time. I could not afford the $3000.00 price tag to fix the sub frame. I had no choice but to scrape my car for $150.00! I got the recall letter almost one month to the day after junking my car. When I called, I was told too bad more or less since I no longer had the car. It's a shame. I would have kept my car, and not went in debt on another, and by the way it is not a Hyandai. I'm really disappointed in Hyandai. If I had known they would have paid for the cost(that they caused), I would still have my car today. I will make it my job to let everyone I know that is interested in buying a Hyandai my story.

  54. After reading all the responses I called Consumer Affairs and they took my information and directed me to the nearest dealer. My car was at a garage and I had them tow it to the dealership. They told me they would fix the problem at no charge to me. I'm so glad I came across this site.

  55. Hyundais SUCK... buy a Nissan.

  56. I took my 2002 Hyundai in for inspection over the weekend and it failed due to fist sized rusting on the right side front sub frame. I am furious about this whole rusting frame problem. I wish that I would have known about this issue because I purchase the darn car. I am going to call that Consumer Affairs number and hopefully Hyundai will foot the bill for my repair. Since there were so many incidents regarding the rusted frame, why hasn't there been a recall?? This is serious!

  57. Please contact KIA if you own an Optima that is rusty. My vin # was not included in the recall although I live in Maine and it is a 2001 with 50000 miles. I have contacted Kia, but nothing is being done yet. Consumers need to pressure them into fixing or replacing these cars that will not pass state inspection and have numerous other problems known to be ongoing issues and are usually repaired at consumer cost. Reimbursement and replacement is the right thing for the company to do before there is serious loss of life due to excessive rusting of the frame. Remember, like mine, the rest of the car can look great, but the underside can be too far gone to save. Look at it yourself if possible. If not, have a garage put it on a lift and examine it. Research what problems others have had and the unwillingness of Kia to admit to the problem across the board. Be safe and good luck to you!

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