Donkervoort D8 GT Enters Production

Donkervoort D8 GT enters production

Donkervoort D8 GT enters production

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Donkervoort has been building a range of cars loosely based on the Lotus Seven chassis for the past three decades, starting with the Ford-powered S7 back in 1978 and culminating with the new Audi-powered D8 GT. The coupe was first displayed as a concept at last year’s Geneva Motor Show and officially entered production yesterday at a plant in the Netherlands.

The new D8 GT is based on the open-top RS model but features a new hard-top roof and wing doors. Only the front end of the frame remained unchanged with respect to that of the open D8.

The suspension has also been modified, causing the wheelbase to stretch 8cm, and the brakes have been given an upgrade as well. Extensive use of carbon-fiber was employed to keep the car’s kerb weight at just 680kg

Power comes from an Audi-sourced 1.8L four-cylinder engine developing between 180 and 270hp. The first cars are expected to be delivered in August with prices starting at 90,000 euros.


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Comments (9)
  1. probably one of the nicest looking cars that i've seen from the dutch. still very dutch, thats for sure.. but not immediately repulsive. and for that, it's beautiful.

    If that has a longitudinally mounted i4, then that car looks like it would be really small.. like under 1t. that thing must go like snot.

  2. It definetely does go like snot. The Donkervoort RS (of course racing prepped, but still road legal) lapped the Nordschleife in about 7:15.

  3. holy ole snot. thats rediculous. I cant find any indication of the weight of this car though.

    I love that. 1.8L 4 banger that is lifted from an A3, and put into a dutch "mid front" engined hand built death trap does the 'ring in 7:15. stellar.

  4. I like it I guess... though not entirely sure what the hell this is :/

  5. Can't find any indication of the car's weight? LOL. It says 680KG right in the article. That equated to approximately 1500lbs.

    I really like the look BTW.

  6. Chris- "Nicest looking cars" Is your idea of nice looking Mike Tyson in drag? This thing looks like a Pitt Bull chewing a wasp!! oh and yes I would buy one in a heart beat, as not much is going to keep up with you for the money and that its something completely different.

  7. ...vb: It also set a lap record of 1.04,765 minutes in Hockenheim...It's a car for a very exclusive taste, I think. If I had the money, If I were Dutch and I had the money, I would probably try to save some (a lot )more to buyme a Spyker...

  8. layne.. i swear that wasnt there yesterday.

    mwow: have you seen other dutch cars? lets just say the dutch don't have the best taste in cars. this almost looks some what normal. and stylish.

  9. The name says it all...seriously...
    That car looks like a combo between a Caterham and a M1A1 AbramsTank

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