2008 Opel Insignia Preview

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2008 Opel Insignia

2008 Opel Insignia

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Official images and details of Opel’s all-new Insignia sedan have finally been revealed and as predicted the car picks up a number of design cues from last year’s Opel GTC concept. There’s a lot of significance riding on this model because this is the car that will be sold in the U.S. as the next-gen Saturn Aura and it may even make it to other markets where GM cars are sold such as Australia and South America.

The car replaces the Vectra sedan and is set to go on sale in Europe this October. It will be available with five engines at launch. All meet Euro 5 emissions standards and come with either manual or automatic six-speed transmissions. The three petrol engines range from a four-cylinder 140hp unit to a V6 with 260hp. Two new 2.0L direct-injection diesel engines will be offered with power outputs of either 130hp or 160hp. In time, the Insignia engine lineup will be extended with an EcoFLEX version offering ultra-low CO2 emissions in addition to other, more powerful variants.

The car can seat five adults all up and is available in both hatchback and saloon variants. The highlight of the cabin is a back-lit instrument panel and center console, with ample room for the optional built-in navigation unit. Shiny piano-black plastic and matte aluminum-look trim offsets the otherwise dark grey interior. Night-time driving is enhanced with an amber ambient lighting system for a unique touch. The instruments themselves are 'chronometer inspired', and the white-face dials appear to be easy to read with the contrasting black background and white lighting.

A number of space-saving design features have been implemented to maximize the room and comfort of the front-seat occupants. The e-brake has been tucked away to save space and the 'infotainment' center has been tipped back 30 degrees to improve visual flow with the rest of the center console, making the car feel more spacious.

The new Insignia is set to make its world debut on July 22 at the London Motor Show.


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Comments (22)
  1. ... and surprise, surprise it looks like a Toyota Camry!

  2. this is the new Vectra ??

    "Ladies and gentlemen this car is a phenomenon" :-p

  3. only if your blind roy.

  4. Disappointing. I thought the design would be closer to the original concept. The final version is pretty dull.

  5. Looks a bit bland if you ask me - nice side treatment on the front door though!

    Shame about the eurobland front - I was hioping the lights from the GTC concept!

    it will be interesting to see it in the flesh

  6. Boring, and the proportions do not seem right. Not a beautiful car IMO. The Ford Mondeo is bound to be way better.

  7. Well, that's not pretty. The Mondeo has this thing for breakfast in the looks department.

  8. for short; it has no Opel's line

  9. I like it.

  10. "Boring, and the proportions do not seem right. Not a beautiful car IMO. The Ford Mondeo is bound to be way better." - KlazTerp

    Please, if there's any car that is misproportioned, it would be the mondeo, with its bulbous front, and overly busy sides, not to mention its pinched, ugly rear end. It was a revolution when it was introduced, but if you really look at it, its just not a pretty car. But this Insignia is a slick car. The rear is questionable, but overall this thing is beautifully proportioned.

    Maybe its time to get your eyes checked.

  11. mateo; i think you'll find that klaz was talking about the new mondeo. you may want to check it out. It's hotter than sin and makes me want to get married and have kids, just for a decent excuse to drive around a midsized sedan.

    Alas, I dont live in europe, so I will remain single until ford gives me enough of a reason to get a family life style to fit my family car.

  12. Well doesn't look like a Camry or an accord or an Altima or a Ford. It gets 10/10 from me.

  13. This car is way better than the camry in every way possible.
    Please stop this camry nonsense. It was designed from the ground up to look like what it looks like

  14. the more i look back at this car the more im liking the grey versionin the main pic !

  15. That interior is looking pretty nice :)

  16. Exterior reminds me of Mondeo actually, not the details obviously but the overall silhouette, especially the roof line.

    Interior seems ok, bit too many buttons in the middle, and the air vents surrounding the screen makes me think of Daewoo somehow. Cool looking instrument binnacle though

  17. The exterior and interior Design look very good. INSIGNIA will be my next car !


  18. To choppy for my taste ,i'm a say a straight line elegance kind of car guy in other words i love cars with mached body line proportions such as the volvo 850 ,bmw e36 ,saab 9000 cd and the early audi a4 (96-02) model. This car doesnt look as good as any of those cars i 've mentioned.it can be better hmmm it's missing something .oh yeah thats matching proportions,it looks between a passat and the new volvo s80 all compacted in the wrong places.

  19. I would like see the car, somebody have yet a Insigia??? I want more information about car safety and other similar things, I have found a good video about this car, this is the link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=BMZkn5PNqyA

  20. This is a really nice looking car! Why can't Chevy follow suite with something as nice looking as this? I mean the malibu's ok but this is just something else.

  21. This is a really nice looking car! Why can't Chevy follow suite with something as nice looking as this? I mean the malibu's ok but this is just something else.

  22. Wow! That is one great interior.

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