800HP ASI tuned Bentley Continental GT

800HP ASI tuned Bentley Continental GT

800HP ASI tuned Bentley Continental GT

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Japanese tuner ASI (Accuracy.Spirit.Imagination) has been making midnight-club editions of the Bentley Continental GT for some time now. Their latest tuner-take on the Bentley Continental GT goes by the name of of the ASI Tetsu GTR, and whether you love it or hate it, you have to respect its powerplant.

ASI have heavily modified the stock 6.0L W12 to churn out 800hp, a jump of almost 250hp over the 552hp of the stock engine. The Japanese tuners have also given the car some visual flair with a dry carbon bonnet weighing just 7kg (15.4lb), and a dry carbon trunk and rear wing. There is also a 1800mm wide-body kit to contain the big wheels and tires. The bonnet features original artwork by Nakamura Tetsuei styled with traditional Japanese cherry blossoms.

With all the extra power and visual modifications, the ASI Tetsu GTR will set you back at least $800,000. ASI insists that each ASI TETSU GTR is a one-off and entirely customized to customer specifications, and the company is able to accommodate a wide range of tastes and styles. The firm will only be producing 29 of the elite Continental GTs, however, so those interested should act quickly.

For more details on ASI and how the tuners got 800hp out of the W12 engine for the Tetsu GTR, read our original coverage of the tuner's GT line-up, with information from ASI's sales director Lloyd Williams.

ASI Bentley Continental Tetsu GTR

ASI Bentley Continental GT Line
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Comments (10)
  1. Everytime i see a modified Continental GT, it always make me feel angry. Why make a beautiful car so ugly and vulgar? Seems taste doesn't correlate with increase in money, quite the opposite in fact

  2. Maybe because people that are buying this car vulgar? Look at britain. This is a footballers car. And most footballers equate to much money and no taste at all.

  3. "Ug, I would like to introduce you to Lee..."

  4. Can anyone say "what a complete abortion!"

  5. This is why japanese tuners, should NEVER be allowed to tune classy cars like this, i didnt think it was possible to turn one of the most beautiful cars out their into a rice rocket, but apparently they can.

  6. Jeff, its not a matter of ASI being Japanese or any of that; its just a matter of most of their mods being tacky and tasteless; rather then improving the car they just the do generic bullcrap - add huge chromed out rims, add some sparkles all the way around and a tacky paint job....

  7. I think it looks expensive with that Candy gold color they got going with gold plated looking hood .Doesnt look bad . I can see some rich female celebs driving it

  8. And to think there are bullets being fired at this very moment that aren't hitting anyone...

  9. ok, if any car should be tuned up, this is the only one I have seen that is worth it! Why? Because standing next to any other car that has been max out tuned, this, in all black or all white, will just make my imagination run awry seeing it in the flesh and imagining being inside cruising at 300km/h as if it were 60mph .... WOW ... hopefully the Germans learn something here!

  10. This car makes you lose your rational thought pattern, like pure temptation, you don´t think of money, or that it costs like 10 R35 GTR´s, I will have to go to church this weekend to fight the temptation of selling everything just to by a car! Look at photo 2 of 19 and tell me you don´t feel the same!

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