Toyota denies unintended acceleration issues on Tacoma

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Toyota denies unintended acceleration issues on Tacoma

Toyota denies unintended acceleration issues on Tacoma

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A number of Toyota and Lexus models have had their owners complain about unintended or sudden acceleration problems including popular models such as the petrol-electric Prius, the top-selling Camry and the Lexus ES range. Some of the cases have caused safety and regulatory bodies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to investigate the matter. Now, Toyota’s Tacoma pickup is receiving complaints in the U.S. because of the same unintended acceleration defect.

A total of 432 customers have reported unintended or sudden acceleration in their vehicles, resulting in 51 crashes and 12 injuries. Toyota has responded by stating that its Tacoma is not defective and that many reports were "inspired by publicity," reports the Detroit Free Press.

Federal regulators are still considering whether to upgrade the NHTSA investigation launched in February, which currently covers more than 775,000 Tacomas sold between the 2004 and 2008 model years. A new investigation could force Toyota to issue an expensive recall for the Tacoma, and raise questions about sudden-acceleration claims that both safety regulators and carmakers have blamed on driver error for years.

Unlike most of its rivals, which haven’t experienced substantial sudden-acceleration complaints, the Tacoma relies on an electronic drive-by-wire system pedal system that uses computer controls instead of a direct physical connection between the accelerator pedal and the throttle. Toyota says its system is designed to report an error in case the accelerator pedal and throttle are mismatched and that initial testing conducted by both the carmaker and the NHTSA have revealed no problems.
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Comments (39)
  1. It wasn't me, officer, it's that damn car :)

  2. Somebody at Toyota needs to call Audi and ask them what happens when you tell the American consumer their wrong. Although there have been a couple of world wars that quite clearly prove the Germans dont listen.

    For those of you who are young or not to close to the industry google Audi 5000. The majority of their instances were in the U.S. and Japan which led the Germans to believe the problem was cultural. It being that both countries have a generation of drivers who were taught to drive an automatic with the left foot for brake and the right foot for the gas/accelerator.

    It has further been proven that when the brain is in panic mode and it fully believes that its pushing the brake it will push that brake even harder. Even though later after all was said and done the said foot was on the gas.

    So the question becomes do you want to prove you the manufacturer is in the right or do you want to do right by what the consumers perception feels is wrong? In Audi's case they won the battle in court but they did lose the war on the sales floor and that was back before the internet and the incredible ease with which information, rumor, and fact can now spread.

    I wish you luck Toyota and I would'nt mind betting your competition is hoping you stay true to form as the Germans did and take the "its them not us route."

  3. If Toyota wants to put these "rumors" to rest, then instrument a few of the complainers' vehicles and let them drive around for a year or so. Make sure to record engine rpm as well as most bus messages because my money is on EMC or the whole MAP/O2 sensor/injector software combo. Computers go haywire ... even environmentally hardened ones.

  4. I don't like the drive by wire in my new Mustang. I prefer the old cable connection. Sometimes it's just not as responsive as the cable connection cars that I have driven.
    But I'm sure it's inevitable technology on every vehicle eventually.

  5. whoa, never thought I'd see a riced out Tacoma

  6. this site has some evidence regarding sudden acceleration.
    He taped an employee at the video

  7. Contact me at I would like to see your information but cannot access the site above. Thanks!

    Toyota president apologizing to Lastrellas for floormats - not unintentional acceleration! Why isn't the recall for the right reason? How many more people, families, children will die before Toyota admits the cause of their death? And how many would ever guess that for push button ignitions, one must hold down the button for 2 full seconds to turn off the engine? Do rental agencies share this important fact? Couldn't the rental companies have included NTSA (or other significant) complaint info. which is readily available to them online, thereby allowing the customer to make a more informed decision and relieving themselves of at least some potential responsibility should a tragedy occur?

  9. Mat causing the stuck Toyota (Lexus) accelerator? Hardly! This is yet another way for Toyota to blame the owner. Is there any major vehicle defect where Toyota will not blame the owner? Take a look at the "Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge" online petition at There are over 3,000 petition signatories already yet Toyota says that only 3,200 people had the sludge problem? Gross underestimation? Of course!
    Toyota's major safety issues are being blamed on the drivers of its vehicles! This is a low blow by a company! Talk to the owners who have experienced non-deployment of the Toyota air bags (if they are not DEAD!) and see what they have to say about safety issues in Toyotas!
    Take a look at the YouTube video entitled "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge" at which has been up for only a couple of months but has gotten almost 3,000 views. Go to the "Toyota Oil Gel" web site at to see what one Toyota owner has put together.
    Next, read to fine out how one Toyota dealership treats an owner who wished to exercise his freedom of speech rights.
    Toyota---SHAME on you for trying to once again incriminate the Toyota owners---and DEAD ones at that!!

  10. If Toyota is allowed to get away with this unintentional acceleration problem by pointing the finger at the floor mats, we, the vehicle owners, have a SERIOUS problem at hand! What is the NHTSA doing to protect us---REALLY?!?
    It is bad enough to own one of these vehicles, but what about those who have to drive alongside them? How comforting is it to know that a Toyota may go barrelling down the highway at 90+ miles an hour while the owner is helpless in stopping his/her vehicle?
    If this doesn't motivate others to take action, I don't know what will! Have you listened to the audio of the family that BURNED TO DEATH in a runaway LOANER Lexus vehicle??? They tried to get 911 workers to help as they experienced the most horrific death imaginable!!
    NOW is the time to demand that automakers be held accountable for these serious safety defects! NO ONE at the NHTSA follows up on these voluntary campaigns by the auto manufacturers. Toyota will promise to pull all the bad mats and these cars will go on accelerating and KILLING people! This is UNCONSCIONABLE!

  11. I knew one of the people who burned that Charlene mentions died horrifically in a rented Lexus. I totally concur with her outrage at the NTSA. I heard the absurd and somewhat unfeeling announcement that THE president of Toyota (Mr. "Toyoda") apologizes for what happened. But he's apologizing for the FLOORMATS! Talk about a smoke screen. He STILL won't admit his innovative new style of acceleraion systems (even in Tacoma's now...and guess what? The same horror stories are rolling in on that and many other faulty designed vehicles.) The family that perished so terribly would want their deaths not to be in vain. Charlene - you sound as passionate as I about this. What can we do?

  12. Are you still as passionate about speaking out about this? Post here if so. Lots going on.


  14. Google "Beware Toyota. Their next victim may be you..."

  15. THANK YOU to post #6 (above) - that site is right on the mark. Thank God for free speech! God Bless America...that site says it ALL. Thank you so much.

  16. Contact me at I have some Toyota SUA information for you.

  17. How any "drive-by-wire" system could not include this simple safety override as an absolutely necessary system in order to gain official approval for production is beyond belief.......!
    How incredibly dumb could Toyota have been.....?!!!
    October 7, 2009, 12:49 pm Smart Gas Pedals May Solve Floor-Mat Problem
    By Christopher Jensen
    Some automakers – primarily European — are using an unusual method to reduce the chances of unintended acceleration from something like a floor mat getting tangled up with the accelerator: smart gas pedals.
    If the vehicle is moving and both the gas and brake pedal are being pushed at the same time the computer tells the engine to ignore the gas pedal.
    “It is an additional safety feature,” said Thomas Plucinsky, a BMW spokesman. “The brake takes precedence.”

  18. as a world class automotive technician. This is not possible. Because of the systems default and sensitivity. Also even if it failed at a wide open throttle event the brake pedal will stop the car.
    Hear this people. The chance that the brakes failed at exactly the same time the throttle stuck wide open are nearly impossible unless the floor mat is involved. Again the brake will stop the car from any speed at wide open throttle. I have tested this on several vehicles. while driving any car accelerate to 70 ,80, or any speed depress the throttle to the floor and apply the brake pedal and see for yourself that the brakes will overcome the engines power. so enough with the rumors. Hang up and drive and don't text and drive.

  19. Apparently, you have not been in most of the Toyota vehicles when an unintended acceleration begins!

  20. Are you lot that stupid to let your overpriced piece of rubbish accelerate out of control to the point of slamming you into another vehicle or something else that'll kill you? Of course you are. Anyone with any brains would instantly work out that something was wrong, put the car into neutral, turn the engine off at the ignition then use the handbrake to stop the car.

  21. As an owner of a 2008 Toyota Tacoma, I can tell you that this is not caused by the floormats. In March of this year as I accelerated to pass a vehicle on the parkway, the throttle stuck wide open. I was going in excess of 100 MPH with both feet on the brakes and this vehicle would not slow down. My only saving grace was that I was on a 3 section part of the parkway on a Sunday morning with little traffic. As my passenger and me sped faster and faster, I was in shock that this could be happening. I finally put the truck in Neutral and the Engine was screaming, it sounded as if the engine would come through the hood....we were near the airport and it sounded like we had a jet beside us....when the vehicle started to slow down (which was not quick) - I merged onto the berm and continued down the berm and shut the ignition off. I checked the mat, it was no where near the gas pedal. Toyota congratulated me on stopping the vehicle "Textbook Style". I told them I didn't want the truck, it is a death trap. I went to the dealership and they denied any knowledge of "Sudden Acceleration". I was yelling "What's it going to take, someone to get killed before you do something?" And, that's exactly what is happening. What happened to the California Highway Patrol officer and his family is my worst nightmare coming true. I have complaints filed with Toyota and NHTSA and I believe it is the drive by wire system.

  22. Sandy, contact me at I have some Toyota SUA information for you.

  23. I am starting to wish I had never bought my Tacoma truck (2009) a few months ago. The kicker is that
    I had owned 3 Nissan trucks that I drove for years
    and never had serious problems with. I decided to go with Toyota because of all that air bags that had become standard on Toyota's. I thought it would
    be a safer ride. Now I worry about this gas pedal sticking problem. I do not buy the "floor mat" as the cause.

  24. I had the acceleration stick on my 2007 Tacoma as I came to a stop sign. At first I thought it had to be me but that made no sense. Now hearing all that is going on it is hard not to think Toyota has a serious problem they need to fix. I am already shopping for a new truck. Not a Toyota. My friends 2010 Tundra has also done the same thing. It is not the pedal or the matt. If they are not up front soon their business is going to hurt real bad. This is the second Tacoma I have had spring issues with as well. Bullet proof reputation my foot. Other electronic boards in my truck have also failed.

  25. Toyota
    Moving Forward
    Even When You
    Don't Want to

  26. Floormats? Sure. I am just getting back to this site. WOW...your site is GREAT! Please link up with the Toyota owner at Also, see what one owner is blogging at
    You mention freedom of speech...but guess what? When you complain about Toyota, you may lose this! It has happened to many times in my nine years of following Toyota in the engine oil sludge matter. It just happened to me on Feb. 9, too, when I posted a long "help us, please" post for Brian Ross on the ABC News site. Apparently, there is a pro-Toyota troll there who wishes to control what is being said there. Watch out as these sorts attempt to discredit you or get you banned from legitimate posting.
    Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution

  27. Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution.

    New email address is

  28. I have stories to tell there...and trust me, I will tell the stories to those who might listen. I think the tampering with freedom of speech is even more important than the defect issues. When a company, even indirectly, involves itself in this manipulation of public information, then something is very, very, criminal...about it!
    At any rate, there was no reason for my post to be removed EXCEPT to control the PR associated with the issues presented in the post. How does it make you feel that a company might spend millions on "sincere" ads while seeking to control what is said about it online?!?
    Yea...same here! Trolls for Toyota have been doing this for years! There once was a site called the "The Complaint Station." It had a forum called "The Complaint Station for Toyota" where over 10,000 Toyota complaints were posted. Toyota had more complaints than any other company! Then, POOF, in 2004, the site was hacked and permanently disabled! This was just went serious discussions were taking place about Toyota engine oil sludge. Engineers, consumer advocates, sludge victims, oil experts, and others were chiming in. It was the stuff that true freedom of speech is made of! At the same time, yet another big Toyota complaint site went down inexplicably! Coincidence or design? Prior to that, several other Toyota complaint sites were frozen in time.
    Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution

  29. New email address is

    Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution

  30. We cannot let Toyota or its "protectors" control what we have to say. We also must join forces as in "Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution." If Toyota is really serious about regaining our trust, it will listen and resolve the issues presented.
    For starters, let's expand the SUA to other affected models. We need the Toyota sludge models to expand as well, particularly for the Corolla, RAV4, and MR2 Spyder vehicle owners.
    Toyota needs to address the brake failure complaints in vehicles other than the Prius. These vehicles have ABS that is confused about snow or rain and so it stops working---doesn't stop the vehicle!
    How about those sticking sliding doors in the Sienna? Imagine being trapped in an accident in one of those vehicles! The sticking prevents the doors from being opened from the inside and the outside.
    Steering problems? You are not alone! Toyota has real issues with pulling or drifting of its vehicles. The pull can be quite strong at times. Have there been accidents? Yes, there have!
    Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution

  31. Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution.

    Email address above now

  32. Failing emissions-control components anyone? This is a real common issue both before and after the sludge monster hits! Comforting to know the air is being polluted so, isn't it? How about the excessive oil consumption in those Corollas, too? We'll be depending on foreign oil for a long time if it is up to Toyota!
    Time to PETITION the NHTSA to open investigations. Do so in a formal letter to it. It must respond in a timely fashion.
    Contact the Center for Auto Safety,, and others to tell your story. Get the word out!
    Contact me if you have other ideas.
    Charlene Blake
    Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution

  33. Above email address changed to

  34. We have a 1995 previa. In 2007 at about 93000 miles, it would accelerate on its own inside the city and on freeway. It was very scary. We used to call it the rogue vehicle with a mind of its own.
    We took it to the dealer; the head engineer had to keep the vehicle overnight to see what it was doing. They said it was oxygen sensor - problem. This vehicle has 2 oxygen sensors, one about $350.00 and one about $600.00. He recommended first replacing the cheaper of the 2 and see what happened. We did, but still had the problem. Then we replaced the other one and that solved the problem. We have not had unintended acceleration for 3 yrs this month.
    Though oxygen sensor is not a reason given by Toyota, we had the same end result of unintended acceleration in Previa, which is not even recalled so far.
    I called the dealer last week and he said the problem they are discussing is different- we were not even on same page.
    Then I called Toyota and informed them of the above problem we had.
    I decided to post here as there could be other previa owners who had the same problem.

    Ghost in the Machine?
    Canadian Auto Press
    Toyota’s Troubles in 2009: Sign of a Widespread Industry
    by Isaac Adams-Hands | 31 December 2009
    (excerpt): From 1999-2001 the Lexus ES 350 and Toyota Camry averaged 26 complaints of sudden acceleration each year. From 2002-2004 they averaged 132 each year. Why such a sudden increase? 2002 was the first year that Toyota introduced their “drive-by-wire” systems. It is also interesting to note that when the drive-by-wire system was employed in the Toyota Tacoma in 2005, this model’s sudden acceleration complaints increased twenty-fold.

  36. ELECTRONIC unintended acceleration is a real terrifying event in Toyota and Lexus vehicles! Crashes into storefronts, buildings, and homes common! Zero mph to 80+ mph in seconds described by SUA victims as death rides!

  37. No easy answer for the Toyota problem
    By Jeremy Anwyl Tuesday, March 16, 2010
    The writer is chief executive of, which recently announced a competition with a cash prize for anyone who can demonstrate in a verifiable manner the reason for unintended acceleration.
    [Included chart in W. Post hardcopy issue: (Toyota and the accelerating mystery; page A19)]
    Discrepancy in complaints
    Consumer reports of cases of unintended acceleration by manufacturer
    (Model years 2005 - Sept. 30, 2009)
    Sales (in millions) .. Complaints per 100,000 vehicles sold
    GM ...... 16.5 ........... 0.81
    Toyota .. 11.0 ........... 4.81
    Ford .... 10.8 ........... 3.12
    Chrysler . 9.1 ........... 1.72
    Honda .... 7.1 ........... 1.26
    Nissan ... 4.6 ........... 1.07
    SOURCE: analysis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration complaints

  38. Edmund's is in automaker's back pocket. It allowed me to post my Toyota owner survey about Toyota engine oil sludge for only 15 days before it stopped my freedom of speech posting. It tried and did move my Toyota owner survey to the "Maintenance" forums as it wanted to hide the real problem from public view. When I challenged this it said I was upsetting the "regulars" who were anonymous and name-calling to intimidate me into SILENCE. The Edmund's forum is all about auto manufacturers, not vehicle owners.

    I will bet I am not alone in that experience.

  39. Google "Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU" for some critical information on Toyota sudden acceleration. The Camry SUA that caused the three-year false imprisonment of Koua Fong Lee in 1996 is different from the Toyota fault-caused SUA discovered by computer expert Michael Barr in the electronic throttle control software. Interestingly enough, the settlement reached between the DOJ and Toyota for $1.2 BILLION doesn't address the SUA caused by the Toyota software bug found by Michael Barr. It would seem then that the cause of the more recent Toyota SUA has not been resolved for vehicle owners. Is their safety at risk?

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